Temple of Sound

Jazz, Pop/Rock, Roots

A sixty-minute, mostly-musical, melodious morning mélange brought to you by Kits Temple. Easing you gently into Saturday and the weekend… or possibly waking everyone UP!! with a vigourous shake, rattle, and ‘that’s how we roll’! Sometimes. “Sometimes this, sometimes that,” – our temple mantra.

Folk, pop, jazz, R&B, world, traditional, show tunes, acoustic, alternative, composers, singers, sinners, saints, indie, local, the ‘twenties thru the ‘eighties (plus or minus), spoken word, utter foolishness, and meaning(ful/less) variety: please expect the unexpected. An hour ‘for the ages’ — as Temple’s an all-ages program, and immerses listeners in the flowing, anointing stream of music’s stages and ages! As Templar-Librarian, Kits is sworn to Serve & Protect & Tech & Preserve: namely, spin (discs) off on tangents, manage Records ‘n’ Archives, dip regularly into the Bargain Biscuit Bin, and continue to insist there are really just TWO types of music.

Weekly we gather at the Temple’s Altar of Music and Words* — comfy-cozy on Saturday mornings, just after Ron Robinson & Carol McKibben’s eclectic Saturday Morning Show (6-8am), and just before (especially for children) Mud Puddle Radio (9-11am). At our “Library of the Air” Theme Park tucked away up here in the hidden corners of the Temple, Kits’ Temple of Sound at the University of Winnipeg #ckuw.ca, we pause to refresh at the intersection of relaxation and excitement.

Joining this Temple is a sound decision. Drop by Temple soon, come back often, and reflect upon the universe a while with us — or upon the universal language, at least!

  • Equally effective whether you’re behind the wheel, before your scone and tea, or still beneath a blanket!

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