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!!! - Strange Weather, Isn't It?
Aborym - Psychogrotesque
Acorn - No Ghost
Acoustic Ocean - Reflections on Still Water
Adam Palmer & The Specialest - Lights
Adventures of Buttons the Intergalactic Sleep Dog - Adventures of Buttons the Intergalactic Sleep Dog
Adverteyes - Myopia
Aenaon - Phenomenon
Afrocubism - Afrocubism
Afterbeat, The - Afterbeat
Afterparty - Rain can't stop the fire
Agnes Obel - Philharmonics
Aidan Baker - Liminoid/Lifeforms
aKido - Gamechanger
Al Conti - Northern Seas
Al Tuck - All time Favorites
Album Leaf, The - A Chorus Of Storytellers
Alejandro Escovedo - Street Songs Of Love
Alfred John - Memories of an Echo
Algernon - Ghost Surveillance
Ali Farka Toure & Toumani Diabate - Ali & Toumani
Ali the Son of Abdul - Year of the Satellite
Alicia Hansen - Fractography
Alkaline Trio - Addiction
Allegaeon - Fragments Of Form And Function
Allison Brown - Viper at the Virgin's Feet
The Almost - Monster Monster EP
Amanda Falk - In Between the Now & Then
Amanda Tosoff - Looking North
Amanita Bloom - Furniture Music
Amir ElSaffar & Hafez Modirzadeh - Radif Suite
Ammoye and Rise Ashen - Haffi Win
Amy Macdonald - A Curious Thing
Anarobik - Operator's Manual
Anat Cohen - Clarinetwork Live at the Village Vanguard
Ancent Astronuts - Into Bass and Time
Andre Williams - Thats All I Need
Andrea von Wichert - Here, There & Nowhere
Andrew Downing - Silents
Andy Creeggan - V3 Andiwork
Angus & Julia Stone - Down The Way
Animalistics - Run Amuck
Anne Akiko/Various Meyers - Seasons...Dreams...
Another Electronic Musician - States Of Space
Antonio Adolfo & Carol Saboya - La E Ca/Here & There
Antony and the Johnsons - Swanlights
Apache - Radical Sabatical
Aphasia - Crocodile Society Of...
APL - Ancient Tunes
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti - Before Today
Artep - Thy Will Be Done On Earth As Is Done In Hell
Artist Vs. Poet - Favorite Fix
Atheist - Jupiter
Audio/Rocketry - Eastward + Onward
Avenues, The - S/T
Axel Krygier - Pesebre
B.A. Johnston - My Heart is a Blinking Nintendo
B.A. Johnston - Thank You For Being A Friend
Baby Dee - A Book of Songs for Anne Marie
Baby Eagle - Dog Weather
Bad Religion - Dissent Of Man
Balacade - Specific, Northwest
Balkan Beat Box - Blue Eyed Black Boy
Balkan Beat Box - Blue Eyed Black Boy
Baptized in Blood - Baptized in Blood
Barn Burner - Bangers
Bart House Band - A House of Kraic
Basia Bulat - Heart of My Own
Bassekou Kouyake & Ngoni Ba - I Speak Fula
Bats - Couchmaster
BBC National Orchestra of Wales - Popul Vuh: The Mayan Creation
Beach House - Teen Dream
The Beauties - The Beauties
Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band - Irinajo
The Beekeepers - Letter # One One
Beladeans, The - The Beladeans
Bell Beat, The - Our Manderley
Belle & Sebastian - Write About Love
Ben Folds & Nick Hornby - Lonely Avenue
Ben Plotnick - Dancing at the end of the world
Ben Sollee and Daniel Martin Moore - Dear Companion
Ben Weaver - Mirepoix And Smoke
Benoit Delbecq Trio - The Sixth Jump
Besnard Lakes, The - Besnard Lakes Are the Roaring Night
Big Dick - Jensen
Bill Charlap, Renee Rosness - Double Portrait
Bill Hicks - The Essential Collection
Bill Johnson - Still Blue
Birds of Wales - Belgravia Hotel
Birthday Cakes - Expansion Pack 7"
Bishop Morocco - Bishop Morocco
Bison B.C. - Dark Ages
Bitcrush - From Arcs To Embers
Black Angels, The - Phosphene Dream
Black Dub - S/T
the Black Keys - Brothers
Black Milk - Album of the Year
Black Mountain - Wilderness Heart
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club - Beat The Devils Tattoo
Black Tambourine - Black Tambourine
The Blackberry Bushes - Little Bit of Grace
Blackbird Raum - Under the Starling Host
Blackmore's Night - Autumn Sky
Blessure Grave - Judged By Twelve Carried By Si
Blonde Redhead - Penny Sparkle
Blue Hawaii - Blooming Summer
The Blue Shadows - On The Floor Of Heaven (Dlx Ed)
Boats - Cannonballs, Cannonballs
Bocce - Disambiguation
Bokononists, The - Cold. Calm. Blind. Dumb.
