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Nomos Duo - Mendelssohn: Complete Works for Violin and Piano (2001)

Track listing:
  1. Son in F: Allegro Vivace
  2. Son in F: Adagio
  3. Son in F: Assai Vivace
  4. Son in f, Op.4: Adagio-Allegro Moderato
  5. Son in f, Op.4: Poco Adagio
  6. Son in f, Op.4: Allegro Agitato
  7. Son in F: Allegro
  8. Son in F: Andante
  9. Son in F: Presto
  10. Movt in g
  11. Andante in d
  12. Fugue in d
  13. Fugue in c
  14. Alegro in C