Album Review :: Slow Spirit :: Nowhere No One Knows Where to Find You

by Myles Tiessen

With Nowhere No One Knows Where to Find You, Slow Spirit continues to push traditional rock boundaries. The band’s utilization of an electronic sound gives depth to the production, all while keeping it refreshing and compelling. Punchy drums anchor most of the songs, which see jazz-like instrumentation built on top. The effervescence of Natalie Bohrn’s rich alto vocals bounces around, blessing the chaotic instrumentation. 

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Artist Feature :: Osani Balkaran

by Isabella Soares

Music can have different meanings to different people. It can be the soundtrack to a memorable moment, a form of displaying feelings that are kept within, and the opportunity to share thoughts that must be heard and advocated for in this world. To local artist, Osani Balkaran (sometimes known as The O.B.) creating music was a systematic process that resulted in healing, transformation, and an unimaginable freedom. Stylus Magazine had the chance to speak with him about his evolving career, the meaning behind his authentic sound, and catch a glimpse of his creative progression.

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Isolation and Live Music Update

by Ryan Haughey

A few months ago, we interviewed Winnipeg artist Rayannah about her experience in isolation. We got to catch up with Rayannah again after she returned to the stage at the West End Cultural Centre for their ‘Bring Your Own Mic’ concert series. The series is ticketed partially for in-person experiences and for online experiences, a method that supports artists in a great new way.

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Winnipeg State of Mind :: Black Lives Matter

by Nigel Webber

“There could never be justice on stolen land” – KRS One

I immediately thought of that scene from “Network.” “I’m mad as hell and I’m not gonna take this anymore!” It feels like the whole world is there right now. As it should be. But there was another, less quoted, line from that same monologue which stood out, “I’m a human being, goddammit, my life has value!” 

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Album Review :: Paige Drobot :: Woman / Everything


by Zoë LeBrun

Woman / Everything, the latest release from local musician Paige Drobot, is everything that your summer playlist needs. Drobot takes rock and roll and turns it on its head, offering a completely unique perspective on the genre with tidbits of jazz peppered throughout her work. Much like its album artwork, Woman / Everything feels and sounds ethereal, taking you to a distant place and working its way into your mind where it stays for hours after listening to it. 

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EP Review :: birdacrosswater :: Dirty Omen

by Keeley Braunstein-Black

Written and released during quarantine, this digital album available on Bandcamp is an outstanding example of how humans process feelings and experiences through creativity. birdsacrosswater’s music here is decidedly lo-fi and sun baked. This EP is the direct result of the covid-19 pandemic and is perfect for staying indoors for long periods of time, becoming anxious and/or infuriated by the news, finding solace in watching dust float around a room, and that subtle feeling of impending doom. These sentiments are all barely addressed but can be felt in the songs of Dirty Omen.

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Artist Profile :: Zuki

by Osani Balkaran

From rocking the party as a DJ and creating diverse beats, Zuki has played and created unique styles and dispensed groove for several years now. From adolescence to young adult  Zuki travelled the globe finally settling in Winnipeg at the age of 20. Through these travels he was able to experience the world for what it is, and never fought it, just embraced it.

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