30 Years of Stylus Magazine

30th Anniversary Cover by Megumi Kimata

by Chris Bryson and Daniel Emberg

Even in the heyday of print publications, 30 years was a long time. For a small budget, locally focused music publication, 30 years is worth celebrating. Stylus has now made it over that hump, continuing to bring locally relevant music news and serving as the physical program guide for CKUW 95.9 FM, which is also our current publisher. Over the early summer, a couple of volunteers sat down with over a dozen past and present Stylus editors and staff members, whose experiences span from the first edition to the one in your hands. There was far more said than could possibly fit within these covers, so this is not intended to be comprehensive.

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Album Review :: Royal Canoe :: Waver

by Kaelen Bell

The barriers between indie-rock, pop and R&B have by this point all but disintegrated, and on their newest record, Royal Canoe have decided to fully embrace the hip-hop and R&B sounds that had previously only coloured their lurching alt-rock. It’s an evolution, not a reinvention, and the move towards a more obvious hip-hop palette feels like a natural and inevitable stop in the band’s journey rather than a complete overhaul of their sound. 

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Album Preview :: Paige Drobot :: Zero Thought

Photo by Adam Cherpako

Words by Mark Teague

Although Paige Drobot is no stranger to the Manitoba Music scene, Zero Thought presents us with the first intimate look at the artist via her first solo EP. Scheduled for release on June 7th through local label Transistor 66, Zero Thought provides a thoroughly existentialist journey that becomes increasingly hard to pin to any specific style or genre as each track utilizes a specific voice and diverse melange of instrumentals.

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Anthony OKS – “Let it Fall” Video Review

by Nigel Webber

“Let it Fall”, the new single from Anthony OKS is a reflective and contemplative song. The beat, produced by OKS’ main collaborator, Paalsh, is anchored by a solid bass line but flourishes in the piano work by Mark Kolt. Anthony rocks a slower cadence but also shows off some of his singing ability in the hook. There is also a female vocal line sung by Joanna Majoko through the chorus that gives the whole song a dreamy vibe. The video, directed by Nic Kriellaars, is deceptively simple but has satisfying layers like a visual baklava.

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