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-otron - doze on
3rd Force - Global Force
1971 - Burning Bridges Before They're Crossed
A La Mode - Perfection Salad
A La Mode - perfection salad
A. Trozzo & The Electric Few - EP
AA Wallace - In Alpha Zone
Above Top Secret - Above Top Secret
Ace Frayley's Child - Dada
Ace Martens - Palm Springs
Adam Hanney & Co. - 12/12
Adam Strangler - Ideas Of Order
Adan and Xavi y Los Imanes - Adan and Xavi y Los Imanes
Adrian Teacher and the Subs - Terminal City
Adult Books - Running from the Blows
Aesop Rock - Rings
The Afrosonics - People Meet Your People
Aidan Knight - Each Other
Aiwass - Aiwass
Al Conti - Mystic
Al G - Kings & Queens
AL SCORCH - Circle Round the Signs
Alex G - DSU
Ali Berkok - Never Get Lost For Long
Ali McCormick - Clean Water
Alison Rose - Come a Little Closer
All Hands on Jane - Sorry I Set You on Fire
ALL INDIA RADIO - The Slow Light
Allen Harrington, Lottie Enns-Braun - Vanishing Point
Allen Stone - Radius [Deluxe Edition]
Alu - Mrs. Hypochondriac
American Monoxide - In Flight Mode
American Monoxide - Web Content
American Wrestlers - Goodbye Terrible Youth
AMFMS - Captives
Amon Amarth - Jomsviking
Ancient Highways - Until the Cow Comes Home
Ancient Shapes - Ancient Shapes
Andino Suns - Madera
Andrew Pekler - Tristes Tropiques
Andy California - My Dying Bed
Andy Evans - Miracle
Andy Shauf - The Party
Ane Brun - When I'm Free
Angry Angles - Angry Angles
Animal Collective - Painting With
Animal Teeth - Happy to See You
Anohni - Hopelessness
Anoushka Shankar - Land of Gold
An Ant and an Atom - Entropy
Anthony D'Amato - Cold Snap
Antwood - Virtuous.Scr
Applesauce Tears - Alpha Drift
Aquaserge - Guerre EP
Ariane Mahryke Lemire - Je deviens le loup
Arjun - Gravity
Arlo Maverick - Maybe Tomorrow
Arnie Naiman - My Lucky Stars
Art Bergmann - The Apostate
Art Bergmann - Remember Her Name
Arthur Bull, John Heward, Adam Linson - Trio
Artificial Dissemination - Past. Present. Future.
Ashley Shadow - Ashley Shadow
Asiko Afrobeat Ensemble - Winners Never Quit
Astrakhan - Reward In Purpose
Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, ASO Chorus, Jessica Rivera, Nmon Ford - Leshnoff: Symphony No. 2 "Innerspace" / Zohar
Atlantis Jazz Ensemble - Oceanic Suite
Atmosphere - New Singles Pack
Aurochs - Another Helpful Medicine
Aurora - All My Demons Greeting Me as a Friend
Autolux - Pussy's Dead
Automatisme - Momentform Accumulations
The Avalanches - Wildflower
Avalon Blue - Avalon Blue
Avec pas d'casque - Effets speciaux
Awaiting the Answer - Awaiting the Answer
Azar Lawrence & Al McLean - Frontiers
B.D. Lenz - Manifesto
B.D. Willoughby - The Qu'Appelle Valley
Babylon Warchild - War Journals
Bad Bad - Bad Bad
Bad Beats, The - His Vengeful Hand
Badbadnotgood - IV
Banks & Steelz - Anything but Words
Barcelona Symphony Orchestra/Jesús Álvarez Carrión/Gemma Coma-Alabert/Lieder Camera - Granados: Orchestral Works, Vol. 2
The Baron - Phantasy
Barrio Latino Hungria - Barrio Latino Hungría
Barry Adamson - Know Where to Run
Bart - Holomew
Basement Paintings, The - Mystic
Basia Bulat - Good Advice
Bat for Lashes - The Bride
Bazooka - Useless Generation (Achristi Genia)
Beach Slang - A Loud Bash Of Teenage Feelings
Bear Hands - You'll Pay For This
Bear the Weather - Rampant
Bearfight - Screaming at Snakes
Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band - Iwa
Beautiful Nubia and the Roots Renaissance Band - Taabaku
Bellows - Fist & Palm
Ben Abraham - Sirens
Ben Tamana - "EP"
Benji Hughes - Songs in the Key of Animals
Benowa - We Could Go Away
Benton Roark Band, The - Deep in the Pocket, Still No Change
Beny Esguerra - Return of the Kuisi
The Besnard Lakes - A Coliseum Complex Museum
Beth Orton - Kidsticks
betterhalf - cute doom E.P.
Beware Of Darkness - Are You Real?
Bicycle Face [CAN] - Bicycle Face
Big Dave McLean - Better the Devil You Know
Big Knife Little Knife - Anchor Rights
Bills, The - Trail of Tales
Billy Bragg & Joe Henry - Shine A Light: Field Recordings From The Great American Railroad
Birds of Chicago - Real Midnight
Birthday Tapes - Birthday Wishes Vol. 1
Bitter Fictions - Jettison
Black Cloud - Sundogs
Black Mags, The - The Black Mags EP
Black Mountain - IV
Black Roots - Son of Man
Black Thunder - III
Bleached - Welcome The Worms
Blood Orange - Freetown Sound
Blood Orange - Freetown Sound
Bloodshot Bill and Shannon Shaw - Honey Time
Blue Rodeo - 1000 Arms
Bluesland Horn Band, The - Radio Waves
Body, The - No One Deserves Happiness
Bombadils, The - New Shoes
Bombino - Akhar Zaman (This Moment)
Boogie Patrol - Alive
Border Patrol - Toxic Thought Machine
Boreal Sons - You & Everyone
Boris - Pink (Deluxe Edition)
Boulevards - Cold Call & Up On Your Love
Brad Fillatre - Strangers
Brain Tentacles - Brain Tentacles
Brendan Canning - Home Wrecking Years
Brenna Lowrie - Hungry Ghost
Bronswick - Chasses Croises
Broods - Conscious
Brown University Orchestra, Jeffrey Biegel - Manhattan Intermezzo
Brutal Youth - Sanguine
Brutus Begins - Uncanny Valley
Bumpin' Uglies, The [CAN] - Heart of Gold
Bur Gur - Have You Lost Your Faith in God?
