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((Pressures)) & Roladex - Split 7 inch
Andres del Castillo & Robert Leroux - We Will Remember
Jim Cameron & Rebecca Zolkower - Wet Dog and Green b/w Ribbon/September
mikedecline & Ryan Stinson - Record Store Day 2013
Oren Ambarchi & Robin Fox - Connected
Pearl Jam & R.E.M. - Happy When I'm Crying/Live For Today
Pip Skid & Rob Crooks - It's OK
R & B Cadets - Top Happy
R. Stevie Moore & Jason Falkner - Make It Be
R.A. Lautenschlager - Home for christmas
R.A. The Rugged Man - Legends Never Die
R.B. Morris - Take That Ride
R.E.M. - Accelerate
R.E.M. - Around the Sun
R.E.M. - Automatic For The People
R.E.M. - Automatic For The People (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
R.E.M. - Collapse Into Now
R.E.M. - In Time: The Best of R.E.M. 1988-2003
R.E.M. - Lifes Rich Pageant
R.E.M. - Monster
R.E.M. - Murmur
R.E.M. - R.E.M.: Document (25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition)
R.E.M. - Reveal
R.E.M. - Unplugged 1991/2001: The Complete Sessions
R.K.L. [Rich Kids on LSD] - Riches to Rags
R.L. Burnside - Burnside on Burnside
R.L. Burnside - Wish I Was in Heaven Sitting Down
R.O.C. - R.O.C.
R.R. - Knowing Through the Motions
Ra Ra Riot - Beta Love
Ra Ra Riot - Orchard
Ra Ra Riot - Superbloom
Rab McCullough - Belfast Blues
Rabbi Darkside - Prospect Avenue
Rabbit Wilde - Southern Winters EP
Rabid Crab - Crab Trapping
The rabid whole - Autraumaton
Rabih Abou-Khalil - Journey To The Centre Of An Egg
Race - Race
Race - Race
Race, The - If You Can
Racebannon - In the Grips of the Light
Racer Ten - Melodies & Memories
Racer Ten - The World of Tomorrow
Racetrack - City Lights
Rachael Sage - Illusion's Carnival
Rachel Barton Pine, Matthew Hagle - Violin Lullabies
Rachel Des Bois - Au Coeur Des Foyers
Rachel Harrington - Celilo Falls
Rachel Harrington - City of Refuge
Rachel Kane - All in a Dream
Rachel Kane - Unravelling
Rachel Ries - Ghost of a Gardener
Rachel Sermanni - Black Currents
Rachel Wall - No Idea
Rachel Zeffira - The Deserters
Rachel's - Selenography
Rachel's, Matmos - Full on Night
Rachelle Ferrell - Individuality (Can I Be Me?)
Rachelle Ferrell - Live in Montreaux 91-97
Rachid - Prototype
Rachid Taha - Diwan
Racoon Bandit - Close Your Eyes
Racoon Wedding - Dead Raccoon on the Side of the Room
Racoon Wedding - Onondaga
Radar Brothers - And the Surrounding Mountains
Radar Brothers - Eight
Radian - Chimeric
Radian - Juxtaposition
Radian - Rec.Extern
Radiant Dissonance - An Audio Art Radio Series
Radiate - Alien Invasion
Radiation City - The Hands That Take You
Radiation Flowers, The - II
Radiation Flowers, The - The Radiation Flowers
Radiation Flowers, The - Summer Loop
Radical Face - The Family Tree: The Branches
Radical Face - Therapy
Radio Berlin - Sister Sounds
Radio Birdman - The Essential Radio Birdman (1974-1978)
Radio Birdman - Zeno Beach
Radio Dept. - Lesser Matters
Radio Dept. - Passive Aggressive: Singles 2002–2010
The Radio Dept. - Running Out Of Love
Radio Free Universe - Casa Del Diablo
Radio I-Ching - Last Kind Words
Radio I-Ching - No Wave au Go Go
Radio Moscow - The Great Escape Of Leslie Magnafuzz
Radio Moscow - Radio Moscow
Radio Radio - Belmundo Regal
Radio Radio - Ej feel zoo
Radio Radio - Havre de Grace
Radio Radio - Light The Sky
Radioblaster - Listen Closer
Radioblaster - sugar-shock
Radioblaster - sugar-shock
Radiogram - All the Way Home
Radiogram - Unbetween
Radiohead - Amnesiac
Radiohead - The Bends
Radiohead - College EP
Radiohead - Hail To The Thief
Radiohead - I Might Be Wrong: Live Recordings
Radiohead - Kid A
Radiohead - King of Limbs
Radiohead - A Moon Shaped Pool
Radiohead - My Iron Lung
Radiohead - Optimistic
Radioinactive - The Akashic Record
RadioOne - ...Transit Radio, Observed
Radiopuhelmimet - Hygiene
Radish - Restraining Bolt
Radius & Helena - Precious Metals
Radkey - Devil Fruit
Rae & Christian - Nocturnal Activity
Rae & Christian - Sleepwalking
Rae Spoon - bodiesofwater
Rae Spoon - I Can't Keep All Of Our Secrets
Rae Spoon - Love Is A Hunter
Rae Spoon - Mental Health
Rae Spoon - My Prairie Home
Rae Spoon - Superior You Are Inferior
Rae Spoon - White Hearse Comes Rolling
Rae Spoon - Your Trailer Door
Rae Spoon & Rodney Decroo - Trucker's Memorial
Raekwon - Immobilarity
Rafael & Energia Dominicana - Enamorarse En La Playa
Rafael Puyana - Bach: Six Partitas from the Clavier-Ubung I (1731)
Rafe & Clelia Stefanini - Lady on the Green
Raffi - Raffi's Box of Sunshine
Rafi Malkiel - Water
Rafter - 10 songs
Rafter - Music for Total Chickens
Rage Againest The Machine - Evil Empire
Rage Against The Machine - Bombtrack Demo
Rage Against The Machine - Bullet In The Head Single (Promo)
Rage Against The Machine - Live At The Grand Olympic Auditorium
Ragenz - Ragenz
Raggadeath - Raggadeath
Ragged But Right - Down Harmony Road
Raggedy Angry - How I Learned To Love Our Robot Overlords
Raging Hormones - Smooch
Raging Speedhorn - Before The Sea Was Built
Raging Speedhorn - How The Great Have Fallen
Rah Rah - Going Steady
Rah Rah - Poet's Dead
Rah Rah - Rahmixes
Rah Rah - Vessels
Raheem - The Vigilante
Rahel Kane - Groundwire
rahsaan barber - everyday magic
Railroad Earth - Bird in a House
Railroad Jerk - We Understand
Railtown Sound System - Railtown Sound System
Rain Machine - Rain Machine
Rain Over St. Ambrose - Truth For News
Rain Pver St Ambrose - Overton Window
Rainboard - Over Thunder Hill
Rainboys - Robit (cassette)
Raincoats - Looking in the Shadows
Raindog - A`Killing in the Ketchup Field
Raine Hamilton - Night Sky
Raine Hamilton - Past Your Past
Rainer - 8000 Feet Up
The Rainkings - Down in the Shambles
The Rainmakers - Skin
Rainside - Rainside
Raised By Swans - Codes and Secret Longing
Raised Fist - Dedication
Raised Fist - Ignoring the Guidelines
Raised Fist - Sound of the Republic
Raising the Fawn - By the Warmth of Your Flame
Raising the Fawn - Maginot Line
Raising The Fawn - The North Sea
Raising the Fawn - Sleight of Hand
Raito - Rock the Water
rakam - beacheffort
Rake's Progress, The - Rake's Progress, The
Rake-Star - Rake
Rake-Star - Some Ra
The Rakes - Capture/Release
Raking in the Pinecones - Raking in the Pinecones (cassette)
Raleigh - New Times in Black and White
Raleigh - Powerhouse Bloom
Raleigh - Sun Grenades & Grenadine Skies
Raleigh Moncrief - Watered Lawn
Ralf Buschmeyer - Jazzspeak: 3 Meetings with a Common Language
Ralph - Coffee Jazz & Poetry
Ralph - Sophisticated Boom Boom
Ralph Boyd Johnson - Dyin to Go
Ralph Boyd Johnson - Olmypia 66
Ralph Carney - I Like You (A Lot)
Ralph Carney's Serious Jass Project - Seriously
Ralph Lalama Quartet - Energy Fields
Ralph Myerz and the Jack Herren Band - Special Album
Ralph Pretz - hold That Thought
Ralph van Raat - Rzewski: Four Pieces
Ram Dass & Kriece - Cosmix
Ramasutra - The East Infection
Ramblers, The - Bourbon Street to Broadway
Rambli Jack Elliott - A Stranger Here
The Ramblin Valley Band - Farm Days
Ramblin' Ambassadors, The - Avanti
Ramblin' Ambassadors, The - Vista Cruiser Country Squire
Ramblin' Jack Elliot - I Stand Alone
Rambling Dan and the Dylanaires - Deal with the Devil
Rambling Dan Frechette - Nothing to Lose But the Blues
Rambling Dan Frechette - A Tease Done Bluegrass
Ramin Karimloo - Human Heart
Rammstein - Live Aus Berlin
Rammstein - Live Aus Berlin Disc 2
Rammstein - Reise, Reise
Rammstein - Sehnsucht
Ramoms - Teacher's Pet
Ramona Borthwick - One Of Us
Ramones - Adios Amigos!
Ramones - End of the Century
Ramones - Poison Heart
Rampant Lion - Endless Night Nameless City
The Ramparts - Desecration and Delight
Ramsey Lewis and his Electric Band - Taking Another Look
Ramón Lopez Quartet - Songs of the Spanish Civil War
Ranarim - Till the Light of Day
Ranch Writers - Ranch Writers
Rancid - ... And Out Come the Wolves
Rancid - Rancid
Randall Cousins - Murder on the Ice-Train
Randall Paskemin - Emotions: Cree Round Dance Songs
Randall Smith - L'oreille Voit
Randall Smith - Sondes
Random Axe - Random Axe
Random Damage - Human Flytrap
Random Inc. - Jerusalem: Tales Outside the Framework Orthodoxy
Random Inc. - Walking in Jerusalem
Random Killing - Re-issued
Random Killing - Thoughts Of Aggression
Random Killing - Urine the 90s Now
Random Killing - Welcome...
