Basic Nature :: Circles and Lines


By Selci

Distorted melancholy, as sweet as rain on pavement. Basic Nature’s new album Circles and Lines, draws out an image that is rustically bright and sweetly twisted. The flow drones and drifts down the paths of hushed delay and through crumbling roads of heavy distortion. Basic Nature suspends us like a falling feather and swiftly arcs, profound as an incoming wind. The album is simultaneously light and heavy in the best possible way. Their instrumental and vocal blends are a highly complimentary sea of sound with haunting harmonies fading in and out unexpectedly.  They’ve got a bit of a Warpaint thing going on, so if you’re into that you’ll definitely be into this. The recordings are quite lo-fi but for the most part match the overall sound and aesthetic.  Their title track “Circles and Lines” is embedded with that mature angst that lives within us all.  This album is shoegaze indie-rock suitable for listening anywhere – parks, basements, beaches, studios, warehouses, and journeys.