Album Review :: Richard Inman :: Faded Love Better Days

by Myles Tiessen

On Richard Inman’s latest release Faded Love Better Days, he uses sincerity, passion, and poetry to transport the audience from passive listeners to an active participant in a rich tale of classic country motifs: love, loss, loneliness, and family. These themes can be dangerous territories to tread. If overused and underdeveloped, they can make for music that is frankly underwhelming. Inman, on the other hand, recognizes the everyday nature of ordinary experiences and translates them into ardent songs that lift beyond the familiar. 

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Album Review :: REALiTY GROUP :: Music For Fools Vol. 1

by Myles Tiessen

After years of demos and high energy performances, REALiTY GROUP now releases into the wild a pure animalistic album, Music For Fools Vol. 1. Containing a certain level of abrasiveness that will bring your blood to a boil and enough animation to demand attention. This album will bring you into a familiar, yet contemporary form of punk.

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by Isabella Soares

Times like these are truly unprecedented. Despite the cancellation of anticipated summer festivals and the closure of concert venues, Winnipeg based-band LLUX decided to remedy the chaos with the release of their debut album The Drive

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