Random Logic - Numrebs
Random Order - Not a Perfect World
Random Recipe - Kill the Hook
Random Touch - Hammering on Moonlight
Random Touch - A Parade of Dusty Hobos
Randwiches - What Year
Randy - Cheater
Randy - The Human Atom Bombs
Randy - Randy the Band
Randy - Welfare Problems
Randy - You Can't Keep a Good Band Down
Randy Bachman - JazzThing
Randy Bachman, New Guitar Summit - Jazzthing II
Randy Brecker - Into the Sun
Randy Crawford & Joe Sample - No Regrets
Randy Howard - I Rest My Case
Randy Ingram - The Road Ahead
Randy Kaplan - Mr. Diddie Wah Diddie
Randy Mac - Of Novel Soul
Randy Plus 2 - Rockin' Racin' & Cruisin'
Randy Sandke - Awakening
Randy Sandke - Randy Sandke Meets Bix Beiderbecke
Randy Weston - Ancient Future/Blue
Randypeters - Independence Day
Randypeters, The - Randypeters, The
Ranee Lee - Deep Song: A Tribute to Billie Holiday
Ranee Lee - Ranee Lee Lives Upstairs
Ranee Lee - You Must Believe In Swing: Fea
Ranee Lee Oliver Jones - Just You, Just Me
Rani Arbo, Daisy Mayhem - Cocktail Swing
Rankin Family, The - Endless Seasons
The Rankin Family - Fare Thee Well Love
The Rankin Family - North Country
Ranking Dread - Ranking Dread In Dub
Ranking Joe - Zion High
Raoul and the Big Time - Hollywood Blvd
Raoul and the Big Time - You My People
Raoul Björkenheim - Ecstasy
Rapider Than Horsepower - Rapider Than the World
Rapider Than Horsepower - Stage Fright, Stage Fright
Rappin' 4-Tay - 4 Tha Hard Way
The Rapsody - Overture
Raptile & Roger Rekless - Da Basilisk's Eye
Raptors - Raptors
Rapture, The - Echoes
The Rapture - Pieces of the People We Love
Raquel Bitton - Sings Edith Piaf
Rare Earth - In Concert
Rare Monk - A Future
rarity - the longest lonesome
Ras Kagiso Mpala - Expressions of Afrikan Peace
Ras Kass - Rasassination
Ras Kass, B Real, Dirty Rat, Kam Tash - Still More Bounce
Rascalz - Blind Wid da Science
Rascalz - Cash Crop
Rascalz - Global Warning
Rascalz - Promotional Compilation
Rascalz - Really Livin'
Rascalz - Really Livin' / Funky Migraine
Rasco - Escape from Alcatraz
Rashied Ali & Louie Belogenis - The Rings of Saturn
Raspberry Bulbs - Privacy
Rasputina - Frustration Plantation
Rasputina - The Lost & Found
Rasputina - Thanks for the Ether
Rasputina - Transylvanian Regurgitations
RasTamils - Friend
RasTamils - It's a Dream
RasTamils - RasTamils
Rat Silo - doubleplussungood
Rat Silo - Great Northern Way, The
Rat Silo - the world is going to end tomorrow
Ratatat - Classics
Ratatat - LP3
Ratatat - LP4
Ratatat - Magnifique
Ratchet Orchestra - Hemlock
Rational - The Birthwrite LP
Rational Youth - Call Me
Rational Youth - Heredity
Rational Youth - Rational Youth
Ratking - So It Goes
Rats for Friends - "Say Cheese" (cassette)
Ratt - Infestation
RatTail - RatTail
Rattled Roosters - Rattled Roosters
Rattled Roosters - Young and modern
Rattlesnake Choir - Live Music
Ratwurst - Ratwurst
Raul Lovisoni & Francesco Messina - Prati Bagnati Del Monte Analogo
Raul Malo - Today
Raul Midón - Synthesis
Raulin Rodriguez - Corazon, Corazon
Raury - All We Need
Rave-ups - Book of Your Regrets
Rave-ups - Chance
ravel - orchestra works 1
Ravencult - Force of Profanation
Raveonettes, The - Chain Gang of Love
The Raveonettes - In & Out of Control
The Raveonettes - Lust Lust Lust
The Raveonettes - Observator
The Raveonettes - Pe'ahi
The Raveonettes - Pe'ahi
Raveonettes, The - Pretty in Black
The Raveonettes - Raven In The Grave
Raveonettes, The - Whip It On
Ravi Coltrane - Blending Times
Raving Mojos - The Last Rock and Roll Show Ever!!!
Raw - 3.14
RAW FUN - Won’T Be Told
Raw Power - After Your Brain
Raw Stylus - Pushing Against the Flow
The Raws - D.D.D.D.Y.
Ray and the Rockets Condo - Swing Brother Swing
Ray Barretto - The Essential Ray Barretto
Ray Barretto - The Message
Ray Bonneville - Goin' by Feel
Ray Bonneville - Gust of Wind
Ray Brown Jr - Friends and Family
Ray Brown, Monty Alexander, Russell Malone - Ray Brown / Monty Alexander / Russell Malone
Ray Charles - Modern Sounds in Country and Western Music
Ray Chen - Tchaikovsky and Mendelssohn: Violin Concertos(2012)
The Ray Gelato Giants - The Men From Uncle
Ray Isaacs - Been in L.A.
Ray Isaacs - Double Phase Guitar
Ray Lamontagne - Ouroboros
Ray Lema - Nangadeef
Ray Levier - Ray's Way
Ray Manzarek & Roy Rogers - Translucent Blues
Ray May - Syringes in Paradise
Ray Vega - Boperation
Ray Vega & Thomas Marriott - East-West Trumpet Summit
Ray Wonder - New Kind of Love
Ray Wylie Hubbard - Eternal and Lowdown
Ray Wylie Hubbard - Growl
Rayburns - Operate
The Raygun Cowboys - Cowboy Up!
Raygun Cowboys, The - Raygun Cowboys
Raymond Byron & The White Freighter - Little Death Shaker
Raymond Scott - Manhattan Research, Inc.
Raymond Scott - Microphone Music
Rayon Beach - This Looks Serious
Rayovaq - Tendency To Sway
Raz Mesinai - The Unspeakable
Razor - Exhumed - Disc One
Razor - Exhumed - Disc Two
Razor - Violent Restitution - LP
Razorbacks - Live a Little
Razoreater - Razoreater
Razteria - Aventurera
RB Stone - Lonesome Traveler's Blues
Rcola - Dubfutura
Rcola - Interim Sessions
Rcola - Shineola
RCOLA - Two-Byte hustler
Re-mains - Courage... and shuffle the cards
Re/Gen - Re/Gen
Re: - Alms
Rea Beaumont - A Conversation Piece
Reach the Sky - Friends, Lies, and the End of the World
React! - The Sounds That I’ve Heard/Only Living For You
Readable Ink - A Journey West
Ready Or Not - Ready Or Not 2
Readymade - All The Plans Resting
Readymade - Dramatic Balanced
Readymade - On Point and Red
Readymade - Readymade
Readymades, The - Play Their Hearts Out
Real Boys - Real Boys EP
The Real Deal - Fun
Real Deal, The - Waiting for the Wave
Real Estate - Atlas
Real Estate - Atlas
Real Estate - Days
Real Juan - Robotica
Real Marriage - The God
Real Marriage - Let Them Greet Punk
The Real McKenzies - 10,000 Shots
The Real McKenzies - Clash of the Tartans
Real McKenzies, The - Loch'd & Loaded
Real McKenzies, The - Westwinds
Real Tuesday Weld, The - I, Lucifer
The Real Tuesday Weld - L' Amour et la Morte
Real Tuesday Weld, The - The Last Werewolf: A Soundtrack
The Real Tuesday Weld - The London Book of the Dead
Real Tuesday Weld, The - Where Psyche Meets Cupid
The Real Tuesday Wells - L'Amour Et La Morte
REALiTY GROUP - Music For Fools Vol.1
Reality Sandwich - Dejeuner s'il vous plait
Really Red - Teaching You the Fear: Complete Collection 1978-85
Reason - Letters on Paper
Reason, The - Ravenna
Reason, The - Fools
Reasoner - Look Within
Reatards - Grown Up Fucked Up
Rebaelliun - Burn the Promised Land
Rebbeca Foon - Waxing Moon
Rebecca - Two Variations
Rebecca Campbell, Justin Haynes - The Sweetest Noise
Rebecca Campbell, Justin Haynes - Tug [IMPORT]
Rebecca Cline & Hilary Noble - Enclave Disaspora
Rebecca Coupe Franks - Two Oceans
Rebecca Gates - Ruby Series
Rebecca Jenkins - Blue Skies
Rebecca Kragnes - Golden
Rebecca Kragnes - Joyful Noel
Rebecca Oswald - Aesop's Fable
Rebecca Timmons - Rebecca Timmons
Rebecca Timmons - The Turing Event
Rebecca West - burners on
Rebecca west - Six more weeks of winter
Rebecca West - Six More Weeks of Winter EP
Rebekah Higgs - Little Voice
Rebekah Higgs - Odd Fellowship
Rebekah Higgs - Rebekah Higgs
Rebekah Higgs - Sha-La-La
Rebel MC - Double Trouble
Rebel MC - Rebel Music
The Rebel Set - How to Make a Monster
Rebel Spell, The - Days of Rage
Rebel Spell, The - It's A Beautiful Future
Rebel Spell, The - Last Run
Rebel Yell - Greatest Hits
Rebel Yell - Radio Jams!
Rebel Zone, The - Queen Street West
Rebirth Brass Band - Rebirth of New Orleans
Rebuild/Repair - Arson Awareness Day
Rebuild/Repair - Relics
Rebuild/Repair - Summary
Rebuilthangartheory - Rival of the Cold
Rec Centre - Dealer to the Stars
Receiver - Chicken Milk
Receiver, The - All Burn
Reception - Does It Keep You Awake?
