Skate 4 Cancer 2013 :: Great music, great cause


by Scott Wolfe

Skate 4 Cancer (S4C) is an incredible event that plays host to various activities that all ages can enjoy, while supporting a good cause. The Forks skatepark has played host to Skate For Cancer, an event organized to raise money and increase cancer awareness, now into its fifth year. The event is the brainchild of Toronto’s Rob Dyer. Upon meeting Rob, Jay Fulmore, a local Winnipegger, adapted the idea to include a massive daytime event. 

The purpose of this event is not just about skateboarding and cancer. Jay described, in a recent interview, “The main goal of Skate 4 Cancer is educating MB youth on cancer prevention and early detection techniques.” The proceeds from Skate 4 Cancer Winnipeg have been donated to the Heath Sciences Center Foundation for the past two years and will again this year.

“The HSC foundation has been a great partnership for us,” explains Jay. “They inform us about all the cancer related projects at HSC and we choose where our donation goes. The funds go directly to that project and don’t get tied up in operating costs.” Money is raised through the nighttime events as well as a 50/50, silent auction and some sponsorship funds. The last two years saw $1500 donated to HSC Foundation, which was used to assist in the purchase of advanced ultrasound and cancer Probe equipment. This equipment provides enhanced detailed image information to physicians and the sophisticated probes allow for deeper penetration into tumors and provide options for more efficient removal of the tumors.

This year has added an extra heavy music night on Friday, May 24th at the Windsor hotel (18+). The night will feature thebands Flashout, Dead Ranch, WARSAW and Zombie Assault. Do not get too crazy, however, since the heavy music night will only kick things off. Nursing a hangover and missing all the amazing stuff happening during the day of Saturday, May 25th would be a shame. The daytime event is free (all ages) and will also feature some stellar live music! Fine Winnipeg talent will be gracing the Forks Skatepark including The Lytics, Mise en Scene, Waster, Vibrating Beds, The Ripperz, Pip Skid (full band), Distances, Departures, Kids & Heroes, Clipwing and Greg Rekus.

If music is not your thing, fear not! There will be some awesome skateboarding happening throughout the day, which will surely be exciting to watch. What’s that? You have a family, or are stuck babysitting that day? Bring the little ones along! The daytime event will feature face painting and you can get the kids stoked on some live music and teach them when it is appropriate to give the horns (all the time, to everybody)!

Jay recalls a past event where, “… a mother came up to us and said that her young daughter saw Jenna Diubaldo (Vibrating Beds singer/guitar) play and wanted to be in a band now. That kind of thing is amazing to me.” The kids skate is sure to be a highlight as well, with some pretty impressive talent coming from Winnipeg Youth.

When all the Forks fun wraps up, there will be an after-party hosted at the Windsor Hotel where DJ Hunicutt,, Lonnie Ce & Mama Cutsworth will be spinning! So folks, if you are not busy this weekend come on down to the Forks on Saturday and the Windsor Hotel for the heavy music night and the sure to be epic after-party! By simply attending the night-time events you will be aid in the operating costs of the Saturday event. The amazing music and Skateboarding during the day on Saturday will not cost you a dime, but donations are always welcome. Get out there and enjoy some radical music while supporting a great cause.

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