Shotgun Jimmie – Everything, Everything


On Jimmie’s latest release, the artist retreats to a cabin to record some music. Maybe for some inspiration, maybe for some good times but certainly not to wallow in pity and cook up some depressing acoustic album. The brevity of all the songs keeps things interesting and as a result there is rarely a dull moment on this underrated gem. The album will not immediately jump out at you and wring your neck for attention but it has a great mix of slow burners – “Sum of my Parts” and “Skype Date” – that blends with the crunchy rock numbers beautifully. Highlight “Ladyhawk” and “Adventure in the Heart” demonstrate the edginess that Jimmie can posses at times. Although things slow down and demand a more committed listen at the albums end, the entire album drips with charm and is incredibly endearing. Everything, Everything is best enjoyed in the atmosphere it was created, a cabin or any sort of wilderness hang out, to fully embrace the fun and joy that radiates from each song. A solid Canadian album that is worth a listen. (You’ve Changed Records, youvechangedrecords.comScott Wolfe

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