The Sturgeons – This is The Sturgeons   


The second album from Manitoba folk/roots band, The Sturgeons, is filled with the well crafted harmonies and catchy hooks that fans have come to expect from twins Calan and Lucas Hamilton.Although not filled with the kind of light, upbeat songs you might expect from a summer release, the album still manages to capture the experience of a Manitoban summer. Whether it is “Hung Up to Dry,” a love ballad infused with rural domestic imagery, or “Roll On,” a song that explores the camaraderie of a campfire, the Sturgeons have taken a subtle and specific approach to portraying summer in our province. Crediting Winnipeg and Falcon Lake in the liner notes, their connection to their home is quite clear throughout the album, but the broader themes they touch on and the tight arrangements of each song will appeal to a wider audience as well. Overall, The Sturgeons have certainly continued down the already promising path they laid for themselves with The Wood Shop with the warm, refined sound of this album. (Independent, Danielle Marion

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