Rechenzentrum - Director's Cut
The Reckless Heroes - Dark Times
Reckless Kelly - Bulletproof
Reckless Kelly - Under the Table and Above the Sun
Record of the Week Club - Weeks 1-11
Record Of The Week Club - Weeks 1-16
Recovered - Recovered
Red - The Fabulous Mushman
Red Allen, Frank Wakefield - The Folkways Years: 1964-1983
Red Ants - Omega Point
RED ARMS - Critical State
Red Army - Red Army (cassette)
Red Aunts - #1 Chicken
Red Autumn Fall - <<departure
Red Baraat - Chaal Baby
Red Baraat - Sound the People
red blanket - A southern Manitoba murder of crows
Red City Anthem - Red City Anthem
Red Devils - King King
Red Dirt Skinners - Behind the Wheel
Red Dog - Hard Times
Red Dons - death to idealism
Red Dress - The Collection - Studio
Red Dress - The`Collection - Live
The Red Elvises - Better Than Sex
The Red Elvises - Grooving to the Moscow Beat
Red Fetish - A Derangement of Synapses
Red Fisher - War Wagon
Red Herring - Taste Tests
Red Holloway - Go Red Go
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Californication
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Mothers Milk
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Out In L.A.
Red Hot Chili Peppers - What Hits!?
Red House Painters - Songs For A Blue Guitar
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus - Lonely Road
Red June - Remember Me Well
Red Level Eleven - Fort Seduction
Red Light District - Red Light District (Cassette)
Red Martian - Retrailing
Red Martian - Slow Motion Samurai
red medicine - s/t
Red Moon Road - Red Moon Road
Red Moon Road - Red Moon Road
Red Moon Road - Sorrows and Glories
Red Not Evil - Everywhere, Canada
Red Orkestra - After The Wars
Red Orkestra - Life With The Machines
Red Painted Red - I Am Nothing
Red Ram - Land Of Dreams
Red Ram - Stars Ablaze
Red Red Meat - Red Red Meat
Red Red Meat - There's a Star Above the Manger Tonight
Red Room - Le Paradis
Red Seed - Feel
Red Shag Carpet - Lift & Drop
Red Shag Carpet - Red Shag Carpet
Red Siren - Several Ways To Oblivion
Red Snapper - Red Snapper
Red Square Black - Square
Red Stars Theory - Life in a Bubble Can Be Beautiful
Red Stars Theory - Red Stars Theory
Red Thread, The - Tension Pins
Red Vox - Another Light
Redd Kross - Born Innocent
Redd Kross - Researching the Blues
Redd Kross - Show World
Redd Kross - Visionary E.P. # 2
Redgy Blackout - Meet you on the other side
Redman - Doc's Da Name 2000
Redman - Muddy Waters
Redman - Time 4 Sum Aksion
Redman - Tonight's Da Night
Redman - Whut? Thee Album
Rednex - Sex & Violins (cassette)
Redondo Beat - Meet
Redress - Gorgon
Redrick Sultan - Fly as a Kite
Redrick Sultan - Redrick Sultan
Redrick Sultan - s/t
Redrick Sultan - Trolling for answers
Reds - Sign of Four
Redsayno - Redsayno
Redscare, The - The Redscare
Redsugar - w/ St. Eustache
Reducers - Let's Go!
Reduction Plan - (Ae) Maeth
The Redwalls - De Nova
Reef - Glow
Reef - Replenish
Reefill - Reefill
Reel Big Fish - Cheer Up!
Reel Big Fish - Greatest Hit...and more
Reel Big Fish - Where Have You Been
Reel Big Fish - Why Do They Rock So Hard?
Reels - Reels
Reese Van Riper - Revelation
The Reflections - Limerence
Reformed Society - Food For Thought
The Refreshments - The Bottle & Fresh Horses
The Refreshments - Fizzy Fuzzy Big And Buzzy
Refuel - Touch
Refused - Freedom
Refused - New noise theology EP [Single-CD]
Refused - Shape Of Punk To Come
Refused - Songs To Fan The Flames Of Discontent
Refused - War Music
Reg Schwager Trio - Resonance
Reg. E. Gaines - Please Don't Take My Air Jordans
Regal Dime - Shebonics
Regards, The - The Regards
Reggae Cowboys - Rock Steady Rodeo
Reggae Cowboys - Tell The Truth
Reggie & the Full Effect - Under the Tray
Regicide - Strawman
Regina - Soita Mulle
Regina Spektor - Far
Regina Spektor - Live In London
Regina Spektor - Remember Us to Life
Regina Spektor - Soviet Kitsch
Regina Spektor - Soviet Kitsch
Regina Spektor - What We Saw from the Cheap Seats
Regurgitator - Tu-Plang
Rehab Club - Crazy Man's Heaven
Reigning Sound - Shattered
Reigns - The House on the Causeway
Reijo - When The World Starts Again
Rel McCoy - Gas Money
Rel McCoy - Golden
Rel!g!on - Revelationz I
Relatives - Don't Let Me Fall b/w Leave Something Worthwhile
Relic - The Green Light
Relic - Miles To Go
Relient K - Let It Snow Baby... Let It Reindeer
Religious to Damn - Glass Prayer
Relish - No Dice
Remain - Died A Hero
Rembetika Hipsters - Kafeneion
Remedies, The [CAN] - The Remedies
Remi Bolduc Jazz Ensemble - Homage a Charlie Parker
Remixed: Abstract Beats - Twilight Circus Dub Sound System
Remora - Scars Bring Hope
Remote Viewers, The - The Minimum Programme of Humanity
The Remote Viewers - Persuasive with Aliens
Removal - Removal
Remy - Remy
Remy Belanger De Beauport - D'eclisses
Remy Zero - Remy Zero
Rena Sharon, Scott St. John - Salon parisien
Renagde - Part 1
Renann - Renann
Renata Zeiguer - Old Ghost
Renaud Garcia Fons Trio - Arco luz
Renaud Garcia-Fons - Entremundo
Rene Lopez - E.L.S.
Rene Lussier - Solos de Guitare Electrique
RENE YOXON&RENE GELY - Let's call it a day
Renee Asteria - Razteria
Renee Fleming/Munchner Philharmoniker - four Last Songs
Renee Lamoureux - Dare to Be You
Renee Lamoureux - I Fall for You
Renee Rosnes - Art & Soul
Renee Rosnes - With a Little Help From My Friends
Renegade - Cool & Easy
Renny Wilson - Punk Explosion
Renny Wilson - Punk Explosion/Extension
Renny Wilson - Sugarglider
Renolds Jazz Orchestra - Cube
Rentals, The - Lost in Alphaville
The Rentals - Return of the Rentals (Promo Only)
Rented Mule - Rented Mule
Rentrer en Soi - Karasu Iro no Taiji
Reo Speedwagon - You can tune a piano but you can't tuna fish
Repeat Repeat - Floral Canyon
Replacements - Don't Tell a Soul
Replacements - Hootenanny
Replacements - Pleased to Meet Me
Replacements - Tim
Replicant Rumba Rockers-a Rather Interesing Mix - Replicant Rumba Rockers: A Rather Interesing Mix
Replicants - Replicants
Report Suspicious Activity - Destroy All Evidence
Report Suspicious Activity - Report Suspicious Activity
Reprazent, Roni Size - In the Mode
Reptaliens - FM-2030
Reptile Palace Orchestra - We Know You Know
Reptile Youth - Reptile Youth
Republic of Champions - Notice of Termination
Republic of Safety - Passport Passeport
republic of safety - vacation
Republica - Ready to Go
Repulsive Bile - It All Comes Out in Chunks
Req - Car Paint Scheme
Requiem - Government Denies Knowledge
Res - How I Do
Rescue Junction - Rescue Junction
RESET - No Limits
Reset - No Worries
Resident Alien - Mr. Boops
Residents - Residue of the Residents
Residents - Santa Dog
Resin Scraper - Heard Mentality
Resin Scraper - Resin Scraper
The Resistance - Revenge on the Riverside
Resistoleros, The - Rock 'N' Roll Napalm
Resolutionaries Marimba Band - Marimba Explosion(2012)
Reson - Messing With The Muses
Resonars - Bright and Dark
Resonars - Crummy Desert Sound
Resonars - That Evil Drone
respectfulchild - ::searching::
The Responsibles - The Fat Labs Sessions
The Responsibles - Still Rolling
The Responsibles - XXX
Rest, The - SSS
Restorations - LP3
Restorations - lp5000
Resurrectionists - My Chainsaw Heart
Retox - Ugly Animals
Retox - YPLL
Retribution Gospel Choir - 2
Retribution Gospel Choir - The Revolution EP
Retrograde - Burne
Retrograde - Retrograde
Retros Finest - Home Made
Retros Finest - Why So Serious?
Reuben & The Dark - Funeral Sky
Reuben and the Dark - Arms of a Dream
Reuben and the Dark - Man Made Lakes
Reuben Bullock - Pulling Up Arrows
Reubens Accomplice - The Bull, The Balloon, and The Family
Reunion Show, The - Kill Your Television
Reunion, The - Closure
Rev Hank - Longhorn
Rev. - hiGh TiMe foR rEstORAtiON
Rev. Bob & the Darkness - Gallows Hill
Rev. Bob & the Darkness - If the Color Hurts
Rev. Frank E. Ray, Sr. - What Do I Do Next?
Rev. Gary Davis - If I Had My Way: Early Home Recordings
Rev. Johnny L. Jones - The Hurricane that Hit Atlanta
Reveen - Stop Smoking Stop Over-Eating
Reveille - Laced
The Revellions - Give It Time
revelstoke - esprit d'escalier
Revelstoke - My-Oh-My
Revenge - Gun World Porn
Revenge - One True Passion
Revenge - Pineapple Face
Revenge - Slave
Revenge of the Egg People - 18 Months...
Revenge of the Egg People - The Gummie Bear Murders
Revenge of the Egg People - The Gummie Bear Murders
Revenge of the Egg People - Songs & Hymns of Glorious Praise
Revenge of the Egg People - Space Aliens Speak French
Revered - With some amusement.