Bonjay - Broughtupsy
Born Ruffians - Say It
Bostich + Fussible - Bulevar 2000
Boxer the Horse - Would You Please
bradley - MountainTigerWolf
Brasstronaut - Mount Chimaera
Bravestation - 2010EP
Brazilian Money - Friendly Neighbor
Breakmen - Heartwood
Brent Deboer - Farmer
Brian J Nelson - Vocalise
Brian Liss - Lisseries, Volume 1
Broadcast Zero - Some Concerns Regarding This Revolt
Brock Zeman - Ya Ain't Crazy Henny Penny
Broken Social Scene - Forgiveness Rock Record
Bryan Joseph - Songs From The Summer Of God
Budos Band - The Budos Band III
Burning Hell, The - Mixtape
Burning Love - Songs For Burning Lovers
Butch Walker - And The Black Widows
C'Mon - Beyond the Pale Horse
Cahalen Morrison & Eli West - The Holy Coming of the Storm
Cajun Gems - Richard Byrd at Little America
Caleb Klauder - Western Country
Calibro 35 - Ritornano Quelli Di
Camaromance - The Parade
Canzona - Lasst die Herzen immer frohlich
Caribou - Swim
Carl Broemel - All Birds Say
Carmen Townsend - Waitin & Seein
Casimiro Nhussi - Makonde: Roots of Northern Mozambique
Cat Empire - Cinema
Ceramony - Ceramony
Ceti Alpha - Angels Glue
Charles Bradley - No Time For Dreaming
Cheering for the Bad Guy - To the Last Drop
Ches Smith & These Arches - Finally Out of My Hands
Chessmen, The - The Chessmen Collection 1964--1966
Chic Gamine - City City
Chief - Modern Rituals
Chikita Violenta - Chikita Violenta
Chilly Gonzales - Ivory Tower
Chin - D' Tach
Chris Dahlgren & Lexicon - Mystic Maze
Chris De Burgh - Moonfleet & Other Stories
Chris Gheran - Coup D'Etat
Chris Joss - Monomaniacs Volume 1
Chris Page - A Date W/A Smoke Machine
Christopher Plock - Blue Skies for Loveday
Christopher Smith - Beckon Call
Chromeo - Business Casual
City Streets, The - The Jazz Age
Civil Twilight - Civil Twilight
Clara Engel - The Bethlehem Tapes
Clea Roddick - Songs of the year vol. 1
Clorox Girls - Demos, Rarities and Early 7"s
Cloud City Classic - Brand New Kicks
Club 8 - Peoples Record (Digi)
Coast - Queen Cities
Cochemea Gastelum - Electric Sound Of Johnny Arrow
Codeine Velvet Club - Codeine Velvet Club
Colin Moore - Leaving Home (Digi)
Concerns of Royalty - Concerns of Royalty
Conspiracy of Owls - Conspiracy of Owls
Constellations - Southern Gothic
Construction & Destruction - Mutatis Mutandis
cool world - gaydream nation
Cop Shades - Cop Shades
Cordcalling - Obsessed by the Light
Corey Isenor - Frost
Corinne Bailey Rae - The Sea
Corvid Lorax - Encyclopedia of Insanica
Cosmopolitans - It's Cosmopolitan Time!
Courteeners - Falcon
Courtney Wing - Bouquet Of Might & Fury
Cowboy Junkies - V1 Nomad Series Renmin Park
Crabe - Ero Gaki
Creaking Tree String Quartet, The - Sundogs
Creepshow - They All Fall Down
Creepshow - They All Fall Down
Crimes In Paris - Modern Ghost Stories
Cris Derksen - Cusp
Crissi Cochrane - Darling, Darling
Crown Land - S/T
Crystal Castles - Crystal Castles II
Cut Throat Britva - S/T
Cyclist (Electronica) - Double Dip
Cygnets - Bleak Anthems
D-Sisive - First winter
D-Sisive - Vaudeville
D.O.A. - Kings of Punk, Hockey and Beer
D.O.A. - Talk Minus Action Equals Zero
Dads - Live at Club Fuck
Dallas Arcand - Modern Day Warrior
Danger Mouse & Sparklehorse - Dark Night of the Soul
Daniel Romano - Workin' For the Music Man
Daniel, Fred & Julie - S/T
Darby and Joan Club, The - Everything Is Fine
Dark Dark Dark - Wild Go
Darren Frank - That Lived-In Look
Darwin Deez - Darwin Deez
Dave Glasser - Evolution
Dave Rata - Hallucigenia Vol I
Dave Rave - Live W/What You Know
David Byrne & Fatboy Slim - Here Lies Love
David Franck Keller - A Long Way From Minneapolis
David Garrett - Rock Symphonies
David Maxwell/Otis Spann - Conversations in Blue
David Myles - Turn Time Off
David Starfire - Bollywood Bass Remixes Vol. 2
David Vertesi - Cardiography
David Wahler - A Star Danced
Davol - Good Sign
the Dead Weather - Sea of Cowards
Deadstring Brothers - Sao Paulo
Death Toll Rising - Defecation Suffocation
Deathspell Omega - Paracletus
Decade of Sleep - S/P
Dee Dee Bridgewater - Eleanora Fagan To Billie With Love
Deer Tick - Black Dirt Sessions
Deerhunter - Halcyon Digest
Del Barber - Love Songs For the Last Twenty
Delerium - Voice An Acoustic Collection
Delhi 2 Dublin - Planet Electric
Delorean - Subiza
Delphic - Acolyte
Departures - Kino-Pravda
Details, The - The Orginal Mark E.P.
