Artist Feature :: Diaphanie

by Isabella Soares

The rise of the Covid-19 pandemic has affected people in various ways, especially in the arts/entertainment scene. With tours cancelled and album releases postponed, musicians were challenged to innovate their way of creating music and promoting themselves. While many would say that their experience under quarantine has been far from positive, there are others who were able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. To singer-songwriter Heather Thomas, these months in isolation gave birth to a new music identity that was free from genre restrictions and remotely collaborative. The musician, formerly under the name ATLAAS, has chatted with Stylus Magazine about the wake of her new persona called Diaphanie, and how quarantine made her reevaluate the next steps in her career.

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Album Review :: Land of Talk :: Indistinct Conversations

by Mark Teague

Indistinct Conversations, the latest release from Toronto’s Land of Talk seems, from the outset, to be the kind of dreamy folk album that typifies mid-afternoon festival stages in the hot sun. “Diaphanous”, the first track, is a fitting title to describe not only the song, but the overarching sound of the album. Yet, as the tracks maintain a pronounced lightness, the content begins to reveal a complexity that is not fully realized until the final songs.

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No Fun Club: A Tour of the Freshest Face on the Winnipeg Recording Studio Scene

by Margaret Banka

Unless you are a musician or work with sound, chances are that the recording studio is as intriguing a place to your imagination as it is to mine. For us mere mortals, recording studios are a deep chamber of mystery where art somehow becomes encapsulated, mastered, and shared with the rest of the world. 

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Album Review :: KAINA :: Next To The Sun

by Grace Hrabi

Next To The Sun, the latest release from Chicago-based musician KAINA (pronounced Kah-e-na), is an exploration into the struggles the artist has faced growing up as a first-generation Latina, born and raised in the United States. Her Venezuelan and Guatemalan background influences not only her musical styles but also her lyrics, which are honest and hopeful, keeping the listener open to the reality of her life experience throughout.

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Winnipeg State of Mind – Top 100 Winnipeg Hip-Hop Songs

by Nigel Webber

“Success is a gift, I hope you enjoy your present” – B-Flat

    Earlier this year a group of writers from Manitoba’s most prominent newspaper compiled a list of the best songs to ever come out of this city and province. Of the 150 songs those writers chose, only five were rap songs. Winnipeg hip-hop deserves more than just 3% of a list. We deserve our own fucking list: The Top 100 Winnipeg Hip-Hop Songs, according to myself alone.

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