by Ryan Haughey

A thin layer of darkness encompasses the shining crystal ball that is Chastity’s sophomore album, Home Made Satan. The visions the crystal ball bestows on listeners are those of flickering strobe lights, dirty mirrors, shadow puppets, and people in masks – all of which piece together the music video for “Sun Poisoning,” one of the lead singles on the record.

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by Margaret Banka

In the last few years, Winnipeg has seen an increase in the number of multi-purpose or collaborative ventures – think Forth, The Good Will Social Club, Little Sister Coffee Maker South Osbourne, and Prep Collective to name a few examples. These types of arrangements echo rather loudly the environment typically seen amongst artists and their studio spaces – besides the obvious economic advantages that come with sharing one roof, a multi-conceptual approach to how we use space can also yield considerable synergetic results. 

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Album Preview :: Begonia :: Fear

by Ben Waldman

Three years ago, Alexa Dirks began to transform. Dirks—an eminently talented vocalist equally comfortable singing lullabies, headbangers and neo-soul ballads—had made a name for herself in local circles for her work in ensembles like the Juno-winning Chic Gamine. But at the 2016 Winnipeg Jazzfest, she stepped forward, redubbing herself ‘Begonia’ and signalling the blossom of the most dynamic and intriguing artist the city has seen in years: a glittery, hot-pink supernova who felt like Canadian music’s worst-kept secret.

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Festival Recap :: 46th Winnipeg Folk Festival

by Ryan Haughey

The Winnipeg Folk Festival is a time for sharing love, creating memories, and most of all, enjoying music. Artists from all over the world come together to create a shared experience in our Winnipeg home. Acts at both Main Stage and Little Stage in the Forest play their hearts out and share themselves with the audience for one magical weekend.

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Rainbow Trout Music Festival Bike Jams

by Jared Gauthier

When you think of a festival, a bicycle probably isn’t the first image that comes to mind. For Rainbow Trout Music Festival, bicycles and the popular Bike Jams have become synonymous with the festival, raising awareness, and funds, to help grow a local celebration.

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