Devo - Something for Everybody
Devotionals - S/T
Diamond Rings - Special Affections
Did - Kumar Solarium
Die Antwoord - $.O.$.
Dirty Circus - Alive And Well
DJ Dan - Future Retro
Doctor Ew - Gadzooks
Dog Tooth Violet - Dog Tooth Violet
Dom De Luca - A Bell I Gotta Ring
Dommin - Love Is Gone
Don Amero - Long Way Home
don cash - Unbreakable
Don Swidinsky - Alberta Rivers
Donna Durand - The Road Back
Doug Voice - You Can't Rush Me
Douglas Blue Feather / Danny Voris - Rollin' Like Thunder
Dr. Dog - Shame, Shame
the Dreadnoughts - Polka's Not Dead
Drumhand - Moving Still
Drumheller - Glint
Drums & Machines - Take What You Need
Dubmatix - System Shakedown
Dungen - Skit I Allt
Durban Poison - Stereophonic Tonic
Dyeing Merchants, The - S/T
Dylan Leblanc - Paupers Field
Eamon McGrath - Peace Maker
Easy Star All-Stars - Dubber Side of the Moon
Eden Brent - Ain't Got No Troubles
Eels - Tomorrow Morning
Effect and Cause - Effect&Cause
Efterklang - Magic Chairs
Eiyn Sof - Bloodstreams
El Boy Die - Black Hawk Ladies & Tambourins
El Guincho - Pop Negro
El Movimiento - The Movement
Electric Blood - When Push Comes To Shove - 7" split w/ Maximum RNR
Electric Candles, The - Hell of Others
Electricity for Everybody! - This Was the Future
Elephant Stone - The Glass Box EP
Elizabeth Shepherd - Heavy Falls The Night
Elteneleven - It still like a secret
Eluvium - Similes
Elvis Bossa Nova! - Hi, I'm Elvis Bossa Nova!
Emmanuela - EP
Enjoy Your Pumas - Commonality
Enoch Kent - Take A Trip W/Me
Ensemble Caprice - Salsa Baroque
Ent - Welcome Stranger
Eric Chenaux - Warm Weather with Ryan Driver
Erin Ross - Another Empty Day
Errors - Come Down With Me
Erykah Badu - Pt2 New Amerykah Return Of Th
esperanza spalding - Chamber Music Society
Eugene Ripper - Punks & Pushers and notes from the Fast Folk Underground
Evgeny Masloboev/Anastasia Masloboeva - Russian Folksongs in the Key of Sadness
Ex-Boyfriends, The - Never Been Happier
Exit Calm - Exit Calm
the express - the express
Eyam - Eyam
F.P. Tranquilizer - Summer Tape
Fabulous Ginn Sisters - You Cant Take A Bad Girl Home
Falklands - Think About It
Falter Bramnk - Involture
Fan Death - A Coin For The Well
Fanfare Pourpour - Danse des Breloques
Fanshaw - Dark Eyes
Fast Romantics - Kidcutter
Feast Or Famine - Good For People, Bad For Business
Felix Stussi 5 & Ray Anderson - Hieronymus
Final Fantasy - Heartland
Firefly - Atif Siddiqi
Fish Heads - Fish Heads
Fist City - Twothousandandten
Fitz and the Tantrums - Pickin Up The Pieces
Fjord Rowboat - Under Cover of Brightness
the Flaming Lips - Dark Side of the Moon
The Flatliners - Cavalcade
Flobots - Survival Story
Foals - Total Life Forever
Folk Thief - Love Heartache & Oblivion
Fond of Tigers - Continent And Western
Foreign Exchange - Authenticity
Forest City Lovers (Kat Burns) - Carriage
Forged in Fire - Forged in Fire
Frazey Ford - Obadiah
Fred Eaglesmith - Cha Cha Cha
Freeman Dre and the Kitchen Party - Red Door Second Floor
Freeway/Jake One - Stimulus Package
Friendly Rich - Pictures at an Exhibition
Friendly Rich and the Lollipop People - Sacred Prune Of Remembrance
Friends of Bellwoods 2 - S/T
Frog Eyes - Pauls Tomb: A Triumph
Fucked Up - Couple Tracks: Singles 2002-2009
Fugitives - Eccentrically We Love
Furor Musicus - Reconstructions and Transcriptions for Strings
Gabe Levine - Long Spun Thread
Galactic - Ya-Ka-May
Gamelan Madu Sari - Hive
GBH - Perfume and Piss
Gee Wunder & T. Major - Original heads LP
Gemma Ray - It's A Shame About Gemma Ray
Georgia Anne Muldrow - Ocotea
Gerry Alvarez Odyssey - Omega Tea Time
Ghostface Killah - Apollo Kids
Ghostkeeper - Ghostkeeper
Gil Scott-Heron - I M New Here
Gillies Daddy - Delusions of Grandeur
Ginger Ale Revolution - Ginger Ale Revolution
Girl Howdy - Honky Tonk Hair
Gitar - Stuffed
Glasser - Ring
