Virgo Rising

by Isabella Soares

You know those soft indie pop tracks that make you feel relaxed but at the same time extremely reflective about life and your surroundings?  Well, Virgo Rising, a local trio formed in late 2018, will definitely bring you to this state of mind with their lo-fi indie folk sound. Stylus Magazine was able to sit down with Emily Sinclair (lead vocalist and guitar player) and sisters Jenna (guitar, violin and trumpet) and Lauren (percussion, key and harmonies) Wittmann to talk about the early stages of the band, their connection during the song writing and production process, and their next goals as a group. 

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Brent Penny brings his original take on Experimental Pop to Winnipeg

 On October 11th, Winnipeg received a massive, surprise snow storm. The skies were overtaken with white flurries. The ground was increasingly disappearing underneath a fluffy blanket of snow. To celebrate, as well as mourn, this new fresh snowfall, people across the city made the pilgrimage to the Good Will to see Minneapolis-based Brent Penny (Pennington), to play his own version of lofi, sad boy pop.

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Album Review :: Necking :: Cut Your Teeth

by Mark Teague                                                                                                                                                    The term “post-punk” tends to be thrown around as indiscriminately as it’s “post”-prefix cousin post-modern. Unfortunately, these terms tend to be used most often to describe the amorphous and, in the case of the latter, the unsettling nature of music that has inspiration in 80’s punk, but struggles to conform to our current notions of genre.

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