Album Review :: REALiTY GROUP :: Music For Fools Vol. 1

by Myles Tiessen

After years of demos and high energy performances, REALiTY GROUP now releases into the wild a pure animalistic album, Music For Fools Vol. 1. Containing a certain level of abrasiveness that will bring your blood to a boil and enough animation to demand attention. This album will bring you into a familiar, yet contemporary form of punk.

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by Isabella Soares

Times like these are truly unprecedented. Despite the cancellation of anticipated summer festivals and the closure of concert venues, Winnipeg based-band LLUX decided to remedy the chaos with the release of their debut album The Drive

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Strange Times :: Local Venues and COVID-19

by Chris Bryson

When COVID-19 started taking its hold on a global scale, it was soon enough that festivals and venues would be cancelling their plans and closing their doors. On Monday March 16th, COVID-19’s impact on our long-term lives was further solidified as venue after venue posted to their online followers that they were closing, postponing, cancelling, getting ready for some major changes and challenges.

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Live Music in a Socially Isolated World

by Ryan Haughey

In these ever-uncertain times of isolation, musicians and artists are taking a big hit. Due to the kiboshing of social gathering, live shows and yearly festivals are being cancelled left and right, and we are all itching to experience music as a community once again. From shows at the Handsome Daughter to jam nights at the Times Changed, our community is struggling to feel the togetherness that live music brings to our city. 

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