Anthony OKS – “Let it Fall” Video Review

by Nigel Webber

“Let it Fall”, the new single from Anthony OKS is a reflective and contemplative song. The beat, produced by OKS’ main collaborator, Paalsh, is anchored by a solid bass line but flourishes in the piano work by Mark Kolt. Anthony rocks a slower cadence but also shows off some of his singing ability in the hook. There is also a female vocal line sung by Joanna Majoko through the chorus that gives the whole song a dreamy vibe. The video, directed by Nic Kriellaars, is deceptively simple but has satisfying layers like a visual baklava.

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McKinley Dixon

Interview by Jesse Meush

Stylus: When did you decide you wanted to rap? Was there any particular time, event, or person that especially influenced your decision to choose to make rap music?

McKinley Dixon : I started rapping in my second year of high school and then ever since 2010-2011, I kinda had the idea of incorporating a lot instrumentation into it and a lot of political messages but I didn’t have the vocabulary. It wasn’t until I branched out and moved to different places, including where I’m at now in Richmond, that I found communities and more stories and intersectional dialogue and identities than what I was used to. That’s kinda influenced where I’m  at now with my music.

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Winnipeg State of Mind

by Nigel Weber

“Lest I must confess, my destiny’s manifest” – Lauryn Hill

Playing Big Fun Festival in January was a big show for Marisolle Negash. She was premiering a new song with new visuals filmed by Victor Ilunga. But it was far from her first performance at a music festival. The local singer and multi-instrumentalist began performing at classical music festivals at the age of 8. Classically trained on both piano and voice, Marisolle’s music has come a long way from her roots in the classical world.

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by Kaelen Bell

There are a lot of things to find fault with in 2019 – devastating climate shifts have become a reality more quickly than many expected, right-wing fascism is on the rise, and social tribalism has pushed us further and further away from existing within a collective consciousness.

If there’s a band coming up today that can understand the social isolation and anxiety that come with living in 2019, it’s Blessed. The Abbotsford-based quintet has been performing together since 2015, creating music with a force and precision that feels invigorating and rare.

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Video Premiere :: Merin :: Coral Island

by Ryan Haughey

Hot and ready to release their new EP Coral Island is Merin, a band of friendly minstrels that play the saddest song in the happiest of keys. Cole, Jordan, Kathryn, and Joel make up the team that has been playing a live show every month for the past two years. Coral Island is the second EP from Merin and it comes out on May 24th at their release show at The Good Will Social Club. Today we are happy to share the new video for the title track “Coral Island” check it out underneath this interview.

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