Burdocks, The - Airplane Tracks
The Burning Hell - Public Library
Burnt Palms - Back on My Wall
BYEG - The Eh List: Volume 4
C.R. Avery - All the Angels Didn't Scare Me
Cakes Da Killa - Hedonism
Cambridge Singers/Aurora Orchestra - Rutter: Visions & Requiem
Campbell Woods - Oxford Street
Canary - I am lion
Cares - Who Else Are You
Cascade Falls - Clouds Change , Nostalgia Stays the Same
Casket Girls - Night Machines
Castle - Welcome to the Graveyard
Catamounts, The - St Nuomatac
Cavemen, The - Too High To Die
Cayley Thomas - Weird Love
CCR Headcleaner - Tear Down the Wall
Cecile Doo-Kingue - Anybody Listening Part 2: Dialogues
Cellars - Phases
Cerulean Skies - The Dream Journal
Ceu - Tropix
CFM - Still Life of Citrus & Slime
Cha Wa - All On A Mardi Gras Day
Chain wallet - Chain wallet
Chamber Orchestra of London/Tenebrae/Voces8/Matthew Sharp/Ola Gjeilo - Ola Gjeilo
Chance The Rapper - Coloring Book
Charles Bradley - Changes
Charles Lloyd & the Marvels - I Long to See You
Chicken-Like Birds - On the Dusty Trail
Chilblaine Winters - North Delta Blues
CHOCOLAT - Rencontrer Looloo
Choir of Merton College, Oxford - Viri Galilaei: Favourite Anthems from Merton
Choke Chains - Choke Chains
Chris - I Don't Think Anything
Chris Abrahams - Fluid to the Influence
Chris Bathgate - Old Factory
Chris Coole - The Tumbling River
Chris Culgin - Mind in the Blue Sky
Chris Farren - Can't Die
Chris Marker - La Jetee
Christian Löffler - Mare
Christof Migone - Greatest Hits
Chuck Copenace Group - EP 1
Chuckee Zehr - Just a Taste ...
CIALYN - A Night Of A Short Wave Listener
Cian Nugent - Night Fiction
Civilian - You Wouldn't Believe What Privilege Costs
Claypool Lennon Delirium, The - Monolith of Phobos
cleopold - Altitude & Oxygen EP
Cliff Stevens - Grass Won't Grow
Clint Morgan - Scofflaw
Clipping. - Splendor & Misery
Clipping. - Wriggle [CLEAN]
Coasts - Coasts
Code Pie - Pop Cycle
Cold Creature - Cold Creature
Colin James - Blue Highways
Colorado Symphony - Copland: Billy the Kid; Rodeo; etc.
Communist Daughter - The Cracks That Built The Wall
Compass: Mexican Institute Of Sound + Toy Selectah - Compass
Conrad Schnitzler & Schneider TM - Con-Struct
Cooper - Evening Shadows
Cordcalling - We are Still
Corey Palmer - This could be about anyone
Corin Raymond - Hobo Jungle Fever Dreams
Corinthian - Eurozone Ghost
Cornflower Blue - Invincible
Cosmonauts - A-OK
Counterfeit Jeans - Counterfeit Jeans
Countermeasure - Made to Measure
Crack Cloud - Crack Cloud EP
Crescendo - Unless
Crow Eats Man - Crow Eats Man
CRX - New Skin
Crystal Castles - Amnesty (I)
Cub Sport - This Is Our Vice
Curtis Salgado - The Beautiful Lowdown
Cymbals Eat Guitars - Pretty Years
Dag [CAN] - Daggy Style
Damien Jurado - Visions of Us on the Land
The Damn Truth - Devilish Folk
Dan Frechette & Laurel Thomsen - Between the Rain
The Dandy Warhols - Distortland
Daniel Romano - Mosey
Danny Brown - Atrocity Exhibition
Danny Michel - Matadora
Dante Elephante - Anglo-Saxon Summer
Darcys, The - Centerfold
Dark for Dark - All Dressed
Daughter - Not to Disappear
Dave Keller - Right Back Atcha
David Beckingham - Just When the Light
David Bowie - Blackstar
David Chesky/Orchestra of the 21st Century - Chesky: The Venetian Concertos
David Francey - Empty Train
David Shaw Trio - Live at the Academy
Davis/Plimley/Neil/Kameel Farah - Past : Piano : Present --- Live at Western Front 1985-2015
Dead Fibres, The - Disgusting People with Disgusting Motives
Dead Gaze - Easy Travels
Dead Obies - Gesamtkunstwerk
Dead South, The - Good Company
Dead South, The - Illusion & Doubt
Deakin - Sleep Cycle
Dear Tracks - Soft Dreams
Death By Unga Bunga - Pineapple Pizza
Death From Above 1979 - Live From Third Man Records
Death Grips - Bottomless Pit
Death Valley Girls - Glow In The Dark
Death Wheelers, The / Witchstone - Mind Blowing Trip!!! / Summon the End
Decorations - Have Fun
Deeds, The - Late O'Clock
Deep Sixed - Deep 6
Deep Throats - Good Bad Pretty
Deepakalypse - Floating on a Sphere
Deerhoof - The Magic
Deerhoof - The Magic
Del Barber & The Regretzkys - The Puck Drops Here
Delfeayo Marsalis & the Uptown Jazz Orchestra - Make America Great Again!