Golden Dogs - Coat Of Arms
Gonjasuri - A Sufi And A Killer
Good Lovelies - Under the Mistletoe
Gore/Carroll/Gismonte/Forestiere - International Guitar Night V
Graham Parker - Imaginary Television (Digi)
Grass Widow - Past Time
Grave Digger - The Clans Will Rise Again
Grave Mistakes - Dig Your Own Grave
Greg Macpherson - Mr. Invitation
Grimes - Geidi Primes
Grimes - Halifaxa
Grinderman - 2
Groove Armada - Black Light
Haeresiarchs of Dis - Denuniatis Cinis
Half Chinese - We Were Pretending To Be
Halford - Made Of Metal
Hank Williams III - Rebel Within
Hannah Georgas - The Quarter EP
Harlem - Hippies
Hatcher-Briggs - Getting There from Here
Hawksley Workman - Meat
Hawksley Workman - Milk
Heart Failure Research Unit - Young Animals
Hellrazer - Prisoner of the Mind
Helstar - Rising From The Grave
Hennie Bekker - Christmas Spirit
Henry and the Nightcrawlers - 100 Blows
Hentchmen - Hentch-O-Ween
Hentchmen - Hentchmen
Hey Predator! - Foxholes and Atheists and so Forth
High Dials, The - Anthems For Doomed Youth
Highrise Lonesome - One Way Street
Hobophobes - Hobophobes
Hold Steady, The - Heaven Is Whenever
Hollerado - Record in a Bag
Holly Miranda - The Magician's Private Library
Holy Fuck - Latin
Homage & DJ Freemoney - Metamorphosis
Hope Atlantic - Mercy Street Choir
The Hope Slide - Sub-titled
Hot Chip - One Life Stand (Digi)
Hot Club of Detroit - Its About That Time
Humans - Avec Mes Mecs
Hunter Valentine - Lessons From The Late Night
Huron - Huron
Idrissa Turay aka Alaska - I Can't Stop ...
Imaginary Cities - Hummingbird
Ingrid Gatin - Broken Tambourine
Inhabitants - A Vacant Lot
Interpol - Interpol
Irene Nachreiner & Her Latin Jazz Band - Hot & Spicy Christmas
Iron Fire - Metalmorphosized
Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier
It Kills - It Kills
iVardensphere - Bloodwater
Ivo Perelman - Mind Games
J.J. Ipsen and The Paper Crown - Entertainment Ordinare
Jacky Chalard - Je Suis Vivant Mais J'Ai Peur De Gilbert Deflez
Jaldaboath - Rise Of The Heraldic Beasts
James - The Night Before
James Van Norman - A Mile In Their Shoes
Jason & Pharis romero and friends - Back Up and Push
Jason Collett - Rat a Tat Tat
Jason Gordon - Born to Be
Jay Malinowski - Bright Lights And Bruises
Jay Stoller - Drum Time 3: That's Odd
Jayme Stone - Room Of Wonders
Jeanie Brandes - Kisses You Awake
Jeff Healey - Last Call
Jeffrey Fisher - Satyagraha
Jenny Berkel - Gather Your Bones
Jenny Whiteley - Forgive Or Forget
Jeremy Fisher - Flood
Jeremy Porter - Party of One
Jerry Leger - Traveling Grey
Jessica Stuart Few, The - Kid Dream
Jim Bryson & the Weakerthans - Falcon Lake Incident
Jim Byrnes - Everywhere West
Jimmy Zee - Devil Take Me Down
JJ - No 3
Joe/Harada;Mashashi Maneri - Pinerskol
Joel Fafard - Cluck Old Hens
Joey Wright - Hatch
Johanna Divine - Mile-High Rodeo
The John Hartford Stringband - Memories of John
John Hiatt - Open Road
John Jackson - Rappahannock Blues
John Wolf Brennan - Speed of Dark
Jojjon - Jojjon
Jon and Roy - Homes
Jon and Roy - Homes
Jon Cohen Experimental - Behold
Jon McPhail and His Family Band - Hummmmm
Jonsi - Go
Julia Stone - The Memory Machine
Justin Rutledge - The Early Widows
Kabanjak - Rhythm EP
Kamelot - Poetry for the Poisoned
Karkwa - Chemins De Verre
Kate & Anna McGarrigle - Odditties
Kate Maki - Two Song Wedding
Kate Nash - My Best Friend Is You
Katherine Jenkins - Believe
Kathryn Calder - Are You My Mother?
Kele - Boxer
Kelley Stoltz - To Dreamers
Kevin Burke & Cal Scott - Suite
Kevin Crabb - Waltz for Dylan
Kevin Yazzie - Love: Songs of the Native American Church
Kids & Explosions - Shit Computer
Kids and Heroes - Kids and Heroes
Killing Joke - Absolute Dissent
Kim Beggs - Blue Bones
Kimmie Rhodes - Miracles on Christmas Day
King Salami and the Cumberland 3 - 14 Blazin Bangers!
