Royal Canoe – Today We’re Believers


Royal Canoe’s much anticipated LP, Today We’re Believers, is exciting, funky and lots of fun. The album delivers the eclectic, synthy aesthetic the group has become known for, with catchy lyrics throughout the whole album. Tracks that especially stick out are “Button Fumbla,” with a hip-hop influence and tons of word play, and the reworked version of “Bathtubs,” which features layered vocals and some groovy keyboard. “Hold on to the Metal” is great too, with a single vocal that explodes into a chorus. It’s joyful noise, with creative tracks and Matt Peter’s famously fearless pitchshifting that sometimes gets distorted, to particularly great effect on “Stemming.” While some of the tracks can run a bit long (“If I Had a House” clocks in at 6:290, Today We’re Believers is an all around solid album. It shows off the band’s unmatched creativity and talent. Each song stands strong on its own, while still sounding distinctly like Royal Canoe. (Nevado, Martyna Turczynowicz

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