Slow Leaves – Second Chances


It’s worth telling the story of how this Slow Leaves EP came to exist, because it’s a lesson in what good can happen if you just ask the right question to the right person. Local roots songwriter Grant Davidson hit up Rusty Matyas of Imaginary Cities, basically saying, “Hey, I like the production on your band’s record so am wondering if you might want to be involved in making my next one.” A quick meeting seems to have been pretty much all it took, as Davidson’s thoughtful songs and Matyas’ polished studio chops quickly conceived a musical lovechild. The opening track, “Life of a Better Man,” is the highlight here. It’s a solid song with a shuffling beat that fits well with Davidson’s words, which cleverly reimagine some well-worn cliches in a novel enough way for listeners to be reminded that sometimes truisms really are profound when examined from a slightly different angle—while sometimes they deserve to be pulled inside out and left that way. There was a video cut for this song too, easily available online if you care to check it out. The other two songs are similarly appealing, which makes Second Chances a great way to whet your whistle while awaiting the release of Beauty Is So Common, a full-length album that sprouted from the same sessions. (Independent, Daniel Emberg


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