Kinnie Starr - A Different Day
Klaxons - surfinh the vold
Kleins96 - Modern Fortune
KMVP - Sweat Bands Understand
Knucklehead - Hearts On Fire
Koban, Mongst, N213 & Yellowthief - BloodKlub II
Kobra and the Lotus - Out Of The Pit
Kobra and the Lotus - Wishing you a very metal christamas
Konono No. 1 - Assume Crash Position
Kyra Shaughnessy - S/T
Lab Coast/Extra Happy Ghost - Lab Coast/Extra Happy Ghost Split
Land of Talk - Cloak & Cipher
Land of Talk - Fun And Laughter
Landing on the Moon - We Make History Now
Last Call Chernobyl - Drowning Beneath The Sound Of
Laura Peek - Key
Lauren Mann and the Fairly Odd Folk - Stories from Home
Laurie Anderson - Homeland (CD/DVD)
Lcd Soundsystem - This Is Happening
Leif Vollebekk - Inland
Len Bowen - Long Story Short
Les Surveillantes - The Square Root of the Heart
Lights Out Asia - In the Days of Jupiter
Lightspeed Champion - Life Is Sweet! Nice to Meet You
Lil Daggers - King Korpse
Lily Frost - Viridian Torch
Limes - Rhinestone River
Lines - The Lines
Lisa Hilton - Nuance
Lisa Marie Tucker - Solo Harp
Little Hawk - Vigilance
Little Miss Higgins - Across The Plains
Living In The Hard Times - Beauty, Lies, and Grace
London Symphony Orchestra; JoAnn Falletta - Orchestral Music
Lonesome Traveler - Looking for a way
Loreena McKennitt - The Wind That Shakes The Barley
Los Campesinos! - Romance Is Boring
Los Fabulocos featuring Kid Ramos - Dos
Los Margaritos - Melcochambre Sonico
Lost Fingers, The - Gypsy Kameleon
Lost in the Trees - All Alone in An Empty House
Lou DeAdder - Number 5
Louise Burns - Mellow Drama
Louise Burns - Singles
Love Language - Libraries
Luigi Archetti & Michael Heisch - Frozen Solid
Luisa Maita - Lebo-Lebo
Luke Doucet and the White Falcon - Steel City Trawler
Lullabye Arkestra - Heart Like A Wheel
Lustre Creame - E.P.
Lynne Hanson - Once the Sun Goes Down
Lynwood Slim and the Igor Prado Band - Brazilian Kicks
M. Lucas - Dust
Mae Moore - Folklore
Magic Kids - Memphis
Magnetic Fields - Realism
Make Me Young - Make Me Young
Makeout Videotape - Ying Yang
Mantler - Monody
MaQLu - Black
Marco Benevento - Between The Needles And Nightfall
Mario Romano Quartet - Valentina
Mark Berube and the patriotic few - Tailored To Fit
Mark Haney - Aim for the Roses
Mark Inside - False Flag (Ep)
Mark Sultan - $
Mark Sylvester - New Music for Banjo
Mark Watrous - The Quarter EP
Martha and the Muffins - Delicate
Martin Sexton - Sugarcoating
Mary Gauthier - Foundling
Masashi Harada - Breath, Gesture, Abstract Opera
Mathias Mental - Teflon Child
Matt and Kim - Sidewalks
Matt Andersen - Spirit of Christmas
Matt Costa - Mobile Chateau
Matthew Barber - True Believer
Matthew Schoening - Elements
Mavis Staples - You Are Not Alone
Maximum Balloon - Maximum Balloon
MAXIMUM RNR - When Push Comes To Shove - split w/ Electric Blood
Maylee Todd - Choose Your Own Adventure
Meligrove Band, The - Shimmering Lights
Melisa Auf der Maur - Out of Our Minds
Melvin's Rockpile - Out to Lunch
METZ - Negative Space/Automat
Michael Franti & Spearhead - The Sound Of Sunshine (Eco-Pack)
Michou - Cardona
Microscopic Septet, The - Friday the Thirteenth: The Micros Play Monk
Midlake - The Courage of Others
Miesha & the Spanks - Split EP
Mighty Squirrel - Sqworld Record
Minotaurs - Thing
Minus the Bear - Omni (Digi)
Mise en Scene - Late Night Triple Feature
Miss Emily Brown - In Technicolor
Miss Kristin - Free
Miss Kristin - A Miss Kristin Mac Attack
Miss Quincy & the Ramblers - Your mama don't like me
Mississippi Live & the Dirty Dirty - Way Down Here
