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DJ Spooky - Secret Song (2009)

Track listing:
  1. Intro- The War Of Ideas
  2. 5 Million Ways To Kill A CEO- feat. The Coup
  3. Multiphonic- Feat. rob Swift
  4. Dazed And Confused Dub- feat. The Golden Hornet Project
  5. Measure By Measure- feat. George W. Bush
  6. The Secret Song- feat. Jing Zhou
  7. Myxamatosis
  8. Where I'm At- feat. Zimbabwe Legit and Mike G. of The Jungle Brothers
  9. L'Autre- Feat. The Golden Hornet Project
  10. Heliocentric- feat. Peter Gordon
  11. Azadi (The New Complexity)- feat. Sussan Deyhim
  12. Composite Refraction Drum Solo
  13. Pax Per fidem- Feat. Post Modern jazz Quartet
  14. Iago's Lament- Feat. Vijay Iyer
  15. Known Unkowns- Feat. Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth and Mike Ladd
  16. Salt Satyagraha- Feat. Abdul Smooth
  17. Point- Counterpoint
  18. No Quarter- Feat The Golden Hornet Project
  19. Cognitiva- Feat. Emah Fox , The Golden Hornet Project
  20. Duality