Fevers – No Room For Light


No Room For Light is the first full length album from the Ottawa based Fevers. Classified as “electro-indie,” it features an eclectic mix of danceable beats and darker, soulful lyrics. Upon first listen, it comes off as club music that tries to inspire deeper thinking. At times Sarah Bradley’s lead vocals seem to mimic the sounds of string instruments, with no lyrics but often crooning over the background of music. Listen to “Dance Cry Dance,” a catchy song that is perfect for drinking with friends, albeit if pop music isn’t your vibe you probably won’t like it. One of the highlights is “Monuments,” a slower number that showcases Bradley’s gorgeous vocals. I’d skip “ENFP,” which is a confusing mix of nearly unintelligible lyrics sung by Colin MacDougall, accompanied by some awkwardly beeping synths. But MacDougall brings it back up to par in the closing song, “The Veil,” an awesome tune that seems to gather influence from The Postal Service. This album has more hits than misses and is definitely worth a try. Especially if you like to dance. (Independent, feversband.com) Jade Markus

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