Modern Field Recordings - Modern Field Recordings
Modern Men - The Sensual Sounds of
Modern Superstitions - All The Things Weve Been Told
Mohawk Lodge - Crimes
Molloys - Molloys
Moonshine Ramblers - S/T
More Or Les - Brunch W/A Vengeance
Morning Benders - Big Echo
Mose Allison - Way Of The World
Mountain & The Trees, The - I Made This For You
Mumford and Sons - Sigh No More
Murder By Death (Rock) - Good Morning Magpie
Murderdolls - Women and Children Last
My Disco - Little Joy
Myelin Sheaths - Get On Your Nerves
Mystery Jets - Serotonin
Nat Birchall - Guiding Spirit
Natacha Atlas - Mounqaliba
National, The - High Violet
Neil Young - Le Noise
Neo Tundra Cowboy - Deserted Dull Plain
Neon Indian - Mind Ctrl Psychic Chasms Possessed
Nervous Lugers - Nervous Lugers
New Country Rehab - New Country Rehab
The New Pornographers - Together
Nick Everett - Old Adventure/Love Songs
Nickodemus - Sun People Remixed (Digi)
Nikki Yanofsky - Nikki
No More Shapes - Creesus Crisis
No Problem - Your Eyes
No UFO's - Mind Control
Nobunny - First Blood
Nothingilistic - the home guide to channeling
O Paon - Courses
Octoberman - Fortresses
Of Montreal - False Priest
Oh My Darling - In the Lonesome Hours
Oh My Darling - Love Shack
Ohama - Earth History Multiambient
Ok Go - Of the Blue Colour of the Sky
Ola Belle Reed - Rising Sun Melodies
Old Man Luedecke - My Hands Are On Fire And Other Love Songs
Oliver/Lee;Ranee Jones - A Celebration In Time W/Montre
Olympic Symphonium, The - Chapter 1
Olympic Symphonium, The - The City Won't Have Time
Omega Crom - Blood Steel & Fire
One Left - This Land I Love
Oona McOuat - Honey and Holy Water
Openhearts Society - Love in Time
Oral Pleasure - Taste Test
Orgone - Cali Fever
Orgone - Cali Fever
Original Soundtrack - Fubar II
Original Soundtrack - Fubar II
Ottmar Liebert + Luna Negra - Petals On the Path
Owl - Chants (the vibrations in the streets keep me weak in the knees)
Ox - Silent Night And Other Cowboy
Pacifika - Chocolate Remixes
Pack A.D., The - We Kill Computers
Packway Handle Band - What Are We Gonna Do Now?
Pantha Du Prince - Black Noise
Paper Lions - Music from forthcoming EP "Trophies"
Parallels - Visionaries
Pat Metheny - Orchestrion
Paul Keeling - The Farthest Reach
Paul Thorn - Pimps and Preachers
Paul Weller - Wake Up The Nation
Pavement - Quarantine The Past: Greatest Hits
Peaches, The - The Peaches
Penetración Cósmica - Penetración Cósmica I
People Like Us - This Is the Light Music
Perfume Genius - Learning
Personal & The Pizzas - Raw Pie
Peter Gabriel - Scratch My Back
Peter Katz - First of the Last to Know
Phantogram - Eyelid Movies
Phantogram - Eyelid Movies
Pharez Whitted - Transient Journey
Philip Selway - Familial
Phoenix Foundation, The - Buffalo
Phono d'enfant - White Blossoms
Picastro - Become Secret
Pierced Arrows - Descending Shadows
Plants and Animals - La La Land
Politique - SECRET SHOCK
Polymorphines - Transistor Sistor
Pop Winds - The Turquoise
Postdata - Postdata
Prairie Voices - Autumn
Primordial - Spirit The Earth Aflame (Ri)
Ps I Love You - Meet Me At The Muster Station
Psychobilly Cadillacs - Nobody Never Told Me
Pye Corner Audio - Black Mill Tapes Vol.1
Q.E.D - [Sometimes a Cigar...is just a Cigar]
Quest for Fire (Rock) - Lights From Paradise
Ra Ra Riot - Orchard
The rabid whole - Autraumaton
Radio Radio - Belmundo Regal
Rae Spoon - Love Is A Hunter
Raggedy Angry - How I Learned To Love Our Robot Overlords
Ratatat - LP4
Ratt - Infestation
Reason, The - Fools
Rebekah Higgs - Little Voice
Rebel Yell - Radio Jams!
