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Bicycle Thieves - Anita/Imperial Love
Soundtrack - Bagdad Cafe
Soundtrack - Bird
Celebrity Drunks - Celebrity Drunks
Soundtrack - The Courier
Various Artists - The Decline Of Western Civilization Part II
Dr. Limbo and His Fabulous Off-Whites - Dr. Limbo and His Fabulous Off-Whites
Ed Kuepper - Everybody`s Got To
Drums Along The Gardiner - Fish
Jon Hassel Farafina - Flash of the Spirit
Tiny Lights - Hazel's Wreath
Close Lobsters - Headache Rhetoric
Terry Tufts - Heart of the Beholder/Don't Think I Want Your Lovin'
Copyright - Honey/odette
Clan, The - Hot Ashfelt/Firebrand
Radiopuhelmimet - Hygiene
Gloria Gardner - I'm Holding Onto Your Memory
John Lennon - Imagine: John Lennon, Music from the Motion Picture
Soundtrack - Imagine: John Lennon, Music from the Motion Picture
Infinite Regression - Infinite Regression
Innocent 3 - Innocent 3
Lost Patrol - Lost Patrol
Lynn Larabie - Lynn Larabie
Midge Ure - Midge Ure
Soundtrack - Nixon in China
Orkestra - Orkestra
Proclaimers, The - Proclaimers, The
Soundtrack - Punch Line
Pursuit of Happiness, The - Pursuit of Happiness, The
Uncle Green - Red Tape/Brute Force
Various Artists - Reveillon
Soundtrack - School Daze (1988 Film) [SOUNDTRACK]
Soundtrack - Scrooged
Soundtrack - She's Having a Baby
Kelly Kavanagh - Somewhere, Sometime/Inside Out
Anthrax - State of Euphoria
Soundtrack - The Thin Blue Line (Vinyl)
Talk Power - This Is What Love Is
Various Artists - Young Blood