Hillbilly Highway – Carly Dow rolling solo

by Sheldon Birnie

Winnipeg folk fanatics undoubtedly know Carly Dow from her prior performances around Winnipeg with a variety of acts over the years, most notably Bog River. But after a couple solid years with the boys in Bog River, releasing a full-length and touring out west and back, the band recently called it a day. Now Carly Dow is stepping out onto the stage on her own again, with a big gig at the Folk Exchange on October 20th. Continue reading “Hillbilly Highway – Carly Dow rolling solo”

Bog River – Hands in the Ground

It’s probably your best bet to take your hands out of the ground and get them on this album. Hands in the Ground is the first full-length release from local trio Bog River. Comprised of Carly Dow, Ben Hadaller and Dave Barchyn, the band released Lost in the Woods in 2010, a rough yet valiant five part EP recorded at Hadaller’s cabin in one day. The EP was a glimpse into the promise possesses – a passion that drives the three of them to work intensely together on a fokly sound that is not only unique but tight and arousing. This time around, the band is doing it right, having recorded this album over the course of a couple weekends while still choosing to record back at the cabin. They dabble in a wide variety of genres and instruments, from pure folk, to Dixieland and gospel on this album. James McKee of the F-Holes makes a trumpet and trombone contribution on tracks four and five, with Alex Campbell is at the piano on track five. Vocalist Carly Dow’s vocals on the album are raw, while Dave and Ben offer silkier alternatives. Hands in the Ground is muddy and simple contemporary folk, and delves into deep themes of family, love and roots. If you’re not already familiar with the band, stop by the WECC on October 13 to celebrate their album release party. (Independent, myspace.com/bogriver) Victoria King for Stylus Magazine