Red Baraat - Chaal Baby
Red June - Remember Me Well
Redgy Blackout - Meet you on the other side
Regina Spektor - Live In London
Regina Spektor - Soviet Kitsch
Rel!g!on - Revelationz I
Relient K - Let It Snow Baby... Let It Reindeer
Rembetika Hipsters - Kafeneion
Renee Asteria - Razteria
Retribution Gospel Choir - 2
Rev. Johnny L. Jones - The Hurricane that Hit Atlanta
Rhonda Head - Kayas
Riad Abdel-Gawad - EGYPT Mother of the World
Richard Laviolette and the Oil Spills - All Your Raw Materials
Richard Pinhas - Metal/Crystal
Riderless, The - Atelier Gold
Ridley Bent - The Blood Trilogy
Ridley Bent - Rabbit On My Wheel
Rob Crooks - Misogyny III
Robert Francis - Before Nightfall
Robert Larisey - Nights Take Forever
Robert Plant & the Band of Joy - Robert Plant & the Band of Joy
Robin Spielberg - Sea to Shining Sea: A Tapestry of American Music
Robyn Dell'Unto - I'm Here Every Night
Rodney DeCroo - Queen Mary Trash
Roky Erickson With Okkervil River - True Love Cast Out All Evil
Romina Di Gasbarro - Poema
Roots, The - How I Got Over
Royal Canoe - CO-OP Mode
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Calling All Dawns
Royal Wood - Waiting
Royksopp - Senior
Rufus Wainwright - All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu
Rural Alberta Advantage - Departing
Rustie - Sunburst Ep
Ruth Moody - The Garden
Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses - Junky Star
Sadies - Darker Circles
Sage Francis - Li(f)e
Sainte Catherines, The - Fire Works
Sajia Sultana - Bengali Winter
Sally Seltmann - Heart Thats Pounding
Salteens - Grey Eyes
Salteens - Moths
Santa Barbara Symphony - The Soul of Tango
Sarah Burton - Mayflower
Sarah Harmer - Oh Little Fire
Sargeist - Let The Devil In
Saturday Saints, The - Hand-Me-Downs
Savk - Savk
Scissor Sisters - Nightwork
Scott Dunbar - Philosophies of a Moth Vol 3: Two Years to Live
Scott Lanaway - Mergers & Acquisitions
Sean Nicholas Savage - Movin Up In Society
Sean Nicholas Savage - Mutual feelings of respect and admiration
Seed Organization meets Big Toe's HIFI - Heatscore Riddim
Selina Martin - Disaster Fantasies
Serena Maneesh - S-M2 Abyss In B Minor
Seven Story Redhead - Shake It Out!
Sevens Project - Sevens Project
Shad - Tsol
Shapes and Sizes - Candle To Your Eyes
Sharon Jones and The Dap Kings - I Learned The Hard Way
Shearwater - Golden Archipelago
Shed - plugged in, electrified and totally wired
Shibboleth - Shibboleth
Shiloh Lindsey - Western Violence & Brief Sensuality
Shondes - My Dear One
Shunda K - Here I Am to Save the World
Shunda K - I'm the best
Shunda K - I'm the Best
Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars - Rise And Shine
A Silent Film - The City That Sleeps
Silly Kissers - Precious Necklace
Siskiyou - Siskiyou
SitDownTracy - Pleasant Like Wildlife
Sky Larkin - Kaleide
Slackers, The - Great Rocksteady Swindle
Sleeper (Rock) - It Girl
Slim Cessna's Auto Club - Buried Behind the Barn
Small Black - New Chain
Small Sins - Pot Calls Kettle Black
Smokin' Joe Kubek & Bnois King - Have Blues, Will Travel
Smokin' Joe Wiseman - Life is Good
Smoky Tiger - Cosmic christmas
Soft Boys, The - A Can Of Bees
Soft Copy - Vicious Modernism
Sojourners - Sojourners
Sokrovenno - De Rerum Natura
Son of Dave - Shake A Bone
Sonny Smith - Sonny and the Sandwitches
Soul Killing Female - Landmines
Souljah Fyah - I Wish
Spastic Panthers - Spastic Panthers / Throwaways split 7"
Spoon River - Kingdom of the Burned
Spy from Cairo - Secretly Famous
SSRIs - Effeminate Godzilla Sized Windchimes
SSRIs - Teems
Stalwart Sons - Burn Daylights Like Torches
Stand Alone Complex - Music for Suicides
The Stanfields - The Vanguard of the Young & Reckless
Stars - Five Ghosts
Steele - The Man The Music
Stereo Total - Baby Ouh
Steve Basham - The Thick Mix(es)
Steve Keys & the Space Trannys - Jammin' on Toast
Steven McKay - Steven McKay
Stornoway - Beachcomber's Windowsill
stowaways, the - livin' on the island
Striker - Eyes in the Night
Sue & Karp, Peter Foley - He Said She Said
Sufjan Stevens - The Age Of Adz
Summerland - Blue Skinned
Sun Wizard - S/T
Sunday Wilde - What Man!?? Oh THAT man!!
Superions - Destination... Christmas!
