Album Review – BETH


By Rachel Adrushuk

Much like a good music video, it’s hard to separate Beth from the image of the band’s lead singer, Stefan Braun’s sultry dance on stage. Released in May 2017, the album is very moody, sometimes reminding me of a grown-up version of the emo music I used to listen to in high school. My mind was filled with images of séances, darkness, blood, and a broody sadness mixed with confidence; I guess you would call that madness? It’s like you’re mad but you’ve accepted it. You have embraced the madness, and are now dancing with it. Continue reading “Album Review – BETH”

Album Review :: Civvie :: Inheritance

By Rachel Narvey

There is something to be said about music that doesn’t facilitate multitasking. Even trying to send an IM while listening to Civvie’s Inheritance is a no-go. The experimental three-piece, consisting of Alex Eastley on bassoon, Natanielle Felicitas on cello, and Kelly Ruth playing a loom connected to loop pedals and contact microphones, have created something entirely arresting with their debut album.
Continue reading “Album Review :: Civvie :: Inheritance”

Cannon Bros. :: Dream City



Dream City is the follow up to Cannon Bros.’ 2011 Polaris Prize nominated Firecracker/Cloudglow, a jangly, riffy tour de force that demanded attention and rightfully received it. Since that album came and went and stuck in our collective brains, Cannon Bros. have largely gone quiet, busy with other projects that have been successful in their own right, so it was one hell of a nice surprise to have this absolute stunner of an album dropped on my lap. Continue reading “Cannon Bros. :: Dream City”

Festival Review: Up + Downtown 2015 in Edmonton, AB

Considering the length of the drive, we made pretty good time and got into Edmonton early Thursday evening. After sorting out our accommodations, half our gang sought shut-eye while the rest of us headed to the Empress Ale House for a little hey-how-are-ya. Friday was a bit of running around, highlighted by a surprise invitation from the venerable CJSR to spend a couple of hours on-air. Then it was time to get down to what was planned as a very busy weekend. As stated in the Stylus festival preview, we had our collective sights on kicking it off with a punk show presented by Solidarity Rock at Brixx. Continue reading “Festival Review: Up + Downtown 2015 in Edmonton, AB”