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Kids on TV - Remixes Volume 1 (2009)

Track listing:
  1. Breakdance Chix (Fursalon Remix - featuring Angie Reed)
  2. We are the New Keith Cole (Snuff Crew remix)
  3. Jeremy Mon Ami (Robochist Remix)
  4. Cockwolves (Mind Transit's "Lovewolf" Remix)
  5. In every Dream Home a Heartache - Dub (Thomas Sinclair Remix)
  6. N.O.I.A.: Meglio Cosi (Kids on TV Remix)
  7. The Company / Clothes Off (PDF Format Mix)
  8. A Song for Holly Woodlawn (criag McK Remix)
  9. Team Gina: Rock The Like (Kids on TV Remix - Remastered)
  10. The Comapny (FIRST LADY Remix)