Deni Gauthier - Passenger
Derivatives - Forwards Futures & Options
Derm Kean & An Incredible Woman - Incredible EP
Desaster - The Oath Of An Iron Ritual
Descendents - Hypercaffium Spazzinat
Destrage - A Means to No End
Destroyer - My Mystery 12"
Diana - Familiar Touch
Digitalism - Mirage
DIIV - Is The Is Are
The Dirtiest - Alarm
Dirty Catfish Brass Band - Big Shiny Brass
Dirty Inputs - The Runcible
Dirty Nil, The - Higher Power
The Discarded - The Discarded
Disclosure - Moog For Love
DJ Katapila - Trotro
DJ Shadow - The Mountain Will Fall
The Donkeys - Midnight Palms
Donovan Woods - Hard Settle, Ain't Troubled
Donovan Woods - Hard Settle, Ain't Troubled
Donovan Woods - They Are Going Away EP
Doomsquad - Total Time
Doreen - Violence of the Spirit
Dories - Outside Observer
Dr. Lonnie Smith - Evolution
Dream Whip - Dream Whip
Dressy Bessy - Kingsized
Dri Hiev - Place to Live
Drive By Truckers - American Band
Drive-By Truckers - American Band
DS Lori - DS Lori
Dub Trinity - The People Hold the Power
Duchess Says - Sciences Nouvelles
Duke Robillard - Blues Full Circle
Duotang - New Occupation
Dye Pack - Make a Mess
Dyslexic Postcards - Spare the Altar
Eagle Lake Owls - Eagle Lake Owls
Electric Revival, The - Bury the Needle
Electric Revival, The - Magnetic North
Elephant Revival - Petals
Elephant Revival - When I Fall
Elephant Stone - Ship Of Fools
Eli West - the Both
Eliza Mary Doyle - It Ain't What It Seems
Elizabeth - Death to Rebels!
Elvis Depressedly - Holo Pleasures / California Dreamin'
Emile Bilodeau - Rites de passage
Emilie & Ogden - 10 000 (solo)
Emily and the Moon - Ad Astra
Emily Millard - By Hron & By Season
Emily Wells - Promise
Emmet Cohen Ft. Jimmy Cobb - Masters Legacy Series Vol. 1
Emotionz and Gisto - Orbits
Empire Of The Sun - Two Vines
Empty Heads - Ugly
Ensemble Transmission - Folklore Imaginaire
Entire Cities - Rock Chapel
Entrance - Promises
Eric Bachmann - Eric Bachmann
Eric Bibb and North Country Far with Danny Thompson - The Happiest Man in the World
Erynn Marshall - Greasy Creek
Essaie Pas - Demain este une Autre Nuit
Etapp Kyle - Continuum EP
Evaporators, The - Ogopogo Punk
exalt - the shape you took before yhe ache
Explosions In The Sky - The Wilderness
Extroverts - Supple
Fall, The - Dragnet
Fall, The - Live At The Witch Trials - The Fall
Familea Miranda - Radiopharm
Famous Sandhogs, The - Kahnawpawamakan
Famous Sandhogs, The - Theia's Mammon: Skoni's Ikon
Fat White Family - Songs for Our Mothers
Fawnn - Ultimate Oceans
Fea - Fea
FERAL OHMS - Live In San Francisco
Field Music - Commontime
Film in Music - Tell Tale
Flatbed - Risin' Death
Flesh Eaters - Forever Came Today
Florist - The Birds Outside Sang
Flypaper Orchestra - Boulevard of Broken Dreams: Old Songs for a New
FONKYNSON - #Followme
Forbidden Dimension, The - Every Twisted Tree Watches as You Pass
Form - Form
Foul English - The Foul English
Fox Opera - Nowhere Native
Francesca Blanchard - Deux visions
Francis Cheer - Black White and Grey
Fred Eaglesmith - Standard
Fred Fortin - Ultramarr
Fred Penner - Hear the Music
Fresh Snow - One
Fruit Bats - Absolute Loser
Fruit Bats - Glory of Fruit Bats
Fujiya & Miyagi - Ep1
Future Elevators - Future Elevators
Future States - Casual Listener
Fuzzy P - On A Lawn
FWY! - CA 80's-90's
Galaxy 4 - Galaxy 4
Galkin - Chagrin Seasons
Gary Lucas - Music From Max Fleischer Cartoons
Gavin Froome - Don't Come Home EP
Gawker - Stephen's World
Gazebos - Die Alone
GEHENNAH - Too Loud to Live Too Drunk to Die
Geneva Jacuzzi - Technophelia
Georgian Bay - Patience
Germaphobes - Fiji Whizz
Ghost Vines - Ghost Vines EP
Ghostwriter - Ghostwriter
A Giant Dog - Pile
Ginger St. James - One for the Money
Glenn Jones - Fleeting
Globelamp - The Orange Glow
GOGGS - Goggs
Gold Panda - Good Luck and Do Your Best
Gold Panda - Good Luck and Do Your Best
Golden Bloom - Searching for Sunlight
GoldLink - And After That, We Didn't Talk
Good Tiger - A Head Full of Moonlight
Gord Downie - Secret Path
The Gotobeds - Blood // Sugar // Secs // Traffic
Granados - Suite Sobre Cantos Gallegos
The Grateful Dead - Day of The Dead
Greg Sover - Songs of a Renegade
Greys - Outer Heaven
Gringo Star - The Sides and In Between
Groon / Rak and Targus - Transdimensional Doubt
Grubby Little Hands - Garden Party
Guerilla Toss - Eraser Stargazer
Haelos - Full Circle
Haley Bonar - Impossible Dream
Handle, The - Last Stop, Scroadsville!
HarpAcash & the Morals - Lamps
Harrow Fair - Call to Arms
Health&Beauty - No Scare
Heart Behind A Barbed Wire Hymen - Deathbed on A Toy Car Mat City Landscape
Heaven For Real - Kill Your Memory
Heights, The - The Heights
The Heirlooms - Ma-Me-O Beach
Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, Christian Tetzlaff - Dvorak: Violin Concerto & Romance; Suk: Fantasy
Henry Wagons - After What I Did Last Night...
