SALINAS – All These Choices

Formerly known as The Furr, this Winnipeg indie quartet aren’t nervous, quirky, violent, or sarcastic — nor does their music suffer from the lack of it. What they are is endearing and considerate (which, in this case, is a warmer term for “calculating” — their title All These Choices brings light to this) thematically as well as how they can bounce two guitars and a bass line off one another without fatigue or cliché. Mostly slogging through courtship issues, they come off as a C86 pop band or contemporaries like Pains of Being Pure at Heart. And benefitting from studio magic of Michael Petkau Falk (of Head in the Sand Records) this three-track CD definitely sparkles like that of an exciting seven-inch back in the heyday of NME. It’s obvious when listening to Salinas on any track, but especially on this disc’s longest track “Insufferable,” that they have a number of pop/rock/indie/shoegaze hooks and tricks up their sleeves but choose to show them very carefully, one at a time, and it’s a pretty rewarding listen. And with the handcrafted silkscreened felt case, it’s quite the artifact. (Independent, Taylor Burgess

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