Mobina Galore – Cities Away


You’ve got a void in your life, I know you do. You go to work, school, whatever and you’ve got this little hole that keeps you mellow. If you found the right sized object to plug the hole, you’d be complete. But what do you put in there? A pillow? Too soft, it’ll get wet. A cork? Too small and insignificant. How about Mobina Galore? It might pulse, bounce around and you’ll have a hard time sitting still, but they’ll satisfy you like the perfect amount of food at a fine dining restaurant. Generally when you think of punk, you think of ill timed beats, power chords and yelling. Which sums up everything I love about it. Mobina Galore is a bit different however. They’ve got the punk feel with the melodic drive that snags your heart. You know that pull you feel from a song that just gets you? Cities Away does that for me through and through. I’m a big punk fan and you might be thinking “punk’s not my thing.” Doesn’t matter, trust me. I’ve just got one thing to say to Mobina Galore: What’s wrong with being 23? (Independent, Kaitlyn Emslie Farrell