Susie Arioli Band - Christmas Dreaming (Digi)
Suture - Live Fragments
Suuns - Zeroes QC
Suzanne McNeil - Willow
Swallows, The - Demystified
T-Model Ford - Ladies Man
T.C. Folkpunk - S/T
T.L. Barrett & The Youth for Christ Choir - Like a Ship (Without a Sail)
Take Me To the Pilot - Take Me To the Pilot
Tanya Davis - Clocks and Hearts Keep Going
Ted Leo and the Pharmacists - Brutalist Bricks
Tempus Fugit - Shallow Water Blackout
Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra & Tra-La-La Band - Kollaps Tradixionales
Thievery Corporation - It Takes a Thief
Thievery Corporation (Various) - Babylon Central (W/Dvd)
Thieving Irons - This Midnight Hum
Thomas Savy Bill Stewart & Scott Colley - French Suite
Thrall - Away From The Haunts Of Men
Thrashers, The - Man Re-enters Sea
Throwaways - Spastic Panthers / Throwaways split 7"
Till Fellner/Orchestre symphonique de Montreal - Piano Concertos Nos. 4 and 5
Tin Star Orphans - The Days Of Blinding Fear
Tindersticks - Falling Down a Mountain
Tineke Postma - The Traveller
Titus Andronicus - The Monitor
Tobacco - Maniac Meat
Tommy Benzene Babin - Your Body Is Your Prison
Tommy Paxton-Beesley - From Now On
Tony Allen - Secret Agent
Totally Ripped - Osmosis
Tradition - In small gestures so huge love is everywhere
Trillionaires - By Hook or By Crook
Trombone Shorty - Backatown
Tucker Finn - The Cup & The Lip
Twin - Sharing Secrets with Strangers
Twin Crystals - Twin Crystals
Twin Library - Folkrecorder
Twin Sister - Color Your Life
Ty Segall - Melted
Tyrants Demise - Tyrants Demise
Uffie - Sex Dreams and Denim Jeans
Ultra Mega - Dart
Under Byen - Alt Er Tabt
Underworld - Barking (W/Dvd)
Univers Zero - Clivages
Univers Zero - Heresie
UNKLE - The Answer EP
Ursula 1000 - Fuzz
Uz Jsme Doma - Caves
Vampire Weekend - Contra
Vampires - 2010 catalogue sampler for CKUW
Vampires - Vampires
Various - Classic Sounds Of New Orleans
Various - Light Organ Records Our First Christmas
Various - World Christmas Party
Various - Year Of The Carnivore
Various Artists - Angola Soundtrack
Various Artists - Baby How Can It Be?
Various Artists - Bustin' Out 1982
Various Artists - A Canadian Celebration of The Band
Various Artists - Cool-aid Benefit Album
Various Artists - Everybody Dance Now: Songs from Hamilton 5
Various Artists - Feedback's Tribute to Smegma
Various Artists - From the Tank
Various Artists - Great Northern Revival: Notes From the Edmonton Underground Vol.1
Various Artists - King Easy Radio Sampler Volume 7
Various Artists - Littler Whore Shopper
Various Artists - Made in New Zealand
Various Artists - Nigeria Afrobeat Special
Various Artists - Northern Faction 4
Various Artists - Oh! Compilation Two
Various Artists - Peruvian Funk
Various Artists - Rhythm & Blues
Various Artists - Roots of Chicha 2: Psychedelic Cumbias from Peru
Various Artists - Roots of Ok Jazz (Congo Classics 1955-1956)
Various Artists - The Sound of Siam
Various Artists - Streets of Ska
Various Artists - Take Action Volume 9
Various Artists - Thirty Bands You Never Heard of.....and Probably Never Will Again
Various Artists - This Is The Blues: Volume Four
Various Artists - This Is The Blues: Volume One
Various Artists - This Is The Blues: Volume Three
Various Artists - This Is The Blues: Volume Two
Various Artists - Tradi-Mods Vs Rockers
Various Artists - Tribute To A Reggae Legend
Various Artists - Vol. 2-Bassments of Badmen
Various Artists - Waveform Transmissions Volume Three
Various Artists - Soundtracks - Babylon Central
Venetian Snares - My So-Called Life
Versus (Rock) - On The Ones And Threes
Vicious/Delicious - Loose Girls.Houses
Vieux Farka Touré - Other Roads Fondo Remixed
VioSac - Dawning Luminosity
Wake - Surrounded by Human Filth
Walkmen, The - Lisbon
Wall Matthews & Rusty Clark - Air Over Water
the wanted - self titled
Warpaint - Fool
Wax Fang - The Astronaut Part 1
We Were the States - Rasa
Weakerthans, The - Live At The Burton Cummings Theatre cd & dvd
Weigh Anchors - The Sea
Weirdies, The - Volatile
WendyWarner, Irina Nuzova - Russian Music for Cello & Piano
The Whigs - In the Dark
White Cowbell Oklahoma - Viva Live Locos Live
White Lung - Its The Evil
White Stripes, The - Under Great White Northern Lights
Whitey Morgan & The 78's - Bad news
Widespread Panic - Dirty Side Down (Digi)
Widespread Panic - Live in the Classic City II
Wil - In This Together
Wildbunch - Wildbunch
Wildebeests - Gnuggets
Wilderness of Manitoba, The - When You Left The Fire
Wildlife - Strike Hard, Young Diamond
Will White - Rise Above
Winter Gloves - All Red
Wintersleep - New Inheritors
Women - Public Strain
Woodhands - Remorsecapade
Woodpigeon - Die Stadt Muzikanten
Woody Allens, The - S/T
Xavier Rudd - Koonyum Sun
Yann Tiersen - Dust Lane
Yeasayer - Odd Blood
Yecal Disaster - Nena, no eres lo suficientemente real para mi
Yngwie Malmsteen - Relentless
Young Rival - Young Rival
Youssou N'dour - I Bring What I Love
Yves Leveille - Choregraphie
Zachary Lucky - Come & Gone
Zero 7 - Record
Zeroes - Zeroes
Zeus - Say Us (Digi)