Beck’s Song Reader

Pretentious stunt or effective artistic experiment?
by Shanell Dupras

CDs, MP3s, LPs. These are the words most of us are familiar with when buying our music in the 21st century. Any other forms of music are inconvenient. In a day and age when everything is all about the convenience, Beck has decided to do a little experiment; to go back to the inconvenient; to release his next album only as sheet music. This new album, titled Song Reader, consists of 108 pages of music notation and original art. What’s intriguing is that the only way to hear the songs aloud are to both read and play them yourselves, or sign up for a mailing list to hear other fans’ renditions. The one question on everyone’s mind is: will it work? Continue reading “Beck’s Song Reader”

Sound & Visions: Experiences During a Self-Guided Tour

By Adrienne Yeung

Like many of you, my daily commute includes a walk past the Plug In Institute of Contemporary Art. One day a sign for their current exhibit caught my eye. Sound + Visions: Crossroads (curated by Anthony Kiendl) manages to link not only aural and visual art, but historical events and the present,  personal experiences and public exhibition. 11 pieces take various aspects of music and sound and allow you to look at them dissected, connected, transformed. This is my experience, below. Continue reading “Sound & Visions: Experiences During a Self-Guided Tour”