The Young Pixels – For the Love

Young Pixels cover Eric Roberts 220


It might be obnoxious if it wasn’t so believable. There’s something genuinely charming in how likable For the Love is, right from the onset. From the ooh-ooh-ooh harmonies of the opening track, the optimistic bio in the liner notes, or the title itself, this is an album made with love. It would be easy to dislike an album that was so cheery, if it weren’t so good as well. Tricia Turner takes the vocal lead on “Pollution Breath,” an album highlight that also provides a brief breather after the straightforward rock songs that precede it. This also allows for husband Daniel Turner to differentiate from the fast-paced rock with some crystalline guitar-work, evoking an early Sonic Youth through a country music filter. Though some dark clouds linger on the album, as on “Expectations,” one can’t help but feel the positivity shining through despite it. If there were any band from this province that could be nominated as the Patron Saints of Friendly Manitoba, The Young Pixels are the strongest candidate. (Independent, Devin King

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