Mac DeMarco :: No straight talk here…



by Gil Carroll

With the release of his new, overwhelmingly fresh and catchy LP, Salad Days, Mac DeMarco has been dragged into the indie music spotlight with force. He’s been told to stay there, take countless interviews with every music blog in North America and Europe, sing some songs to sold out crowds all over the world, tell jokes and do funny dances. With so much coverage and a frenzy of hip kids surrounding Mac at this point, what else is left to be said? Continue reading “Mac DeMarco :: No straight talk here…”

Ghost Beach – Blonde


Deep within a Brooklyn warehouse:

“Guys, I’ve got a really creative idea for a band. Okay, we’re going to combine wishy-washy synthesizer reminiscent of an imagined ‘80s childhood that we failed to experience, with an aesthetic that encapsulates the style of the ‘80s without looking like anything from the ‘80s! It’s a very relaxing sound, vaguely similar to the new wave music my dad likes. You can chill out while listening to it. Perhaps it’s… chillwave?” Continue reading “Ghost Beach – Blonde”

Secret Colours – Positive Distractions Parts I & II


Originating from the Windy City of Chicago, Secret Colours are set to release the newest version of their psych-pop sound in the form of a double-EP, Positive Distractions Parts I & II, their third and fourth efforts after 2010’s eponymous debut and 2013’s Peach. Having slimmed down to a four-piece from the sextet that graced the previous two releases, the band looks to put together a “leaner, meaner” sound.
Continue reading “Secret Colours – Positive Distractions Parts I & II”