Ought :: Sun Coming Down


Sun Coming Down picks up exactly where Ought left off with More Than Any Other Day. Anger and frustration towards capitalism, consumerism, gentrification, and sexism are expressed in poetic and evocative lyrics, sung alongside appropriately moody rhythms. This is disgruntled dissatisfied post-rock that sings with uncompromising authenticity about the disparate concerns of our generation.

Lead vocalist Tim Darcy is persuasive and genuine – his vocals are purposeful and eloquent. Sun Coming Down is only mildly more abrasive than MTAOD. The album was recorded by Radwan Ghazi Moumneh (Jerusalem in my Heart) at Hotel2Tango in Montreal. The title track is something of an opus – noisy and moody, it changes form and shifts in tempo and tone throughout. “Passionate Turn” is the closest resemblance to a love song I’ve yet to hear from this band, while “The Combo” cranks on with bashing guitar. “Beautiful Blue Sky” dispels monotony and closes with shoegazey wanderings. Finally, rather than fading into despair, “Never Better” takes an unexpected turn and looks to empower the listener. The album wades through mild distortion, cutting through with sharp guitar riffs. It’s cynical, contemporary, and genuine – a smart, engaging, altogether absorbing record from one of the most fascinating and promising bands around. (Constellation Records, cstrecords.com) Victoria King