Cell :: Conceptual Cosmic Metal

by Chris Bryson

Winnipeg’s Cell are a band fully immersed in their sonic world of cosmic black metal. Cell’s vocalist and guitarist, who prefers to go by Hyperion when it comes to the band, has always been a fan of concept albums and their potential for emotional and narrative depth, and his eye for artistic detail and dedication to craft shows in the intricacies of his work.

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SPACE JAM – Yes We Mystic

by Zoë LeBrun

Yes We Mystic’s jam space lives in downtown Winnipeg, and is where the band has been practicing, writing, and recording music going on five years. Upon walking into this space, I was overcome with a feeling of positive energy (1). After coming in from the cold outside, the small and cozy space was flooded with natural light and reflected on the vibrant yellows on the multiple collage artworks (2) from their 5th anniversary show, done by artist Urban Ink, arranged around the room, giving the whole room a warm vibe. Davis Plett, guitarist and lead vocalist of the band showed me around the space to some of the band’s favourite pieces they’ve collected over the years.

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EP Review :: The Middle Coast :: Encore

by Jesse Popeski

On January 4th, The Middle Coast shared a good news/bad news post on social media.  The good news was the release of a new EP, titled Encore, which they assure is the “best music we’ve ever made, hands down.”  The bad news was that the band was going their separate ways. “The biggest problem is that the three of us are all strong creators,” wrote keyboardist Liam Duncan, explaining that the three musicians were shifting their focus to solo projects.

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Album Review :: Trampoline :: Happy Crimes

by Grace Hrabi

On February 9th, Winnipeg anti-rock band Trampoline released their latest musical enterprise, Happy Crimes, at the West End Cultural Centre. The album is a full-length rock musical that tells the story of a man who is tired of trying to make himself happy; who wants to be better, but doesn’t know how; who believes there is an imminent apocalypse, internal or otherwise, about to take place. Continue reading “Album Review :: Trampoline :: Happy Crimes”