Winnipeg State of Mind :: Caid Jones

by Nigel Webber

Author’s Prelude 

In the October/November 2020 issue of Stylus, “Winnipeg State of Mind”  brought you the Top 100 Winnipeg Rap Songs, part of my attempts to  document Winnipeg rap history in my forthcoming book “Gritty City.” In  2021, the focus of “Winnipeg State of Mind” will be to examine the current  slate of young, up and coming rappers and artists that populate the  landscape of Winnipeg hip-hop. Some of the artists that will be featured are  already reaching huge numbers of people, some are just finding their feet  artistically. But all of them are talented, driven, and dedicated to making  Winnipeg hip-hop the best it can be in 2021 and beyond.  

“Be just and justify your actions” – Big KRIT 

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Album Review :: Ben Varian :: One Hundred Breakfasts With The Book

by Mark Teague

I wasn’t prepared for Ben Varian’s new album One Hundred Breakfasts With The Book. A preliminary listen reveals a downtempo pop album with a range of instrumentals, some pronounced dreamy elements, a nod to early 60’s jazz-pop, and soothing vocals to round out the sound. Upon subsequent listens, and with some cursory investigation, the album becomes much more than that.

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Album Review :: Julien’s Daughter :: The Static That Carries Over

by Olivia Michalczuk

Julien’s Daughter burst onto the local music scene with unfortunate timing. In the absence of playing local stages, and surely a slew of festival gigs, they took the time to release their debut album The Static That Carries Over. The album captures the effortlessness of their collaboration and the dynamism of their live performances.

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Artist Interview :: Stun

Photo: Kevin Settee

by Osani Balkran

When Stun, an Indigenous hip-hop artist, posed the statement and question to me, “Don’t let anyone tell you how old you are, it’s never too late to chase your dreams … if you feel like you have the passion, go and chase it, if you want to be happy, well it’s there, and you have to go grab it right?” I was curious to learn more about this interesting comment.

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