Reverend Davey Todd - Hnausa Home Demos
Reverend Davey Todd - Solo Single
Reverend Gary Davis - Live & Kicking
Reverend Horton Heat - Laughin' & Cryin' with Reverend Horton Heat
Reverend Horton Heat - Lucky 7
Reverend Horton Heat - Revival
Reverend Horton Heat - Space Heater
Reverend Horton Heat - Spend a Night in the Box
The Reverend Horton Heat - Liquor In The Front
Reverend Rambler - Reverend Rambler
Reverie Sound Revue - Reverie Sound Revue
The Reveries - Live in Bologna
reversing falls - recoder
Reversing Falls - Reversing Falls
Reves/Yosoy - S/T
Revival Dear - From the Palindrome
Revival Dear - s/t
Revival, The - Brady Bird
Revolting Cocks - Beers, Steers & Queers
The Revolution Sonics - Celebrate
Revolutionary Hydra, The - The P.E.E.F.s
Revolvers - Apocalypse Surfin'
Revorgandrum - self titled
REW<< - Olive Skinned, Silver Tongued Sirens Sing Swan Songs
Rex - Waltz
Rex Hobart & the Misery Boys - C
Rex Hobart & the Misery Boys - Forever Always Ends
Rex Hobart & the Misery Boys - The Spectacular Sadness of Rex Hobart & the Misery Boys
Rex Rubie - EP Number One
Rey Morillo - Rey Morillo
Rey Pila - The Future Sugar
Reykjavictim - Xiao Di Fang
REYKJAVIK606 - Everything Happens for a Reason
Rez Abbasi - Snake Charmer
Rez abbasi’s invocation - Suno Suno
Rezz - Rezz
Rhapsody - Symphony of Enchanted Lands II: The Dark Secret
Rhea's Obsession - Between Earth and Sky
Rheas Obsession - Initiation
Rheinische Kantorei/Das Kleine Konzert - Ries: Der Sieg des Glaubens (DVD Audio)
Rheostatics - Blue Hysteria
Rheostatics - Brave New Waves Session
Rheostatics - Double Live
Rheostatics - Here Come the Wolves
Rheostatics - Introducing Happiness
Rheostatics - Music Inspired by the Group of 7
Rheostatics - Whale Music
Rheostatics, The - 2067
Rheostatics, The - Greatest Hits
Rheostatics, The - Night of the Shooting Stars
Rheostatics, The - The Whale Music Concert
Rheteric Ramirez - Dear Diary
Rhett Miller - The Believer
Rhett Miller - The Messenger
Rhianna Rae Saj - Begin Again
The Rhinos - Fishing In The Fountain Of Youth
The Rhinos - Flying
Rhonda Head - 500 Years
Rhonda Head - Kayas
Rhonda Head - Nikumoon
Rhonda Rucker & Sparky Rucker - Treasures & Tears
Rhonda Silver - Christmas on credit
Rhonda Vincent - Back Home Again
Rhonda Vincent - The Storm Still Rages
Rhoneil - Make Believe
rhoneil - seeds
Rhubarb - Mad Urban Cow
Rhume - Jeu de Puissance
Rhume - Snack of Choice
rhys chatham - sampler Cd 1 Die Donnergotter/CD 2 An Angel Moves...
Rhythm Collision - Collision Course
Rhythm Crisis - One Last Perfect Day
the rhythm method - celebrities with low-self esteem
The Rhythm Slaves - Big Jesus Glass of Gin
Rhyton - Kykeon
Rhyton - Rhyton
ria mae - under your skin
Ria Reece Band - Out All Night
Ria Reece Band - Ria Reece Band
Riad Abdel-Gawad - EGYPT Mother of the World
Ric Menck - The Ballad Of Ric Menck
Ric Ocasek - Troublizing
Ricardo Gallen - Giuliani: Guitar Music Vol. 1-Variations
Ricardo Lemvo & Makina Loca - La Rumba SoYo
Ricardos - I say Boom Chukka Lukka (Cassette)
Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pedersen - Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pedersen
Rice, Rice, Hillman & Pedersen - Running Wild
Riceboy Sleeps - Self-Titled
Rich Aucoin - Ephemeral
Rich Aucoin - Hold
Rich Aucoin - Release
Rich Aucoin - We're All Dying To Live
Rich Corpolongo Trio - GetHappy
The Rich Hands - Dreamers
Rich Hope - Good To Go
Rich Hope - Good to go
Rich Hope and His Evil Doers - Rich Hope and His Evil Doers
Rich Johnson - Up The Turret Mill
Rich Pellegrin Quintet - Three Part Odyssey
Rich West - Bedouin Hornbook
Rich West - Heavenly Breakfast
Richard Abel - Just for Fun, Vol. 2
Richard Abel - Noel Christmas Navidad Weinach
Richard Ashcroft - Human Conditions
Richard Ashcroft - A Song for the Lovers
Richard Bone - Ambiento
Richard Bone - Richard Bone
Richard Bone - Vox Orbita
Richard Bone - X Considers Y
Richard Buckner - The Hill
Richard Buckner - Impasse
Richard Buckner - Our Blood
Richard Buckner - Richard Buckner
Richard Buckner - Since
Richard Carr - Places I've Walked
Richard Carr, Mike Nord, Georg Hofmann - In Walks Art
Richard Carr, Mike Nord, Georg Hofmann - Matters of Balance
Richard Carr, Mike Nord, Georg Hofmann & Art Maddox - Biosphere
Richard Davies - Barbarians
Richard Davies - There's Never Been A Crowd Like This
Richard Dyer-Bennet - Richard Dyer-Bennet, Vol. 2
Richard Dyer-Bennet - Richard Dyer-Bennet, Vol. 5
Richard Dyer-Bennet - With Young People in Mind
Richard Garvey - Where Fools Gather
Richard Garvey - You Can't Just Assume Everyone Wants to Have Sex with You
Richard Hawley - Lowedges
Richard Hayman, CSSR Symphony Orchestra (Bratislava), Czecho-Slovak Radio Symphony Orchestra (Bratislava), Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra, Kathryn Selby - Gershwin: Rhapsody In Blue/An American In Paris Piano Concerto
Richard Hell - Time
Richard Inman - 30 Days
Richard J Falcon - Trinity
Richard Julian - Fourth of July
Richard Lainhart - Ten Thousand Shades of Blue
Richard Laviolette - a little less like a rock, a little more like home
Richard Laviolette - Soundtrack to the life of a Car Nearly Driving into the Pacific
Richard Laviolette - Taking the Long Way Home
Richard Laviolette & The Hollow Hooves - Aging Recycling Plant
Richard Laviolette and the Oil Spills - All Your Raw Materials
Richard Leo Johnson - Fingertip Ship
Richard Malouin - Bad Joe Rising
Richard Moody - Richard Moody
Richard Nanes - Adagio for Piano and Orchestra
Richard NelsonLarge Ensemble - Pursuit
Richard Nunns & Evan Parker - Rangirua
Richard O'Brien - Seasons, Roads and Faces
Richard O'Hara - Best wish list
Richard Pinhas - Chronolyse
Richard Pinhas - desolation row
Richard Pinhas - Metal/Crystal
Richard Pinhas & Merzbow - Rhizome
Richard Reed Parry - Quiet River Of Dust Vol. 1: This Side of the River
Richard Ring - Ring In Minor
Richard Seguin - Journee d'Amerique
Richard Shindell - Somewhere Near Paterson
Richard Swift - Dressed Up for the Letdown
Richard Thompson - 13 Rivers
Richard Thompson - Amnesia
Richard Thompson - Daring Adventures
Richard Thompson - I Misunderstood (promo)
Richard Thompson - Mock Tudor
Richard Thompson - The Old Kit Bag
Richard Thompson - Richard Thompson
Richard Tyborowski - Romantico
Richard Tyborowski - hommage a Chopin
Richard Underhill - Free Spirit
Richard Underhill - Tales from the Blue Lounge
Richard Whitehead - This is Now
Richard Whiteman - Solo Piano
Richard Whiteman Trio - All or Nothing at All
Richard Whiteman Trio - Live In Vancouver
Richard Wood - A Change of Reasons
Richard Youngs - May
Richard`Thompson - Sweet Talker
The Riches - Pet Summer
Richie Beirach & John Abercrombie - Emerald City
Richie Goods & Nuclear Fusion - Live at the Zinc Bar
Richie Havens - The End of the Beginning
Richie Havens - The Great Blind Degree
Richie Havens - Mirage
Richie Havens - Simple Things
Richie Havens - Stonehenge
Richie Havens - Yes
Richie Hawtin - DE9: Closer to the Edit
Richie Hawtin - Remixes
Richie Spice - Gideon Boot
Richie Spice - Universal
Rick Braun - Sings With Strings
Rick Cutler - First Melancholy Then The Night Stretch
Rick Cutler - Sanctuaries
Rick Danko - Times Like These
Rick Estrin & The Nightcats - Groovin' in Greaseland
Rick Fielding - This One's The Dreamer
Rick Fowler & Friends - Welcome Companions
Rick Harris - Rick Harris
Rick Helzer & John Stowell - Friendship and Remembrance
Rick Moranis - Agoraphobic Cowboy
Rick of the Skins - Here Comes the Weekend
Rick Rizzo & Tara Key - Dark Edson Tiger
Rick Rizzo & Tara Key - Double Star
Rick Ross - Port of Miami
Rick Scott - Gazzoon Tunes: Songs from the Great Gazzoon
Rick Scott - Philharmonic Fool
Rick Scott - Rick Around the Rock
Rick Scott - Snooze Music
Rick Smash - Shark in the Dark
Rick Unruh - Remember
Rick Unruh - Wonder and Blue
Rick Vito - Mojo on My Side
Rick Wakeman, L.S.O., English..., Patrick Stewart - Return To The Centre Of The Earth
Rick Worrall - When Love Is Right
Rick Worrall - When Love Is Right
Ricked Wicky - I Sell the Circus
Rickie Lee Jones - The Evening of My Best Day
Rickie Lee Jones - It's Like This
Rickie Lee Jones - The Sermon On Exposition Blvd. [Fold-out Digipak with 14 page booklet]
RickWhiteAlbum - 1-3-7 (2009)
RickWhiteAlbum - Memoreaper
RickWhiteAlbum - TheRickWhiteAlbum
Ricky Martin - Shake Your Bon-Bon
Ricky Skaggs & Kentucky Thunder - History of the Future
Ricky Skaggs & The Whites - Salt Of The Earth
Ricky Skaggs, Tony Rice - Skaggs & Rice
Ricky Sweum - Earth Song
Ricky Sweum - More Than Imaginable
Ricky Sweum - Pulling Your Own Strings
Rico Bell & The Snake Handlers - Dark Side of the Mersey
Riddlin' Kids - Hurry Up and Wait
Riddlin' Kids - Stop the World
Ride - Going Blank Again
Ride - Nowhere
Ride - This Is Not A Safe Place
Ride - Tomorrow's Shore EP
Ride - Weather Diaries
Riderless, The - Atelier Gold
Riders in the Sky - Yodel the Cowboy Way
Ridley Bent - Blam
Ridley Bent - The Blood Trilogy
Ridley Bent - Buckles & Boots
Ridley Bent - Rabbit On My Wheel
Ridley Bent - Wildcard
Ridley Bent and the Killer Tumbleweeds - Ridley Bent and the Killer Tumbleweeds
ries - piano concertos, vol 5
Riff Randells, The - Speed is Fun
Riffaction - A Brand New Way
Riffaction - Future Trend
The Rifle - Anabasis
Rift & Savilion - Carry the Fire
Right Now, The - Starlight
Right Through - The Sun Hot
RIIT - Ataataga
RIIT - ataataga
Rikers - Islands
Riley Lee - Buddha's Dream
Rilo Kiley - More Adventurous
Rilo Kiley - Take Offs & Landings
Rin Tin Tin - Give Meech a Chance
rinaldo alessandrini & concerto italiano - monteverdi daylight
Ringo Deathstarr - Colour Trip
Ringo Deathstarr - Mauve
Ringo Deathstarr - Shadow
Ringo Deathstarr - Sparkler
Rinôçérôse - Installation Sonore
Rinôçérôse - Music Kills Me
Rios - Rios
Riot - Army of One (Reissue)
Riot - Shine On
Riot - Through The Storm (Reissue)
Riot 99 - Last Train to Nowhere
Riot Nrrd - Free of the suburban dream
Rip Off Artist, The - Pump
Ripcordz - Are God
Ripcordz - I Went to the Summit of the Americas and All I Got Was This Lousy Tear Gas Canister in the Back of the Head
Ripcordz - It's Never Too Late to Annoy Your Parents
Ripcordz - Kidnoise
Ripcordz - Re-cordz
Ripcordz - Ripcordz Are Go(d)!
