Roger Roger :: Fairweather


Roger Rogers new album Fairweather is a folk-roots album with an injection of country and soul. Each tune has a slightly different flavour and its definitely got more of a country vibe than I was expecting. The outcome is an upbeat, easy listening folk/country roots album with pleasant ballads dispersed throughout. The title track Fairweatheris a slow folk tune thats very well written and fits well in contrast with the other tunes. My favourite track is O Rainy Day” – at first it caught me off guard with the ethereal vocals and rainfall, but the soothing quality still fits really well amongst the other tunes. The contrasting styles are evenly distributed yet the album still holds onto its continuity.  The melding styles woven throughout the album carry a really nice variation between the twinsvoices and writing styles. Madeline tells expressive stories of living and growing up in the track “13 Crows.” Her voice and lyrics are positively charming the whole way through. Lucass powerful voice has a country twang, teamed up with  gritty guitar makes for some hard hitting tunes. As expected, the Roger Roger duo creates harmonies that are spot on. The recording quality is fantastic, very clear and polished. (Self-released, Selci