Heron Oblivion - Heron Oblivion
HEXA - Factory Photographs
Hey Marseilles - Hey Marseilles
Hi-Strung Downers, The - Can't Feel Good All the Time
Hidden Cameras, The - Home on Native Land
High Bar Gang, The - Someday the Heart Will Trouble the Mind
High Highs - Cascades
Highest Order, The - Still Holding
Himiko - Skin Removal
Hinds - Leave Me Alone
His Clancyness - Isolation Culture
HMFM - Due Process
Hobo Lord - Sweaty Already
Holgans - Holgans Are Dead
Holy Fuck - Congrats
Holy Fuck - Tom Tom
Holy Ghost! - Crime Cutz
Holy Void [CAN] - For Everything Else
Holy Wave - Freaks Of Nurture
Homeboy Sandman - Kindness For Weakness
Honey Cowboy, The - Where Does Your Honey Come From?
Honey Radar - Blank Cartoon
hooded fang - Venus on Edge
Hoops - Hoops
Hooton Tennis Club - Big Box Of Chocolates
Hot 8 Brass Band - Can't Nobody Get Down EP
Hot Hot Heat - Hot Hot Heat
Hot Panda - Bad Pop
Hot Rod DeVille - Dangerous
How to Dress Well - Care
Ian Gindes - American Visions
Ian Kelly - Superfolk
Iauwata Amha Selassie - Rally
Iggy Pop - Post Pop Depression
Illvis Freshly - Illenials
Illyrian - Round 2: Fight!
Imarhan - Imarhan
In with the Old - My Mother's Couch
Indian City - Here & Now
The Inflation Kills - Grounds for Termination
Inland Island - Zsa Zsa's Window Opens Slowly
Insects vs Robots - Theyllkillyaa
Into It. Over It. - Standards
Itasca - Open to chance
Ivan Rosenberg - The Littlest Dobro
J Dilla - The Introduction
Jack Garton - Move The Mess Around
Jackie Lynn - Jackie Lynn
Jackie Zealous - Psychic Data
Jake Chisholm - No More Sorrow
Jake Vance - Eden
James Culleton - Vanished Days
James Hunter Six, The - Hold On!
James Supercave - Better Strange
Jason Collett - Song and Dance Man
Jason Sharp - A Boat Upon Its Blood
Jaunt - Chat
Jaxon Haldane - Hectic
Jay Arner - Jay II
Jay Arner - Jay II
Jay Arner - Jay II
Jay Som - I Think You're Alright b/w Rush
Jay Som - Turn Into
Jaye Bartell - Light Enough
Jaylene Johnson - Potter & Clay
Jaymay - To Tell the Truth
JC Flowers - Driving Excitement And The Pleasure Of Ownership
JD and the Sunshine Band - Soaking Up the Rays
Jean-Michel Jarre - Electronica 2: The Heart of Noise
Jeen - Tourist
Jef Elise Barbara - Sexe Machin / Sex Machine
Jeff Guthery - Black Paintings
Jennifer Koh/Odense Symphony Orchestra - Tchaikovsky: Complete Works for Violin & Orchestra
Jennifer O'Connor - Surface Noise
Jenny Berkel - Pale Moon Kid
Jerkagram - Outer Limbs
Jerry Cans, The - Inuusiq/Life
Jerry Paper - Toon Time Raw! (Purple Vinyl)
Jesse and the Dandelions - True Blue
Jesse Mac Cormack - After The Glow
Jessy Lanza - Oh No
Jezabels, The - Synthia
Jim Bryson - Somewhere We Will Find Our Place
Jimkata - In Motion
Jimmy Eat World - Integrity Blues
Joe Grass - The First Will Disappesar
Joe Sullivan Big Band - Unfamiliar Surroundings
Joel Miller With Sienna Dahlen - Dream Cassette
Joel Plaskett, Zaki Ibrahim & Arkells - Polaris Covers Session No. 2
John Cale - Music For A New Society / M:FANS (2CD)
John K. Samson - Winter Wheat
Jonny Fritz - Sweet Creep
Jons - At Work On Several Things
Joseph Arthur - The Family
Joseph Veloz - Offerings
Joseph Bertolozzi - Tower Music/Musique de la tour
JPNSGRLS - Divorce
Julia Brown - An Abundance Of Strawberries
Julianna Barwick - Will
Julius Sumner Miller - Why Is It So?
July Talk - Touch
The Junction - City Lights
June Killing Stones - Little Portents
Junior Boys - Big Black Coat
Justin Rutledge - East
K E N O R A - Not Ready For Love
K.V. Raucous - Run a Muck
Kaia Kater - Nine Pin
Kaiser Chiefs - Stay Together
Karl Pitterson - Dub from Space
Kate Lindsey/Kiera Duffy/Christopher Burchett - Fairouz: No Orpheus
Kate Maki - Head in the Sand
Kate Tempest - Let Them Eat Chaos
Kaytranada - 99.9%
Kedr Livanskiy - January Sun
Ken Sangster's Obsessions Octet - Steppin' Up
Ken Whiteley - Freedom Blues
Kenny "Blues Boss" Wayne - Jumpin' & Boppin'
Keswick Adams - Free Country
Kevin Morby - Singing Saw
Kevin Roy - Heartworn Highways
Kick in the Eye - Kick in the Eye is Canadian
Kid Millions - 100 Disciplines
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Nonagon Infinity
King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard - Nonagon Infinity
King Mud - Victory Motel Sessions
Kirty - Kirty
Kitten Forever - 7 Hearts
Klangstof - Close Eyes To Exit
Knocks, The - 55
Kobosil - We Grow You Decline
Kongos - Egomaniac
Krief - Automanic
Kristine Schmitt - Good Dirt
Krystale - Say Anything
Kyle Craft - Dolls Of Highland
Kylo - Phases
L con - Moon Milk
L.N. Baba - No Man Is an Internet
Lab Coast - Remember the Moon
Ladyhawke - Wild Things
lakeman - lakeman
Lakou Mizik - Wa Di Yo
Lal - Find Safety
Lanikai - Self Titled
Lapsley - Long Way Home
Laraaji & Sun Araw - Professional Sunflow
Laura Carbone - Sirens
Laura Sauvage - Extraordinormal
LAWRENCE ARABIA - Absolute Truth
Lazyhorse - Lazyhorse II
Le Matos - Chronicles of the Wasteland (Turbo Kid)
Lead Mule - Parts & Labour
Leagues - Alone Together
Lee Fields & The Expressions - Special Night
Len Bowen - Goin Away Party
Les Deuxluxes - Springtime Devil
Les Finnigan - Out in the Wild
Lesbo Vrouven - Grifff Pifff
Lev Snowe - Drifting Off
Levitation Room - Ethos
Lifers, The - Out and In
Lifetones - For a Reason
Liima - ii
Like Animals - Feral
Lil' Ed and The Blues Imperials - The Big Sound Of Lil' Ed And The Blues Imperials
Lily & Madeleine - Keep It Together
Linsey Wellman - Manifesto
Lisa LeBlanc - Why You Wanna Leave, Runaway Queen?
