Animal Teeth :: Happy To See You



Okay, this is a great record. Let’s just start with that. Top drawer material. It feels like slipping into a dreamworld. As a starting point of reference think The Cure, Radiohead, etc. – basically shoegaze but also indie rock.

So what makes it unique? It sounds like what I imagine a sensory deprivation tank would feel like. It’s lethargic, it makes everything move in slow-mo, and it fills your mind up with clouds. So painfully and endearingly relatable, like your tall lanky friend with messy hair and a slouch. They’re quiet, smart, and full of sad anecdotes about trying and failing to have the love of their life notice them. The songs have a wonderfully soothing pendulum sway of a rhythm, with just the right amount of melodic vamping. Intimate lyrics sung to odd lullabies with delay on the guitar and soft tones all around . . . and you can still tap your toes. While every song is great, the song “Twenty-Two” stands out a little bit. I think mainly because of its chorus that is so fine you’d think it fell off of Weezer’s legendary Pinkerton album and somehow no one noticed. It seems to have a clarity of purpose from the beginning. The sound and feeling of the album is consistent and together with the artwork, it works as a whole piece of art, as a package.So imagine now you’re at a slightly awkward, mellow gathering with people who mostly don’t know each other very well. You sneak over to the stereo and put this on. You feel sort of hipster and even make a joke about how it’s a local band called Animal Teeth, they probably haven’t heard of them. People slowly start to feel like opening up with each other and by the end of the night everyone is close friends. They’ve shared personal stories and lots of laughs. You did it, you created your own Breakfast Club. All you needed was this band all along. (Slow Shine Records, Joel Klaverkamp