Big Fun

By Chris Bryson

The Big Fun festival has been going on since 2012 and has become a beloved staple and growing fixture of the Winnipeg music scene. Since its inception, the multi-genre festival has been evolving and changing. It is now comprised of four members, and covers 14 shows over 5 days at multiple different locations. Continue reading “Big Fun”

Mac DeMarco :: No straight talk here…



by Gil Carroll

With the release of his new, overwhelmingly fresh and catchy LP, Salad Days, Mac DeMarco has been dragged into the indie music spotlight with force. He’s been told to stay there, take countless interviews with every music blog in North America and Europe, sing some songs to sold out crowds all over the world, tell jokes and do funny dances. With so much coverage and a frenzy of hip kids surrounding Mac at this point, what else is left to be said? Continue reading “Mac DeMarco :: No straight talk here…”