LISS - First EP
Little Green Cars - Ephemera
Little Scream - Cult Following
Little Scream - Cult Following
Living Hour - Living Hour
Local Natives - Sunlit Youth
Lone - Levitate
Lonely Parade [QC] - No Shade
Lonesome Ace Stringband, The - Gone for Evermore
Looping - When no one's There
Lord Raja - PARA
Lorraine Klaasen - Nouvelle Journée
Loscil - Monument Builders
Low Cut High Tops - Eh, Whatever
Lower 48 - Hot Fool
Luc Beausejour - Baroque Session on Piano
Lucas Haneman Express - Tearing Up the Rails
Lucid 44 - Black/Veins
Lucius - Good Grief
Lucy Dacus - No Burden
LUH - Spiritual Songs for Lovers to Sing
Luisa Maita - Fio da Memória
Lushlife and CSLSX - Ritualize
Luther Dickinson - Blues & Ballads
Luyas, The - Says You
M. Ward - More Rain
M83 - Do It, Try It
M83 - Junk
M83 - Junk
Mac Miller - The Divine Feminine
Maggy France - Maggy France
Magic Wands - Jupiter
Mahogany Frog - Senna
Malaya Blue - Heartsick
Mama SpanX - State of Groove
Manitoba Hal Brolund - Live in Ghent
Marching Church - Telling It Like It Is
Marco Benevento - The Story of Fred Short
Marco Benevento - The Story of Fred Short
Margaret Glaspy - Emotions And Math
Margo Price - Midwest Farmer's Daughter
Mark Band Sanders - Call Me Lucky
Mark Crissinger - Night Light
Marlon Williams - Marlon Williams
Marrieds, The - Fire in the Flame
Marta Ren and the groovelets - Stop Look Listen
Marvin Gardens - 1968
Mary Lattimore & Jeff Zeigler - Music Inspired By Philippe Garrel's Le Revelateur
Mass Gothic - Mass Gothic
Matmos - Ultimate Care II [EXCERPTS]
Matrixxman - Homesick Remixes
Matt Andersen - Honest Man
Matt Corby - Telluric
Matt Patershuk & the Dirty Plaid Orchestra - I Was So Fond Of You
Matthew Barber & Jill Barber - Family Album
Matthew E. White - Cool Out
Matthew Good - I Miss New Wave: Beautiful Midnight Revisited
Mauno - Rough Master
Megan Bonnell - Magnolia
Meisha and the Spanks - Stranger EP
Melted Mirror - Borderzone
Mercy Funk - Mercy Funk
Metallica - Hardwired...To Self-Destruct
Metalwood - Twenty
Micah Erenberg - Poor Mic's Toe
Mich Cota - Sapphic
Michael & The Slumberland Band - Thousand Years Under The Sun
Michael Kaeshammer - No Filter
Michael Nau - Mowing
Michael Vlatkovich - Myrnofant's Kiss
The Micronaut - Forms
Miike Snow - iii
Mike Herriott - Isn't Life Grand
Mike Murley Trio - Ship Without a Sail
Mike Smith & Jonathan Adjemian - Transcombobulation
Mike Smith Company, The - Famous Wildlife Movies
Minor Victories - Minor Victories
Mississippi Live & the Dirty Dirty - I Ain't Dyin
MKAI - Nothing Lasts Forever EP
Moby & The Void Pacific Choir - These Systems Are Failing
Moderat - III
Moderat - Reminder
Modern Baseball - Holy Ghost
Modern Space - Before Sunrise
Mogwai - Atomic
Mohair Sweets - Dream Filled Nights
Moira [CAN] - Lost in the Sky
Mona - In the Middle EP
MONEY - Suicide Songs
MonkeyJunk - Time to Roll
Monomyth - Happy Pop Family
Monuments Galore - Colour Depth & Field
Moon Bros. - These Stars
Moon Hooch - Red Sky
Moon Tan - The Faceless Knight
Morricone Youth - The Adventures of Prince Achmed
Moscow Symphony Orchestra and Chorus - Young: The Uninvited/Gulliver's Travels/Bright Leaf
Motherhood - Baby Teeth
Mothers - When You Walk a Long Distance You Are Tired
Moths & Locusts - Helios Rising
MOTHXR - Centerfold
Moulettes - Preternatural
The Mountain Man - Bloodlust
Mourn - Ha, Ha, He.
