EP Review :: Zoon :: Sterling Murmuration

cover of EP Sterling Murmuration

by Myles Tiessen

“…this body of work is supposed to display the danger in isolating. While in this state, we set ourselves up to be in harm’s way by outside forces, but breaking out and embracing humility and community, you can finally transcend into a healthy trajectory.”

So writes Zoon’s Daniel Monkman in the press release for their surprise EP Sterling Murmuration

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INTERVIEW :: Fold Paper

Photo by Myles Tiessen

by Rish Hanco

Fold Paper is the new project from Chell Osuntade, a Michigan native who moved to Winnipeg in 2016, and has been embedded in the local music scene ever since. 

Chell sat down to talk to us about Fold Paper and his journey with music. He discusses his influences, his passion for the post-punk genre, and playing music with his friends.

This interview has been edited for conciseness and clarity. 

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Album Review :: Shoehole :: Magic Hate Ball

by Gabriel Fars

Making deals with the devil, the embarrassment of still living with your mom, being a drunken man-child–This album really is about the important things in life. The things that you think about when you’re sad and still awake late at night when all you can do is stare up at your roof and pray that your brain will shut up so that you can just. Go. To. Sleep. 

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Album Review :: Jacob Brodovsky :: I Love You and I’m Sorry

by Sam Doucet

Jacob Brodovsky has been doing a lot of thinking. At a time when many artists are pumping out material at breakneck pace to keep their names in the conversation, and most of them are already working on their second or third pandemic-driven album, this Winnipeg troubadour has taken his time in releasing his debut full-length, the ever-so-cloyingly titled I Love You and I’m Sorry. It’s the first recordings we’ve heard from him since 2019’s Sixteen Years EP, which introduced many local ears to Brodovsky’s pensive and unhurried brand of indie folk. 

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EP Review :: Annaxis :: CBT

by Jakob Sheppard


I was fortunate enough to be able to ask Winnipeg’s Annaxis about her brand-new EP: CBT or “Cognitive Behavioural Therapy,” in which she brings her unique brand of dark pop with indie influences like Kate Bush, and Mitski, making the listening experience sombre yet beautiful at the same time.

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Album Review :: TOPS :: Empty Seats

by Ryan Haughey

Montreal’s sweetheart band TOPS builds on their already sparkling discography with their most recent EP, Empty Seats. After their previous full-length record, we’ve come to expect their usual driven, bubbly pop style – and on Empty Seats, the band delivers. But it’s never tired or recycled. All five songs hold something new to discover for TOPS in both storytelling and composition.

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Album Review :: JayWood :: Slingshot

by Sam Doucet

There is perhaps no cliché more prominent in music reviews than the one of the artist who refuses to be pigeonholed into one genre. Well, dear reader, that cliché is alive and well with Jeremy Haywood-Smith, aka Jaywood’s new album Slingshot, a dreamy and dynamic collection of musings that represent his first full-length release since 2019’s Time. It’s a deeply moving record that is the result of a tumultuous few years for Jeremy, with personal and global events giving him much to reflect on musically.

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