Autumn Still – Autumn Still


Autumn Still is relatively new to the Winnipeg scene, but their eponymous debut release has the carefully crafted sound of a band that has been together much longer. Putting quality before quantity, their EP clocks in at under 15 minutes, but certainly gives the listener a taste of the sort of dreamy indie-pop music that seems to suit them so well. The lyrics are disjointed, creating stream-of-consciousness narratives, but the music is stylistically coherent throughout. The standout track here is “Bartholomew,” which seems to exemplify the pop-rock sound of the band, and features Bethany Swanson’s vocals floating effortlessly over old school guitar tones. Also of note are the beautiful harmonies throughout the album, which add space and dimension to each of the songs and are a testament to how well suited the members of this group seem to be for each other. With a debut release which demonstrates such a certain identity, things will surely continue to look up for Autumn Still. (Independent, Danielle Marion