Mr. Stress Blues Band - Live At The Brick Cottage 1972-1973
MSTRKRFT - Operator
Mulligrub - Soft Grudge
MUNA - Winterbreak
Murals - Violet City Lantern
Murray Kinsley & Wicked Grin - Stormy Water
Music Band - Wake Up Laughing
Music Band - Wake Up Laughing
Muuy Biien - Age Of Uncertainty
Myriad3 - Moons
The Mystery Lights - The Mystery Lights
The Mystery Lights - The Mystery Lights
Nada Surf - You Know Who You Are
Naomi Pilgrim - Sink Like A Stone EP
Nap Eyes - Thought Rock Fish Scale
Nashville Symphony - Danielpour: Songs of Solitude/War Songs
National Orchestral Institute Philharmonic - Corigliano: Symphony No. 1 - Torke: Bright Blue Music - Copland: Appalachian Spring
Natural Child - Okey Dokey
Neema - Painting My Wall Gold
Nervous Curtains - Low Defender
Never Betters - Bitchin
New Fries - More
Niagara Rhythm Section - Hyperocean
Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds - Skeleton Tree
Nico Yaryan - What A Tease
Night Beats - Who Sold My Generation
Night Moves - Pennied Days
Night Moves - Pennied Days
Nilla - Valkyrie
No Aloha - Deluxe
No More Moments - Still Going
No Museums - Darkening
Noble Thiefs, The - It's Tough to Be the Bad Guy
Norbert Stein, Pata Messengers - Friends & Dragons
Northwest Passage, The - A_Wake
Note to Future Self - Technopoly
Nothing - Tired of Tomorrow
Nothing But Thieves - Nothing But Thieves
Nots - Cosmetic
Notwist, The - Superheroes, Ghostvillains & Stuff
Nudie - Everything's Different in the Night
NxWorries - Yes Lawd!
Oberlin Orchestra/Gil Shaham/Yolanda Kondonassis/Jason Vieaux/Orli Shaham - Ginastera: One Hundred
Oddgrad - Propaganda Propaganda
Odonis Odonis - Post Plague
Off World - 1
Oh Pep! - Stadium Cake
Ohal - Acid Park
Okkervil River - Away
Old Cabin - Saturn Return
On Dead Waves - On Dead Waves
Oni - Ironshore
Onsen - Earthquake Weather
Oozing Wound - Whatever Forever
Operators - Blue Wave
Opus Orange - Anatomic
The Orb - Birth
Orchestre National de Lyon - Ravel: L'Heure espagnole / Don Quichotte a Dulcinee
Ornette Coleman - To Whom Who Keeps a Record
Os Tropies - The Soil
Oscar - Cut and Paste
Our Neighbour The King - ONTK
Owen Meany's Batting Stance - Owen Meany's Batting Stance
OY - Space Diaspora
Ozy Reigns - Sunborn
Pack A.D., The - Positive Thinking
Paiste - Oh Ya Eh
Pantha Du Prince - The Triad
Parab Poet And The HipHop Hippies - Parab Poet And The HipHop Hippies
Paranerd - Writ EP
Paris to Kyiv - Fragmenti Remixes
Parks At Night - Bright Red
Parquet Courts - Berlin Got Blurry
Parquet Courts - Human Performance
Parquet Courts - Human Performance
Partybaby - The Golden Age of Bullshit
Patten - PSI
Paul & the Tall Trees - Our Love In The Light
Paul DesLauriers Band, The - Relentless
Paul Dougherty - Keep It In Your Pocket
Paul Fonfara and the Ipsifendus Orchestra - Seven Secrets of Snow
Paul Ong - Broadway Classics
Paul Reddick - Ride the One
Paul Simon - Stranger to Stranger
Paupiere - Jeunes instants
Pavvla - Creatures
Peabody Symphony Orchestra/Adam Walker - Puts: Symphony No. 2
Personal & The Pizzas - Personal & The Pizzas
Pet Sun - Pet Sun
Pete Rock & Smoke Dza - Don't Smoke Rock
Philharmonic Winds OSAKAN - Van der Roost: Spartacus - Poeme Montagnard - Sinfonietta 'Suito Sketches'
Phono d'enfant - Ambrose Psychic
The Pick Brothers Band - Blue Days EP
Pinegrove - Cardinal
Pinner - #3 Demo
Piper Hayes - Goodbye Mister Nice Guy
Pity Sex - White Hot Moon
Pixies - Head Carrier
Pkew Pkew Pkew - Pkew Pkew Pkew
Plaid - The Digging Remedy
Plain as Ghosts - Rendering
Planetary Assault Systems - Arc Angel
Plants and Animals - Waltzed in from the Rumbling
Poliça - United Crushers
The Pooches - Heart Attack
Port Juvee - Crimewave
Pout - Serenity
Prairie Empire - The Salt
Pre Nup - Pre Nup
Preoccupations - Preoccupations
Pretty City - Colorize
Prime Junk - Ladybird EP
Prince - HITNRUN Phase Two
Prince Rama - Xtreme Now
Process, The - Who Is That Mad Band?
Proletariat - Soma Holiday
Provincial Archive - Provincial Archive
Psychics, The - Live at the Graffiti Gallery
Public Animal - Palace Arms
Pup - The Dream Is Over
Pup - The Dream Is Over
Purple Pilgrims - Eternal Delight
Purveyors of Free Will, The - Bridge to Here
Quentin Tolimieri - Piano
Quiet Life - FOGGY
Quilt - Plaza
Quinton Blair - Cash Crop
Radiation Flowers, The - The Radiation Flowers
Radiation Flowers, The - Summer Loop
The Radio Dept. - Running Out Of Love
Radio Radio - Light The Sky
Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool
Railtown Sound System - Railtown Sound System
Rampant Lion - Endless Night Nameless City
Ravencult - Force of Profanation
Ray Lamontagne - Ouroboros
Razteria - Aventurera
Re/Gen - Re/Gen
Red Dirt Skinners - Behind the Wheel
Redrick Sultan - Fly as a Kite
Regina Spektor - Remember Us to Life
Remedies, The [CAN] - The Remedies
Renee Lamoureux - Dare to Be You
Richard Malouin - Bad Joe Rising
Rituals of Mine - Devoted
River Whyless - We All the Light
RJ Comer - Nightly Suicide
Rjd2 - Dame Fortune
Robert Burton Hubele - Sleepy Time King
Robert T - Spectrum
Rock Lake - Rock Lake IV
Rococode - Don't Worry It Will Be Dark Soon
Rolla Olak - Heavy Feather
Ron Hawkins - Spit Sputter and Sparkle
Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters - Maxwell Street
Rooney - Washed Away
Rory Block - Keepin' Outta Trouble: A Tribute to Bukka White
Rosalind - The EP
Royal Canoe - Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit
Royal Red Brigade - On Crimson Shores
Roycebirth - Art On Fire!!
