Joanne Pollock :: A maximalist moment


By Caelum Rossell

Stylus: Who is Joanne Pollock?

Joanne Pollock: Me

Stylus: What is something that not many people know about you?

J.P: I’m pretty into science

Stylus: Are there any local artists that you’ve been listening too?

J.P: Gutes Haar and Burden

Stylus: Do any artists influence your sound?

J.P: Ya, impersonally though, the artists that I listened to when I was a kid influenced what music is to me. The aesthetic of my early listening gave me the foundation of what music is to me and what it is. I’m inspired by how artists are pushing sounds and their artistry; their boldness translates into my music less than the sound.

Stylus: Does Winnipeg influence it?

J.P: Everything in my life influences me, Winnipeg allows me to have a studio. I have way less to worry about here, no neighbors and money.

Stylus: How would you describe your music?

J.P: Maximalist, electro pop

Stylus: What got you into electronic music?

J.P: I’ve been making music in some capacity from age of 10 and 11, as I would write songs and listen to the classics. Then around five-six years ago I started writing more music and doing electronic music. First electronic music I listened to was Aphex Twin, Boards of Canada, Björk and Venetian Snares.

Stylus: Were you a fan of acid house?

J.P: I wasn’t into acid house.

Stylus: What inspires you to create?

J.P: That’s a tough one, I think I make music as a choice, even if I was a doctor I’d still make music. I’m always trying to fill my reservoirs with ideas, conversations, movies and TV shows. I try to expose myself to different things in order to fill my reservoirs.

Stylus: Is there a new project in the works?

J.P: I’m doing stuff with mine and Aarons project Poemss, which will be released soon and I’m releasing a solo album on Timesig (Sublabel of Planet Mu).