Skeletons EP, Mobina Galore’s second offering, is a five song nineteen minute blast of raw rock n roll, chock full of hooks and crashes. The production is a bit muddy, but it’s still a crisp sound, like a brighter White Stripes (though they cite Black Keys as a major influence). The drum-guitar duo of Jenna Priestner and Marcia Hanson adds a nice depth to the music with some great harmony; their voices work well together. The vocals, while not weak, are a little thin, and at times you can feel their strain to reach the notes or volume. That doesn’t sound like a compliment but it is. It adds to the urgency and immediacy of the songs and gives the lyrics a proper delivery, not begging or desperate, but fighting hard for the equalizer, so to speak. “Take Me Away” is a bit different from the other songs with its lower tone and slower tempo; it kind of growls along nicely. The EP is capped off with the standout track, “Hear Me Out,” a finalist in the 2013 Manitoba Songfest. All in all, an excellent bare-bones raw rock album that does its job: it makes you want to see them live. (Independent, ) Broose Tulloch

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