Ripcordz - There Ain't No "H" In Ripcordz, Dork-Face!
Ripcordz - What If They Held A Revolution and Nobody Came?
Ripcordz, Hockey Teeth, Bad Luck 13 & Lams - Hardcore 94
Ripe - The Plastic Hassle
Ripped Emotions - Get Ripped! (cassette)
Ripped Emotions - Ripped Emotions
Ripped Emotions - Rock n Roll Affair (cassette)
Ripperz, The - Ripperz
Ripperz, The - You Are the Moon
Riptides, The - Drop Out
Riptides, The - Tales from Planet Earth
Rise - Joy
Rise - Rise
Rise Against - Appeal to Reason
Rise Against - Endgame
Rise Against - Siren Song of the Counter Culture
Rise Against - The Sufferer & the Witness
Rise Against - The Unraveling
Rise Ashen - Boreal Dubworks
Rise Ashen - Crazy Spirit
Rise Ashen - Music In The City
Rise Ashen - refuel one
Rise Ashen - Tasty Critters
Rise Ashen + Stephane Lefrancois - Venenosa EP
Rise Ashen and Blissom - Something Wicked
Rita Chiarelli - Breakfast at Midnight
Rita Chiarelli - No-One To Blame
Rita Edmond - Sketches of a Dream
Rita Hosking - Little Boat
Rita Hosking - Silver Stream
Rita MacNeil - Rita
Ritalin - "Racket" (cassette)
Ritchie Dave Porter - End of the Line
Ritesh Das & The Toronto Tabla Ensemble - Weaving
Ritual Fiction - Twilight Archive
Ritual Howls - Turkish Leather
ritualmovementband - ritualmovementband
Rituals - Rituals
Rituals of Mine - Devoted
Rival Boys - Animal Instincts
Rival Schools - United by Fate
Rival Sons - Great Western Valkyrie
Rival Sons - Pressure & Time
River City Rebels - Hate to be loved
River City Rebels - No Good, No Time, No Pride
River City Rebels - Racism, Religion, and War
River Jacks - River Jacks
River Jacks - Strange Adventures
River Whyless - We All the Light
Riverdale High - Ja-lis-co (cassette)
Riverdales - Riverdales
The Riverdales - Storm the Streets
Rivers Cuomo - Alone: The Home Recordings of Rivers Cuomo
Rivers of Nihil - The Conscious Seed of Light
The Rivieras - Let's Stomp with the Rivieras
Rivington - Happy On A Sliding Scale
Rivulets - Rivulets
Rizwan-Muazam Qawwali Group - Sacrifice to Love
RJ Comer - Nightly Suicide
RJ Mischo - Make It Good
Rjd2 - Dame Fortune
Rjd2 - Her Majesty's Socialist Request Remixes
Rjd2 - More Is Than Isn't
Rjd2 - Since We Last Spoke
Rjd2 - The Third Hand
RKL, Rich Kids On LSD - Riches To Rags
Ro Walker - What Got You Through?
Roach Motel - Roach Motel
Roach Motel - S-T
Roadkill Ghost Choir - In Tongues
Roaming storms - EP
Roar - Roar
ROB - Funky Rob Way
ROB - Make It Fast, Make It Slow
Rob Clouth - Hidden Structures
Rob Clutton - Dubious Pleasures
Rob Clutton - Suchness Monster
Rob Clutton - Tender Buttons
Rob Clutton with Tony Malaby - Offering
Rob Crooks - And the Nothing from Which Nothing Comes
Rob Crooks - Hearts
Rob Crooks - Misogyny III
Rob Crooks - We Are Not Famous
Rob Crow - My Room Is a Mess
Rob Ellis - Music for the Home, Vol. 2
Rob Fillo - Angel of Victory
Rob Garica 4 - The Drop And The Ocean
Rob Gonzalez - Somehow
Rob Ickes - What It Is
Rob Knaggs - Up the Middle
Rob Lutes - Gravity
Rob Lutes - Walk in the Dark
Rob Mazurek - Sound Is
Rob Mazurek Octet - Skull Sessions
Rob McConnell - The Boss of the Boss Brass
Rob McConnell & the Boss Brass - Big Band Christmas
Rob McConnell & The Boss Brass - Overtime
Rob McConnell & The Boss Brass - Play the Jazz Classics
Rob McConnell Tentet - Thank You, Ted
Rob Mitchelson - The Hollywood Version
Rob Moir - Adventure Handbook
Rob Moir - This Is The Lie
Rob Mosher - Storytime-the Tortoise
Rob Mullins - Standards & More
Rob Roy and the Sultans - My Love I Love My
Rob Swift - Under the Influence
Rob Szabo - A Battery of Tests
Rob Tardik - Moments
Rob Taylor Project - A Special Occasion
rob waddell - the good thief - the mirror made me do it
rob waddell - letters unsent
Rob What - Rob What
Rob Zombie - Hellbilly Deluxe
Rob Zombie - Zombie Classics: 7 Hits From Hell
Robben Ford - Supernatural
Robben Ford & Blue Line - Handful of Blues
The Robber Who Robbed the Town - S/T
Robbers - Endless Perspectives
Robbie Bankes - Foothills
Robbie Fulks - Georgia Hard
Robbie Fulks - The Very Best of Robbie Fulks
Robbie McDougall - Plano Compositions
Robbie Robertson - Contact from the Underworld of Redboy
Robbie Robertson - Redboy Contact from the Underworld
Robbie Robertson & The Red Road Ensemble - Music For The Native Americans
Robbie Rox and The Rude Band - The Big Screw
Robbie Williams - The Ego Has Landed
Robbin Wakefield - Midnight at Dawn
Robert Allen - S/T
Robert Ashley - Foreign Experiences
Robert Ashley - your Money my life goodbye
Robert Ashley, Aaron Hamre, Alejandro López, Amalio Madueño, Amy X. Neuburg, Anthony Gonzales, Arthur "LowLow", Carla B. Lopez, Chris Abeyta, Christopher Smith-López - Now Eleanor's Idea
Robert Belfour - Pushin' My Luck
Robert Bradley's Blackwater Surprise - Time to Discover
Robert Burton & the Strange - When the Sky Falls
Robert Burton Hubele - Sleepy Time King
Robert Connely Farr & the Rebeltone Boys - Dirty South Blues
Robert Cray - Sweet Potato Pie
Robert Earl Keen - Gravitational Forces
Robert Earl Keen - Ready for Confetti
Robert Earl Keen - The Rose Hotel
Robert Finley - Goin' Platinum!
