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1-speed bike - someone told me life gets easier in your 50's (2005)

Track listing:
  1. el gallito intro 2:40
  2. there's an oil tanker named condoleeza rice 2:19
  3. bleeched bumbaclot warning 3:02
  4. if you were a mcdonalds, your lips would be an orange soda, but your dick would be a shriveled-up fry 1:35
  5. klootzak keizer intro 1:09
  6. vanilla ice corrals his pet wallaroo, bucky, into a trailer after it, and his goat pal honcho, escaped from a relative's home 2:54
  7. 8 months stuck in a shipping container with 12 jehovah's witnesses 5:38
  8. from the time you're born they make you feel so small 5:44
  9. cats don't judge people do 6:09
  10. some people know how to roll when they fall off a bike (hrsta remix) 3:14
  11. my dick is this small because it's -40 degrees f 4:49
  12. the ground is really unforgiving when you fall (hrsta remix) 4:52
  13. shoving the guardian up my ass while binge drinking with a hoodie on 4:47
  14. will death stop lenny kravitz's ego? 5:54
  15. easy e white house dinner menu problem 5:59