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...And You Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead - X: The Godless Void and Other Stories
2nd Grade - Hit to Hit
Alex Dowling - Reality Rounds
Algiers - There Is No Year
Alison Rose - Golden
Antoine Corriveau - Pissenlit
Arctic Monkeys - Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Atmosphere - Whenever
Audrey Ochoa - Frankenhorn
Austra - HiRUDiN
avett brothers - the third gleam
bad camper - what you love comes along
Barker - Utility
Basia Bulat - Are You In Love?
betty and the kid - queen of the beltane
Big Blood - Do You Wanna Have A Skeleton Dream
Billy Simard - Secret
Black Thunder - La Fine Creata
Black to Comm - Seven Horses For Seven Kings
Blanks [HOL] - Blanks EP
Bleach Day - as if always
Bombay Bicycle Club - Everything Else Has Gone Wrong
Boyo - Where Have All My Friends Gone?
Braids - Shadow Offering
Built To Spill - Built to Spill Plays the Songs of Daniel Johnston
Busty and the Bass - Eddie
Calibro 35 - Momentum
Car Seat Headrest - Making a Door Less Open
Caveboy - Night In The Dark,Kiss In The Dark
A Certain Ratio - ACR Loco
Cole Shway - Sleepwalking
Coolangatta - We Ya Shine
The Dears - Lover's Rock
Death Cassette - GRIM
the Deep Dark Woods - Broadside Ballads vol. 2
Deerhoof - Future Teenage Cave Artists
Des Arcs - thief valley
Destroyer - Have We Met
Detroit Illharmonic Symphony - "there are seven levels"
Double Dovetail - Music For Furniture
The Dream Syndicate - The Universe Inside
Elliott Brood - Keeper
Ernesto Cervini - Tetrahedron
Euglossine - Psaronius
everybody's getting married - jaya
Famous Sandhogs, The - Telma Muskwa
Famous Sandhogs, The - Telma Muskwa 2
Fifty Foot Hose - Bad Trips
fionn - everyone's a critic
Fiver & The Atlantic School of Spontaneous Composition - You Wanted Country? Vol 1
A Girl Called Eddy - Been Around
GoGo Penguin - GoGo Penguin
good kid - good kid 2
Gord Downie - Away Is Mine
Gregory Pepper & His Problems - I Know Now Why You Cry
Gulfer - Gulfer
Half Waif - The Caretaker
Hanni El Khatib - Flight
Heaps - What Is Heaps
Hearing Trees - Hold My Hand EP
Heartbeat City - Tanglespruce
Hyperia - Insanitorium
I Dont Know How But They Found Me - Razzmatazz
ida benna - ida benna
iron tusk & the knot no howz - iron tusk/the know no howz split ep
Jade Hairpins - Harmony Avenue
Jan St Werner - Molecular Medita
Japandroids - Massey Fucking Hall
Jaunt - All in One
jeans degrees - valley of the sun
jehnny beth - to love is to live
Jerry Cans, The - Echoes
jody glenham - mood rock
Joyfultalk - A Seperation Of Being
ken yates - quiet talkers
Kenny Wayne - Go, Just Do It!
Kills, The - Little Bastards
lakeman - progenitor
last birds - last birds
Leah Barley - Bring Out Youyr Dead
Lie - You Want It Real
Liza Anne - Bad Vacation
The Lizards - The Lizards
luka kuplowsky - stardust
MAITA - Best Wishes
makiisma - lady misery
Man Made Hill - Mass Wasting
Marlaena Moore - pay attention be amazed
The Mastersons - No Time for Love Songs
matt beringer - serpentine prison
Merry Christmas - The Night the Night Fell
METZ - Atlas Vending
mipso - mipso
MoFaux - Hollow Heart
The Mountain Goats - getting into knives
Mouthfeel - Mouthfeel
Mr. Elevator & The Brain Hotel - Goodbye, Blue Sky
Mythmaking - The Pit
Naina Jinga - Piano Dreams
Nap Eyes - Snapshot of a Beginner
Negativland - The World Will Decide
Nestor Wynrush - Roxbury & Wooden Legs
Nineteen - Unacknowledged
Norah Jones - Pick Me Up Off the Floor
Oval - Scis
Paige Drobot - Woman / Everything
Pantayo - Pantayo
paul kuzbik - still love
paul mccartney - 3
Pekoe Cat - Menace
Pharis & Jason Romero - Bet On Love
Pinegrove - Marigold
Pip Skid & Rob Crooks - It's OK
Plain as Ghosts - Sleepless Shadow
Pup - this place sucks ass
Quackenbush Country - Again
quit it! - quit it!
Rat Silo - the world is going to end tomorrow
REALiTY GROUP - Music For Fools Vol.1
Rebbeca Foon - Waxing Moon
Robojom - Hollow Body
Ron Miles - Rainbow Sign
Rory Block - Prove It On Me
Rose Cousins - Bravado
Rosie Valland - Blue
sameer cash - this city
Sass Jordan - Rebel Moon Blues
schwey - schwey 2 cybersoul
Scott Hardware - Engel
Sean Burns - It Takes Luck To Get The Best of Me
Shmu - Pure Bliss
Silver Clouds - Silver Clouds
skullpartitionroot - dystopia in pink
Sleaford Mods - All That Glue
Slow Leaves - Shelf Life
spiltmilk - funk side of the moon
Sports Club - Super Athletics
Squrl - Some Music For Robby Muller
Steve Earle & The Dukes - Ghosts of West Virginia
Steve Hill - desert trip
Tami Neilson - Chicka Boom
terminal station - brotherhood
Terra Lightfoot - Consider the Speed
Thom Ryerson - Surreal
Tomato Tomato - It'll Come Around
Tommy and the Commies - Hurtin' 4 Certian
Tops - I Feel Alive
Touching - Isolation Blues
Tough Age - Which Way Am I?
Trampoline - Escher (live)
Trinsicate - Solutions
Two Princes - A Pocketful of Radio
TWRP - Over the Top
Various Artists - ...And You Will Know Us
Various Artists - Blue Circle
Various Artists - Blue Note Re:imagined
Various Artists - CJAM: Live Off the Floor - A Windsor Music Sampler
Various Artists - Homemade Winnipeg - An Isolation Compilation
War Baby - You Are Not Here
Wares - Survival
Wares - Survivial
Waterstreet Blues Band - Talkin About
We Are The City - RIP
Willam St Hugh - Weasels Devour The Sun
William Prince - Gospel First Nation
William Prince - Reliever
Wolf Parade - Thin Mind
Woods - Strange to Explain
Yung Heazy - I Ur Boy
Yves Jarvis - Sundry Rock Song Stock
Zoon - Bleached Wavves