Robert Forster, Grant McLennan - The Evangelist
Robert Forster, Grant McLennan - Intermission: The Best of the Solo Recordings 1990-1997
Robert Francis - Before Nightfall
Robert Fripp And Brian Eno - the essential fripp and eno
Robert Glasper - Double Booked
Robert Glasper Experiment - Black Radio 2
Robert Holzer, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Michael Halasz, Budapest Nicolaus Esterhazy Sinfonia, Norine Burgess, Herbert Lippert - Mozart: Mass in C minor, K427 / Kyrie in D minor, K341
Robert Hood - M-Print: 20 Years of M-Plant Music
Robert Hurst - Bob Ya Head
Robert Hurst - Unrehurst Volume 2
Robert Incelli - Baila Commigo
Robert Larisey - Nights Take Forever
Robert Lee Castleman - Crazy as Me
Robert Lloyd Anderson - Earthbound
Robert Logan - Flesh
Robert Marcel Lepage - Canard branchu
Robert Marcel Lepage - Le lait maternel
Robert Marcel Lepage - Pee Wee et Moi
Robert Marcel Lepage - Tout Aujour Du Front
Robert Michael James - Our World
Robert Michaels - Paradiso
Robert Normandeau - Figures
Robert Normandeau - Lieux Inouis
Robert Normandeau - Palimpsestes
Robert Normandeau - Tangram
Robert Peckyno - Stripped
Robert Pete Williams - Robert Pete Williams
Robert Plant & the Band of Joy - Robert Plant & the Band of Joy
Robert Pollard - Waved Out
Robert Reid - Sky Blue Sea
Robert Satterlee - Rzewski: Piano Music - Fantasia; Second Hand, or Alone at Last; De Frofundis De Profundis, for Speaking Pianist
Robert Schroeder - Brain Voyager
Robert Schumann, Henryk Wieniawski, Sergiu Comissiona, Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, Juliette Kang - Schumann & Wieiawski
Robert Shafer - Hillbilly Fever
Robert Sullivan - Kaleidoscope
Robert T - Spectrum
Robert Top Thomas - Town Crier
Robert Wyatt - '68
Robert Wyatt - Comicopera
Robert Wyatt - Different Every Time
Robert Young & The Big Beat Band - In The Key Of Frank
Robert`Wright - Lessons of the Past
Roberta Gambarini, Hank Jones - You Are There
Roberta Piket - Sides, Colors
Roberto Benzi, Arnhem Philharmonic Orchestra, Francois-Joel Thiollier, Martijn van den Hoek - Franck: Symphonic Variations; Les Djinns; Piano Concerto No. 2
Roberto Cipelli - a leo
Roberto Fabbriciani/Jonathan Faralli - Music for an Aquatic Ballet -- Music for Carillon No.6
Roberto Fonseca - Yo
Roberto Occhipinti - The Cusp
Roberto Occhipinti - Trinacria
Roberto Occhipinti - Trinacria
Roberts, Donne - rhythm was born
Robertson - Deeper Shade of Green
Robertson and the Formerly Known Bullfrog - Robertson and the Formerly Known Bullfrog
Robi Botos - Movin' Forward
Robin & Linda Williams - In the Company of Strangers
Robin & Linda Williams - Radio Songs
Robin and Linda Williams - Buena Vista
Robin Black and The Intergalactic Rock Stars - Planet: Fame
Robin Black and The Intergalactic Rock Stars - Star Shaped Single
Robin Brock - Blame It On Rock & Roll
Robin Holcomb & Talking Pictures - The Point Of It All
Robin James - Songs from the Homeland
Robin Judge - Pattern
Robin McKelle - Introducing Robin McKelle
Robin McKelle - Melodic Canvas
Robin Nolan Trio - Swings & Roundabouts
Robin Spielberg - Sea to Shining Sea: A Tapestry of American Music
Robin Stone - My Heart
Robin Trip - Continuum
Robinella & the CC String Band - Morning Dove Sampler
Robinella & the CC String Band - Robinella & the CC String Band
Robizzy - The Drunken Stupor EP
Robocop Kraus, The - They Think They Are the Robocop Kraus
Robofloyo - Robofloyo
Robojom - Hollow Body
Robot Ate Me - On Vacation
Robot Koch - Hypermoment
Robot vs. Rabbit - Compositions
Robots - Hey Buddy, Dummy
Robyn Dell'Unto - I'm Here Every Night
Robyn Hayle - Arms Full of Roses
Robyn Hitchcock - Eye
Robyn Hitchcock - The Man Upstairs
Robyn Hitchcock - Robyn Hitchcock
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Globe of Frogs
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Greatest Hits
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - Queen Elvis
Robyn Hitchcock & The Egyptians - The Yip Song
Robyn Hitchcock & The Venus 3 - Sex, Food, Death and Tarantulas
Robyn Pauhl - One for My Baby
Robynhayle - arms full of roses
Rocco John Group - Devotion
Roch Voisine - Kissing Rain
Roch Voisine - New Album
Roche Limit - Sky Parlor
Rochets, The - Moonswept
Rock and Hyde - I Will
Rock City Crimewave - Sounds From the Underworld
Rock Dogs - New Primitives
Rock Dogs - Rock Dogs
Rock Lake - Rock Lake
Rock Lake - Rock Lake
Rock Lake - Rock Lake
Rock Lake - Rock Lake IV
Rock Lake - Rock Lake V
Rock Plaza Central - ...At the Moment of Our Most Needing
rock plaza central - are we not horses
Rock Plaza Central - Quantum Butterass
Rock Plaza Central - The World Was Hell To Us
Rock Ranger - Sing Along
Rock*A*Teens - Sweet Bird of Youth
Rockband - Hidden Driveways
rockenspiel - Cloud Gatherer's Curse
Rocket 3 - Burn
Rocket 3 - Burn
Rocket 3 - What's the Frequency?
Rocket Engine - What Is t his that stands before me?
Rocket From The Crypt - Circa: Now!
Rocket from the Crypt - Group Sounds
Rocket From the Crypt - Live From Camp X-Ray
Rocket from the Crypt - RFTC
Rocket From The Crypt - Scream, Dracula, Scream!
Rocket Rached & The Fat City 8 - Seven Years of Thursdays
Rocket Rached & The Fat City Eight - 7 Years of Thursdays
Rocket Science - Foolscap
Rocket Summer, The - Sweet Shivers
Rockets and Dinosaurs - Gnarly Angry Love
rockets and dinosaurs - the high five ep
The Rockfords - The Rockfords
RockFour - Another Beginning
The Rockin' Highliners - Oh My!
The Rockin' Highliners - What Were You Thinking?
Rocksalat - Loose
Rocky Dawuni - Branches of the Same Tree
Rocky G - Definition
Rocky G - {Orchestrion}
Rocky Lakner - Treeplanter's Tango
Rocky Mountain College Choir & Orchestra - Bow Down
Rocky Votolato - A Brief History
Rococode - Don't Worry It Will Be Dark Soon
Rococode - Guns, Sex and Glory
Rococode - Panic Attack
Rococode - Young Ones EP
Rod McGaha - A Gentle Man
Rod Piazza - Vintage Live: 1975
Rod Piazza & The Mighty Flyers - Beyond the Source
Rod Piazza and The All Mighty Flyers - Almighty Dollar
Rod Stewart - A Little Misunderstood: The Sixties Sessions
Roddy Bailey - Edge of Town
Rodeo Boy - The Pine and Promise
Rodney "Guitarsplat" Brent - 20 Original Greatest Hits
Rodney Crowell - Fate's Right Hand
Rodney Crowell - Sex & Gasoline
Rodney Crowell - Tarpaper Sky
Rodney DeCroo - Allegheny
Rodney DeCroo - Campfires on the Moon
Rodney DeCroo - Mockingbird Bible
Rodney DeCroo - Old Tenement Man
Rodney DeCroo - Queen Mary Trash
Rodney Jones - Soul Manifesto
Rodney Rude - Live
Rodrigo Amarante - Cavalo
Rodrigo Munoz & Skender Sefa - Duo Latino Concertante
Rodrigo Y Gabriela - 11:11: +DVD
Rodrigo Y Gabriela - Live In France
Rodrigo Y Gabriela and C.U.B.A. - Area 52
Rodriguez - Searching for Sugar Man
The Roger Kellaway Trio - Heroes
Roger Knox - Stranger In My Land
Roger Manning - Roger Manning
Roger McGuinn - Treasures from the Folk Den
Roger Miller's Exquisite Corpse - Unfold
Roger Miret & The Disasters - 1984
Roger Miret & The Disasters - 1984
Roger Mooking - Feedback
Roger Roger - Fairweather
Roger Sanchez - First Contact
Roger Whittaker - A Time for Peace
Roger Williams - Golden Hits (Volume 2)
Roger Zuraw - Here Again: The "Raw" in Zuraw
Roger's Arsenal - Not Unlike a Scowl
Rogers Sisters, The - The Invisible Deck
Rogers Sisters, The - Purely Evil
Rogue Wave - 10:1
Rogue Wave - Descended Like Vultures
Roht - The Product of Indecision
ROHT - Rant
Roisin Murphy - Hairless Toys
Rokia Traore - Beautiful Africa
Rokkurro - Innra
Roky Erickson - Don't Slander Me
Roky Erickson - The Evil One
Roky Erickson - Gremlins Have Pictures
Roky Erickson With Okkervil River - True Love Cast Out All Evil
Roland Alphonso, The Skatalites, Soul Brothers - Something Special: Ska Hot Shots
Roland Blinn - Flowing
Roland Blinn - Rosebud
Roland Orzabal - Tomcats Screaming Outside
Roland Ramanan Tentet - London
Roland Vazquez Band - The Visitor
Rolf Oswald - Event Horizon
Roll Gypsy Roll - Roll Gypsy Roll
Roll the Dice - In Dust
Roll the Dice - In Dust
Roll The Tanks - Broke Til Midnight
Rolla Olak - Heavy Feather
Rolla Olak - Rolla Olak
Rollcage - Held You Up to Fly (cassette)
Roller - On Top of This World
Rollerskate Skinny - Shoulder Voices
rolling blackouts C.F. - Endless Rooms
Rolling Stones - Heartbreakers 19 Love Songs
Rollins Band - Come in and Burn
Rollins Band - Get Some Go Again
Rollins Band - Hammer of the Rok Godz
Rollins Band - Nice
Rollins Band - Weight
Roly Platt - Inside Out
Roman Candle - Says Pop
Roman Candles - Bang! Bang! Bang!