Rudy De Anda - Delay, Cadaver of a Day
Rufus du Sol - Bloom
Rufus Wainwright - Take All My Loves: 9 Shakespeare Sonnets
Run River North - Drinking From A Salt Pond
Running - Wake Up Applauding
Rushden and Diamonds - Rushden and Diamonds Album Sampler
Rust Eden - Apartment Green
Ry X - Dawn
Safe to Say - Down in the Dark
SALES - Jamz
Sam Roberts Band - Terraform
Sam Weber - Valentina Nevada
Samito - Samito
Samiyam - Animals Have Feelings
Santigold - 99 Cents
Sat. Nite Duets - Air Guitar
Sate - RedBlack&Blue
Savages - Adore Life
Sawchuk [CAN] - A Pinch Better
School Damage - Battered Lives
Scythia - Lineage
The Seams - Meet the Seams
sean peever - the eyes of sarah miles
Seattle Symphony - Stravinsky: Petrushka - Debussy: La boîte à joujoux
Seattle Symphony - Stravinsky: The Firebird/Vladimir Nikolaev: The Sinewaveland
Sebastian Owl - Captain Tomorrow & the Dream Orphans
See Through 5 - Margins
See Through 5 - Utilities
See Through Two - Slow Bend
Self Defense Family - Superior
Seratones - Get Gone
Seth Bogart - Seth Bogart
Severed Heads - Stretcher
Sex with Strangers - Discourse
Sexy Fights - Too Far Out
Shabazz Palaces - Live at Third Man Records
The Shacks - The Shacks
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Dim The Lights, Chill The Ham
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Savvy Show Stoppers
Shadowy Men On A Shadowy Planet - Sport Fishin': The Lure Of The Bait, The Luck Of The Hook
Shame Agent - A Prelude To Love
Sharon Minemoto - Safe Travels
Shelles - Carousel
The Shelters - EP
Shhh - Be Quite
Shonn Hinton & Shotgun - Long Live Shotgun
Shotgun Jimmie - Field of Trampolines
Shrimp Ring - Humanity's Last Hope
Sidestepper - Supernatural Love
Sightlines - North
Silkstones, The - Her
Silva - Júpiter
Silver Pools - Memoirs of an Oblong Sphere
Sin Fang - Spaceland
sKiN - money and guns, guitar and drums
Skydiggers - Here Without You
Skye Wallace - Something Wicked
Slaves On Dope - [Horse]
Slow Down Molasses - 100% Sunshine
Slow Hollows - Romantic
Sly Skeeta - Trapezoid
Sløtface - Sponge State EP
Small Glories, The - Wondrous Traveler
Smoky Tiger - Rainbow Tiger
Snake River - Sun Will Rise
The So So Glos - Kamikaze
Softess - Absolute Truth
Sol Sigurdson - The Lake Winnipeg Fisherman
Solids - Else
Son of Dave - Explosive Hits
Sonia Eidse - Sonia Eidse
Sonic Avenues - Disconnector
Sonic Avenues - Disconnector
Soul Mates - Snake Oil
Sound of Ceres - Nostalgia For Infinity
Souns - Ambient A
Sourvein - Aquatic Occult
Spray Paint - Feel the Clamps
St. Tropez - St. Tropez
Stargazer Lilies, The - Door to the Sun
StarWalkers - Everybody's Got Their Own Way
Stay - The Mean Solar Times
Steve Bell - Where the Good Way Lies
Steve Dawson - Solid States and Loose Ends
Steve Gunn, - Eyes On The Lines
Steve Hauschildt - Strands
STEVE HILL - Solo Recordings Volume 3
Steve Reich - Four Organs / Phase Patterns
Steven Page - Heal Thyself Pt.1 Instinct
The Stone That Burns - The Stone That Burns
Strange Froots - blossom this froot for thought
Strumbellas, The - Hope
Su Na - Surface
Submissives, The - Do You Really Love Me?
Suburban Hypocrites - A Proclamation of Self-Defamation
Suicide - Alan Vega Martin Rev
Suicide - Suicide
Sulfur City - Talking Loud
Sumac - What One Becomes
Summer Cannibals - Full of It
Suns Of Thyme - Cascades
Sunshine and The Blue Moon - Welcome to the Future
Suntrodden - I
Suntrodden - II
Supermoon - Playland
Surprise Party - Sh-Shake Your Booty
Susan Rankin - Pagan Lullabies
Suuns - Hold/Still
SwampWolf - The Laconic Bard
Sweet Potato Brown - Sweet Potato Brown
The Switching Yard - Yet Again
Tacocat - Lost Time
Tacocat - Lost Time
TAD - God's Balls (Deluxe Edition)
Tanya Tagaq - Retribution
Tancred - Out of the Garden
Tanglers - Light Slips In
The Tanuki Project - Soundsystem
Tanya Donelly - Swan Song Series
Teen Suicide - It's the Big Joyous Celebration, Let's Stir the Honeypot
TELEGRAM - Operator
Terminal Licks - Terminal Licks
Terry Reid - The Other Side of the River
Thanya Iyer - Do You Dream?
