The Unbelievable Bargains – Fun Times Why Not


This debut from local rockers the Unbelievable Bargains is just what I expected: tight little garage rockers about food, getting dressed, animals, and poop. Fun Times Why Not is just great. If you’re hammering away on some tedious work (like editing this issue of Stylus?), cleaning the house, or hanging out with your niece or nephew, you can throw this album on and your mood will improve immediately. “Let’s Go Feed Ducks” and “Let’s Get Dressed” are perfect to pump you up for a fun outing, while “Lunch” and “Free Potato Wedges” will have your belly rumbling for some hot eats. The garagy/pop sensibilities of the songwriting would not be out of place in the 1960s, 90s, or today, and the harmonies and back up barks and hollers are fun as heck. Fun Times Why Not is  available now as a beauty slab of vinyl, and I for one cannot wait to get my mitts on one. Let’s go! (Independent, Sheldon Birnie

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