METZ :: On the Phone


Touring on behalf of their album II, Toronto Post-Punks Metz will be stopping by Winnipeg on July 29, performing at the Pyramid Cabaret. Stylus got caught up with the band on the phone.

By Topher Duguay

Stylus: All right, let’s begin. You guys seem to be stretching out a bit, musically, with the baritone guitars, synthesizers, tape loops etc. Are there any bands influencing you right now?

Metz: You know, we’re kind of all across the board. We’re into punk rock, hardcore, 60s beat music, psych, country, and folk. Just everything in our record collection.

Stylus: I heard you were working on a new record already. Any hints as to how that’s going to sound?

Metz: We got into the studio right after releasing the album; we were anxious to get in after releasing II. It isn’t going to be an LP, though, it’s more of a 7”. The new songs have a bit of a different style – they’re more open ended and groovier. We’re excited that after two albums, we feel like there’s no limit to what we could attempt, and that’s a pretty cool feeling.

Stylus: What’s with the video for Acetate, where it says it’s not the video? Is there a secret real video lying in wait?

Metz: Sub Pop tends to put songs with a thumbnail up. Our friend Travis was going to make a short clip and then made a four-minute full video that we liked enough to keep up.

Stylus: It’s cool that you guys are keeping the noise rock flame alive. I know you guys are fans of Viet Cong as a cool new Canadian band, but have you heard any of the bands in our noise rock scene?

Metz: We’re definitely fans of Kittens and friends with KEN Mode, and we performed with Conduct last time we were here.

Stylus: I know your dad did the photography in the booklet for your current album. Is there any story behind the photos? The one of the crowd in front of the bakery is pretty striking.

Metz: I grew up with my dad’s photos around the house and I really liked the tone of these ones in how they connect with the lyrical content. A lot of the songs are about the human condition/isolation/depression and how the modern world sort of affects us.  I feel like those photos show that in different instances. I sort of think of them as like a film still, or a snapshot of a bigger story.

Stylus: While you guys aren’t named after the city of Metz have you ever thought about playing a show there if you tour Europe? It just seems fitting, and I noticed you’re playing a LOT of shows in France this upcoming tour.

Metz: Yeah, I think we probably will. There have been a lot of people asking the same question, actually.