Roman Clarke - Scorcher
Roman Evening - Together Now
The Romance of Improvisation - The Romance of Improvisation in Canada: The Genius of Eldon Rathburn
Romaniuk Family - Country Carter Style
Romantica - It's Your Weakness That I Want
Romare - Love Songs: Part One
Romi Mayes - Achin In Yer Bones
Romi Mayes - Devil on Both Shoulders
Romi Mayes - Lucky Tonight
Romi Mayes - Sweet Somethin' Steady
Romi Mayes and the Temporarily Employed - Living Room Sessions Volume 1
Romina Di Gasbarro - Poema
Romina Di Gasbarro - Risorgimento
Ron Block - Faraway Land
Ron Carter - Dear Miles
Ron Carter - When Skies Are Grey
Ron Davis - Bestseller
Ron Davis - Subarishii Live
Ron Davis - Symphronica Upfront
Ron Davis Trio - Mungle Music
Ron Davis Trio - Solo Duo Trio
Ron Geesin - Funny Frown
Ron Halldorson - Happy Talk
Ron Hawkins - The Secret of My Excess
Ron Hawkins - Spit Sputter and Sparkle
Ron Hawkins and the Rusty Nails - Crackstatic
Ron Hynes - Cryer's Paradise
Ron Hynes - Get Back Change
Ron McClure Sextet - Double Triangle
Ron Miles - Rainbow Sign
Ron Nigrini - Above the Noise
Ron Paley - The More You Know
The Ron Paley Trio - The Sea of Time
The Ron Paley Trio - The Sea of Time Disc 2
Ron Samworth - Dogs Do Dream
Ron Sexsmith - Carousel One
Ron Sexsmith - Cobblestone Runway
Ron Sexsmith - Exit Strategy of the Soul
Ron Sexsmith - Forever Endeavour
Ron Sexsmith - Long Player Late Bloomer
Ron Sexsmith - Retriever
Ron Sexsmith - Ron Sexsmith
Ron Sexsmith - Strawberry Blonde
Ron Sexsmith - Whereabouts
Ronan Hardiman - Solas
Rondi Charleston - Who Knows Where The Time Goes
Rondo Brothers - Seven Miniutes To Midnight
Roni Ben-Hur - Fortuna
Roni Ben-Hur - Keepin' It Open
Roni Ben-Hur - Signature
RONiia - RONiia
Ronin E-Ville - Big Dirty Hi-Fi
Ronnie Aldrich - Close To You
Ronnie Artur - Get This!
Ronnie Earl - Living in the Light
Ronnie Earl & Duke Robillard - The Duke Meets the Earl
Ronnie Earl & Duke Robillard - I Feel Like Goin' On
Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - Hope Radio
Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - Just for Today
Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - The Luckiest Man
Ronnie Earl & the Broadcasters - Maxwell Street
Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters - Now My Soul
Ronnie Earl and the Broadcasters - Mercy Me
Ronnie Hawkins and The Hawks - Hello Again... Mary Lou
Ronnie Hayward - The Hobo Son
Ronnie`Fray]p[The`Panama Bandits - Progressively Basic
Ronny Jordan - A Brighter Day
Ronny Jordan - Light to Dark
Ronny Jordan - Off the Record
Roofhoppers, The - The Roofhoppers
Rooftop Static - After Hello
Room 237 - S/T
Room Large Expanding with No End - Somehow it All Went Wrong (cassette)
Roomful of Blues - 45 live
Roomful of Blues - There Goes the Neighborhood
Roomful of Blues - Watch You When You Go
Roommate - Guilty Rainbow
Rooms - It Takes a lot to Show Up
Rooney - On The Closed Circuit-comcd015
Rooney - Washed Away
Roosevelt - Young Romance
Rooter - Rooter
Roots Manuva - 4everevolution
Roots Nation - Temperature's Risin'
The Roots - Game Theory
The Roots - Home Grown! The Beginner's Guide to Understanding the Roots, Vol. 1
The Roots - Home Grown! The Beginner's Guide to Understanding the Roots, Vol. 2
Roots, The - How I Got Over
Roots, The - The Tipping Point
Roots, The - undun
Rory Block - Avalon: A Tribute to Mississippi John Hurt
Rory Block - Blues Walkin' Like A Man
Rory Block - Confessions of a Blues Singer
Rory Block - Hard Luck Child: A Tribute to Skip James
Rory Block - I Belong to the Band: A Tribute to Rev. Gary Davis
Rory Block - I'm Every Woman
Rory Block - Keepin' Outta Trouble: A Tribute to Bukka White
Rory Block - Prove It On Me
Rory Block - Shake 'Em On Down: A Tribute to Mississippi Fred McDowell
Rory Block - Tornado
Rory Block - A Woman's Soul: A Tribute to Bessie Smith
Rory Friesen's Brown Part - Ventricular Cushions
Rory Gallagher - Against the Grain
Rory Gallagher - Against the Grain
Rory Gallagher - Blueprint
Rory Gallagher - Calling Card
Rory Gallagher - Crest Of A Wave Best Of
Rory Gallagher - Irish Tour '74
Rory Gallagher - Notes From San Francisco
Rory Gallagher - Stage Struck
Rory Gallagher - Tattoo
Rory McLeod - Footsteps and Heartbeats
Rory Verbrugge - Rory Verbrugge
Rosa Chance Well - Rosa Chance Well
Rosalind - The EP
Rosanne Cash - King's Record Shop
Rosco Blur - Inside
Rosco Gordon - Memphis, Tennessee
Roscoe Holcomb - An Untamed Sense of Control
Roscoe Mitchell - Duets with Tyshawn Sorey and Special Guest Hugh Ragin
Roscoe Mitchell, Thomas Buckner - 8 O'Clock: Two Improvisations
Rose & The Nightingale - Spirit of the Garden
Rose Chronicles - Happily Ever After
Rose City Band - Rose City Band
Rose Cousins - Bravado
Rose Cousins - Natural Conclusion
Rose Cousins - We Have Made a Spark
Rose Funeral - Gates Of Punishment
Rose Polenzani - Rose Polenzani
Rosebuddy - Forward-Looking Statements
Rosebuddy - Issues E.P.
Rosebuds, The - Loud Planes Fly Low
Rosebuds, The - The Rosebuds Make Out
The Rosebuds - Sand + Silence
Roselyn Brown - Emancipation
Rosemarie - Come Dance with Me
Rosemary Clooney - 70: A Seventieth Birthday Celebration
Rosemary Clooney - The Last Concert
Rosemary Clooney - Mothers & Daughters
Rosemary Clooney & the Count Basie Orchestra - At Long Last
Rosemary Clooney, John Pizzarelli - Brazil
The Rosenberg Trio - Suenos Gitanos
Rosenbergs - Department Store Girl
Roses Are Red - Conversations
The Rosette Guitar Duo - Wooden Dragons
Roseville Band, The - Temper
Rosewater - Shotgun Wedding
Rosewater Foundation - Hip With the Biggies
Rosewater Foundation - Hip With The Biggies
Rosey - Dirty Child
Rosie & the Riveters - Good Clean Fun!
Rosie Flores - Dance Hall Dreams
Rosie Flores - Girl Of The Century (Digi)
Rosie June - Listening Post
Rosie O'Shea - Practicing Silence
Rosie Thomas - If Songs Could Be Held
Rosie Thomas - Only With Laughter Can You Win
Rosie Thomas - When We Were Small
Rosie Valland - Blue
Roslyn - Roslyn (self titled)
Ross Campbell with the Fat Band - Super Circuit Man
Ross Goldstein - Inverted Jenny
Ross Hammond - An Effective Use of Space
Ross Neilsen - The Shack Up Sessions
Ross Neilsen Band - Resurrection
Ross Taggart Trio - Presenting The Ross Taggart Trio
Rostropovich - Rostropovich plays Shostakovich
Rotator - Ripples in the Brainwave
Rothko - Truth Burns
Rott'n Dan / Lighin' Willy - Rott'n Dan Lightin' Willy
Rotten Mind - I'm Alone Even With You
Rotten Mind - Rotten Mind
The Rotten - Enemy Of The State
Rotterdam Philharmonic Orchestra, Yannick Nezet-Seguin & Lisa Batiashvili - Pathetique
roue - Upward Heroic Motive
Rouge Ciel - bRYOLOGIE
Rouge Ciel - Rouge Ciel
Rouge Wave - Out Of The Shadow
Rough House Survivers - Straight From The Soul
Rough Music - Rough Music
Rough Skeletons - Experimental Redneck
Rough Trade - Birds of a Feather
Rough Trade - Shaking the Foundations
Roundsounds - Roundsounds
Routes - Alligator
Roux - The Sunday Plate
Rova - The Works, Vol. 3
Rowdymen, The - Gas, Liquor & Fireworks!
Rowdymen, The - Rowdy Duty
Rowdymen, The - Rubberneckin'
The rowley estate - Still T.R.E.
Roxanne - Turcotte
Roxanne Potvin - Play
Roxanne Potvin - The Way It Feels
Roxanne Turcotte - Desordres
Roxy & the Underground Soul Sound - Don't You Know
Roxy Music - Greatest Hits
Roxy Music - Manifesto
Roxy Music - Roxy Music
Roy - Big City Sin and Small Town Redemption
Roy Ayers - Mahogany Vibe
Roy Ayers - Virgin Ubiquity II: Unreleased Recordings 1976-1981
Roy Buchanan - Deluxe Edition
Roy Davis Jr. - Traxx from the Nile
Roy Davis Jr. - Water For Thirsty Children
Roy Eaton - 24/7+7: The Complete Preludes of Chopin, Gershwin & Still
Roy Forbes - Some Tunes for that Mother of Mine
Roy Hargrove - Diamond in the Rough
The Roy Hargrove Quintet - Earfood
Roy Hargrove's Crisol - Afrodisia
Roy Haynes - Roy-Alty
Roy Johnston - Devil's Jig
The Roy Patterson Quartet - Inland Passages
Roy Rogers - Pleasure & Pain
Roy Styffe - Subway Dream
Roya - Roya
Royal Baths - Better Luck Next Life
Royal Blood - How Did We Get So Dark?
Royal Blood - Royal Blood
Royal Canoe - CO-OP Mode
Royal Canoe - Extended Play
Royal Canoe - Something Got Lost Between Here and the Orbit
Royal Canoe - Today We're Believers
Royal Canoe - Waver
Royal Chant - A Day At The Wauchope Races
Royal Chant - Small Town Bruises EP
Royal City - Alone at the Microphone
Royal City - Little Heart's Ease
The Royal Crowns - 32 Miles From Memphis
The Royal Crowns - After Dark
Royal Crowns, The - Volume 3
Royal Fingerbowl - Greyhound Afternoons
Royal Fingerbowl - Happy Birthday, Sabo!