Thee Commons - Loteria Tribal
This Heat - Deceit
This Heat - Health & Efficiency
This Heat - This Heat
Thornetta Davis - Honest Woman
Throws - Throws
Tianwa Yang/Virginia Symphony Orchestra Chorus/Virginia Arts Festival Chamber Players - The Soldier's Tale - Suite/Octet/Les noces
Tianwa Yang; Barcelona Symphony Orchestra - Lalo: Symphonie Espagnole / Manén: Concierto Español
Tim Hecker - Love Streams
Tin Can Bandits - Rushing River
Tom Aldrich - Princes
Tomato Tomato - I Go Where You Go
Tomi Swick - The Yukon Motel
Tommy Hawkins - Amy
Tomoreaux - At Peace, Overlook
Tonton Macoutes - Dinero
Tony Conrad & Faust - Outside the Dream Syndicate
Tony Foster - Project Paradiso: Tony Foster Plays Ennio Morricone and Henry Mancini
Tortoise - The Catastrophist
Tourist - U
Tourist Company, The - Mercury
Towanda - Plaything
Toy - Clear Shot
Tracy K - What's the Rush?
Trampoline - Sometimes a Song is Just a Cigar
Trashcan Sinatras - Wild Pendulum
Trentemoller - Fixion
A Tribe Called Quest - We got it from Here... Thank You 4 Your service
A Tribe Called Quest - We got it from Here... Thank You 4 Your service
A Tribe Called Red - We Are the Halluci Nation
True Love Always - Return of the Wild Style Fashionists
ttwwrrss - ttwwrrss_3
Tuft - Look Look
Tuns - Tuns
Turbo Street Funk - Momentum
Turkwaz - Nazar
Twin - Mooneyesun
Twin Peaks - Down In Heaven
Twist - Spectral
Ty Segall - Emotional Mugger
Ultimate Painting - Live at Third Man Records
Ultra Magnus & DJ Slam! - Magnus Opus
Ultra Mega - Ultra Mega
Unbelievable Bargains, The - Give a Dog a Boner
UnklElephant - Denton Abbey Sessions
UNLOVED - Guilty of Love
Untrained Animals - Obsolescent the Moment You Get It
URBNET - Underground Hip Hop Volume 9
Useless Eaters - Relaxing Death
V2 - The Beginning
Valerie Milot - Orbis
Valiska - Healer
Various Artists - 40 Years of Stony Plain
Various Artists - 2015 Electric Eye Live
Various Artists - Alligator Records 45th Anniversary Collection
Various Artists - Bassments of Badmen 3
Various Artists - Beach Station Blues V
Various Artists - Citr Pop Alliance 4
Various Artists - CiTR Pop Alliance Vol 4
Various Artists - Eccentric Soul: Sitting In The Park
Various Artists - France Rocks Vol. 3
Various Artists - Fresh Baked Blues
Various Artists - The Get Down
Various Artists - God Don't Never Change: The Songs of Blind Willie Johnson
Various Artists - In Tune 2016: New Music from Saskatchewan
Various Artists - Killed by Meth
Various Artists - Loma: A Soul Music Love Affair 1
Various Artists - Loma: A Soul Music Love Affair 2
Various Artists - Loma: A Soul Music Love Affair 3
Various Artists - Loma: A Soul Music Love Affair 4
Various Artists - Love & Records 2016 Live Compilation
Various Artists - Love, Lake Winnipeg: A Tribute to the Songs of Sol Sigurdson
Various Artists - Oh Hi No. 2
Various Artists - PDX Pop Now! 2016
Various Artists - Railtown Sessions Vol 1-4
Various Artists - Signal Tracer
Various Artists - Wayfaring Strangers: Cosmic American Music
Various Artists - WE Variety Pack Vol.1
Veils, The - Total Depravity
Venetian Snares - Traditional Synthesizer Music
VHS - Gift Of Life
Victoria + Jean - Divine Love
Villas - Medicine
vinny's last ride - a little bit crazy
Violent Femmes - We Can Do Anything
Virginia Rodrigues - Fierce for the Night
Viva Non - Pure
Voodoo Jazz - Dig!
Vulva Culture - Hydromorphone & Let's Stay Dead
Wailers - Wailing Wailers
Warpaint - Heads Up
Wax Tailor - By Any Beats Necessary
We Are Wolves - Wrong
Ween - GodWeenSatan: Live
Weir, The - Calmness of Resolve
WET ONES - Wet Ones
Wet Secrets, The - I Can Live Forever E.P.
White Lung - Paradise
White Lung - Paradise
White Lung - Paradise
White Zombie - It Came From N.Y.C.
White Zombie - It Came From N.Y.C.
Whitechapel - Mark of the Blade
Whitehorse - The Northern South Vol. 1
Whoop-Szo - Citizen's Ban(ne)d Radio
Wiclow - Artificial Nature
Wil - (songs)
Wilco - Schmilco
Wild Beasts - Boy King
Will to Power, The - Ambition & Striving
William Burroughs - Call Me Burroughs
Wine Soaked Preachers, The - The Wine Soaked Preachers
Winners Aftershave - Desperate to Please
Wintersleep - The Great Detachment
Wishkicker - Wider Vision
Witchstone / The Death Wheelers - Summon the End / Mind Blowing Trip!!!
Wolf People - Ruins
Woodhawk - Beyond the Sun
Woodland Telegraph - Screendeath Summersong
Woodpigeon - Trouble
Woods - City Sun Eater In The River Of Light
WRAY - Hypatia
Yeasayer - Amen & Goodbye
Yes We Mystic - Forgiver
Yoko Ono & ONO - Yes I'm a Witch Too
You Say Party - You Say Party
Young Magic - Still Life
Young Neighbours - The Landscaper
Young Rival - Strange Light
Young the Giant - Home of the Strange
Yuck - Stranger Things
Zaum - Eidolon
Ziggy Marley - Ziggy Marley
Zones - After Image
Zorgs, The - Chew On It
Zrada Cultural Academy - Legend
Eskimeaux - Year Of The Rabbit