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Unwed Sailor - The Marionette and the Music Box (2003)

Track listing:
  1. Morning in the Forest
  2. Marionette's Cottage
  3. Cuckoo Clocks. The Call of the Windmill
  4. Windmill's Tale of the Music Box Floats Through the Air. Riding the Win
  5. Music Box
  6. In Search of the Music Box
  7. Meeting of the Marionette and the Music Box
  8. Floating Waltz
  9. At Peace in the Forest
  10. Asleep in the Forest
  11. Behold! The Unicorn
  12. Distraction. A Conflict of Interest. Enchanted by the Unicorn
  13. Separation. A Hopeless Pursuit
  14. Lost and Alone
  15. Return to Open Arms
  16. Embrace
  17. Jubilee