Royal Flush - Ghetto Millionaire
The Royal Foundry - Lost In Your Head
Royal Foundry, The - Wherever We Go
Royal Grand Prix - High Performance
Royal Headache - High
Royal Hunt - Clown in the Mirror
Royal Hunt - Land of Broken Hearts
Royal Iguana Fur(s), The - Early And/Or Unreleased Tracks
Royal Iguana Fur, The - Horse Therapy
Royal Iguana Fur, The - Wingdings
Royal Jesters - English Oldies
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra - Ben Hur
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra - Shostakovich: Symphony No. 4
Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra - Shostakovich: Symphony No. 7 'Leningrad'
Royal Navy Swedish Navy Band, The - Music for Wind Band (Vol. 11)
Royal Oui - Royal Oui
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Calling All Dawns
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Choral Symphony; Choral Fantasia
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Film Music Gala: Celebration of Film Music
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Dmitry Yablonsky - The Seven Beauties, The Path of Thunder (Ballet Suites)
Royal Red Brigade - On Crimson Shores
Royal Scottish National Orchestra - Frederick Delius: On Hearing the First Cuckoo in Spring
Royal Scottish National Orchestra - Strauss: Josephslegende - Feuersnot - Militarischer Festmarsch
Royal Scottish National Orchestra, David Lloyd-Jones - Bax: Symphony No. 6 Into the Twilight
Royal Streets, The - Kings & Queen
Royal Trux - Pink Stuff
Royal Trux - Pound for Pound
Royal Trux - Thank You
Royal Trux - Veterans of Disorder
Royal Trux - White Stuff
Royal Tusk - Mountain
Royal Unicorn - Did You Die
Royal Winnipeg Porn Orchestra - Cinco Seconds on the Chicken Robotico
Royal Winnipeg Porn Orchestra - Extra Old Skool
Royal Winnipeg Porn Orchestra, JFK and the Conspirators - Clash of the Titans
Royal Wood - Waiting
Royal Wood - We Were Born to Glory
Royalchord - The Good Fight
Royally Sparked - v/a
Royce Campbell Trio - Make Me Rainbows
Royce Campbell Trio - What is this thing called
Roycebirth - Art On Fire!!
Royksopp - Melody A.M.
Royksopp - Royksopp's Night Out
Royksopp - Senior
Royksopp - The Understanding
Roz Bell - First Sunbeams
Rroland - Reflections on a Past Life as Played on a Roland Synthesizer
rRope - We Are You There
RS1 - Jupitar 99
RS1 - Jupitar 99 disc 2
Rsxgld - Rsxgld
RTE National Symphony Orchestra - Dukas: L'apprenti sorcier, La péri & Symphony in C major
Rubber Dinosaurs - Godzilla vs. the Rubber Dinosaurs
Rubber Dinosaurs - The Wandering Chupacabra... (cassette)
Rubber Rodeo - The Hardest Thing
Rubber Snake - Rocketface
Rubberman - Rubberman
Rubberneck - Smoke This!
Rubblebucket - Survival Sounds
Ruben Gonzalez - Indestructible
Ruben Gonzalez, Noteto Cubano De Jazz - Sentimiento
The Rubinoos - From Home
Ruby - Salt Peter
Ruby - Salt Peter
Ruby - Salt Peter Remixed
Ruby Drake - Hold Fast
Ruby Jean - Ruby Jean & the Thoughtful Bees
Ruby Karinto - debut EP
Ruby Suns - Christopher
The Ruby Suns - Sea Lion
Rubyhorse - Rise
Rubén González, Ruben Gonzales - Chanchullo
Rude Boy - Shut Up and Dance
Rude City Riot - Nothin' But Time
Rudimental - Rudimental
Rudresh Mahanthappa - Gamak
Rudresh Mahanthappa - Kinsmen
Rudresh Mahanthappa's Indo-Pak Coalition - Apti
Rudy De Anda - Delay, Cadaver of a Day
Rudy Schwartz Project, The - The Year They Switched To Cornmeal
Rue Boogaloo - Rue Boogaloo
Ruffnecks - Ruffnecks
Rufus Blaq - Credentials
Rufus Blaq - The Showdown
Rufus du Sol - Atlas
Rufus du Sol - Bloom
Rufus Harley - The Pied Piper of Jazz
Rufus Reid - Out Front
Rufus Reid & Michael Moore - Intimacy of the Bass
Rufus Wainwright - All Days Are Nights: Songs for Lulu
Rufus Wainwright - Milwaukee At Last!!!
Rufus Wainwright - Poses
Rufus Wainwright - Release the Stars
Rufus Wainwright - Rufus Wainwright
Rufus Wainwright - Take All My Loves: 9 Shakespeare Sonnets
Rufus Wainwright - Want One
Rugburns - Taking The World By Donkey
Ruidos en el Techo - Galaccion EP
Ruined Fortune - Ruined Fortune
Ruiner - Prepare to Be Let Down
Rujan & Him - Tereza Se Nije Dala/Eugene's Tree
Rum Runner - In Guns at Cyrano's
Rum Runner - What's The Music Mean To You
Rumah Sakit - Obscured by Clowns
Rumah Sakit - Rumah Sakit
Rumble On The Beach - Good Times & Some Mighty Rock'n Roll
The Rumble - The Rumble
the rumble - the rumble 7'
Rumer - Seasons of my soul
Ruminants - The Ruminants
Rumor 39 - Rumor 39
Rumspringer - Stay Afloat
Run Away From the Humans - We Exist
Run Chico Run - Beastly Paws Control the Levers
Run Chico Run - A New Peak in Lowdowness
Run Chico Run - Shashbo
Run Chico Run - Slow Action
Run Chico Run - Rocketsurgery
run deer run - the war
run deer run - the war
run perry run - hollowtree
Run River North - Drinking From A Salt Pond
Run the Jewels - Run the Jewels 3
Run Westy Run - Green Cat Island
Run with the Kitten's - Letters from Camp
Run With the Kittens - Bangers & Mash
Run With the Kittens - Cad Gold Jr.
Run-DMC - Simmons Incorporated
Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin - Berlin: Die Sinfonie Der Grosstadt
Rundfunk-Sinfonieorchester Berlin - Die Walkure
Runic - Liar Flags
Runner and the Thermodynamics - Runner and the Thermodynamics
Running - Frizzled
Running - Wake Up Applauding
Rupa and the April Fishes - ExtraOrdinary Rendition
Rural Alberta Advantage - Departing
Rural Alberta Advantage - Hometowns
Rural Alberta Advantage, The - Mended With Gold
The Rural Alberta Advantage - The Wild
Rurals, The - Farmyard Flavours
Rush Midnight - Rush Midnight
Rushden and Diamonds - Rushden and Diamonds Album Sampler
Russ Barenberg - When at Last
Russ Feltis - Spiritual Mirror
Russ Freeman - Drive
Russ Freeman - Safe at Home
Russ Kassoff - Somewhere
Russ Little - Slow Burn
Russ Nolan - With You In Mind
Russell Gunn - Ethnomusicology Vol 4
Russell Gunn - Ethnomusicology, Vol. 2
Russell Lee - Songs of Christmas
Russell Lee - What Do I Do
Russell Malone - Heartstrings
Russell Simins - Public Places
Russell Watson - Anthems
Russian Futurists, The - Me, Myself and Rye...An Introduction to the Russian Futurists
Russian Futurists, The - The Method of Modern Love
The Russian Futurists - Our Thickness
Russian National Orchestra - Manfred Symphony
Russian Philharmonia Ork - Symphony # 3
Russian State Symphony Orchestra - Taneyev: Symphonies Nos. 2 & 4
Russian String Orchestra - Talking to Aphrodite
Rust Eden - Apartment Green
Rust Owl - Rust Owl
Rustbucket - Fully Loaded
Rusted Root - Welcome to My Party
The Rustic Gomers - Lost Lake
Rustic Overtones - Self Titled
Rustie - After Light
Rustie - Glass Swords
Rustie - Green Language
Rustie - Sunburst Ep
Rusty - Fluke
Rusty - Out of Their Heads
Rusty - Rusty
Rusty - Sophomoric
Rusty Ford - My Truck, My Dog and You
Rusty Zinn - The Chill
Ruth Minnikin and her bandwagon - Depend on this
Ruth Minnikin and her bandwagon - The Minnikins’ Photo Album
Ruth Moody - The Garden
Ruth Moody - These Wilder Things
Ruth Moody & Old Man Luedecke - Far and Wide b/w Brightest on the Heart
Ruth Purves Smith&The 581 - Out in the storm
Ruth Ruth - The Little Death
Ruthie Foster - The Phenomenal Ruthie Foster
Ruthie Foster - Runaway Soul
Ry Cooder - Election Special
Ry Cooder - I, Flathead
Ry Cooder and Corridos Famosos - Live in San Francisco
Ry X - Dawn
Ryan Adams - 29
Ryan Adams - 1989
Ryan Adams - Demolition
Ryan Adams - Gold
Ryan Adams - Heartbreaker
Ryan Adams - Love Is Hell
Ryan Adams - Rock N Roll
Ryan Adams - Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - Cold Roses
Ryan Adams & the Cardinals - Jacksonville City Nights
Ryan Bingham & the Dead Horses - Junky Star
Ryan Blotnick - Everything Forgets
Ryan Blotnick - Music Needs You
Ryan Boldt - Broadside Ballads
Ryan Cook - Peaks & Vallyes
Ryan Dahle - Irrational Anthems
Ryan Grenville-Martin - Mouthparts and Wings
Ryan Hemsworth - Alone for the First Time
Ryan Hemsworth - Guilt Trip
Ryan Hicks - Pulsing Colours
Ryan Keberle + Catharsis - Music Is Emotion
Ryan Kisor - The Usual Suspects
Ryan Locke - Unconditional
Ryan Luchuck - (L-OO-Chuck
Ryan MacGrath - In My Own Company
Ryan Massad - Alone & Overdressed
Ryan Oliver Quartet, The - Strive!
Ryan Van Belleghem - For A Home
Ryder Havdale - Candy Haven
Ryelee - Fall
Rykodisc hannibal gramavision - Loaded spring
Ryley Walker - All Kinds of You
Ryley Walker - Deafman Glance
Ryley Walker - Primrose Green
Rymes With Orange - Trapped In The Machine
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Anger/Grief
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Field Work
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Illustrated Musical Encyclopedia
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Prayer/Salvation
Ryuichi Sakamoto - Thousand Knives
RZA, The - Afro Samurai
RZA, The - RZA as Bobby Digital in Stereo
The RZA - The RZA Hits
RZA, The - The RZA Hits Mega Mix
Rémy Bélanger De Beauport - D'éclisses
Röyksopp - Junior
Thee Suddens, Radioblaster, Speedbuggy & The New Grand - Our Stupid Noise