Hillbilly Highway – Top 5 tunes about Hockey


by Sheldon Birnie

It’s playoff time, folks! If you haven’t been utterly bummed out by the results thus far, keep your chin up; the Sharks are bound to go all the way. Right?

With the Jets dead in the water by the third period of their final game, three out of four Canadian teams out of the running in the first round, and summer bearing down on us like a freight train, it’s understandable that many are losing interest. But not the hockey diehards!

Last week, we spoke with Canadian songwriter Jay Aymar on his way down the Hillbilly Highway. Aymar has written one of the best hockey songs going, and it got me thinking that the time is right for a Top 5 Round-Up about the Best Game You Can Name. So here goes. Game on! Continue reading “Hillbilly Highway – Top 5 tunes about Hockey”

Hillbilly Highway – Jay Aymar rolls through town


by Sheldon Birnie

Toronto based troubadour Jay Aymar is hitting the road for his fourth cross-Canada tour, making an early stop in Winnipeg at the Folk Exchange on Friday. Aymar has been writing songs for over 20 years, going hard at it in the 90s before applying the breaks a bit until a song of his jump started his performing career a few years back. With a keen eye for the details of everyday life, and a storyteller’s approach to the narrative form, Jay Aymar is a great Canadian songwriter slugging it out on the Hillbilly Highway. He checked in with us just before hitting the road on Tuesday. Continue reading “Hillbilly Highway – Jay Aymar rolls through town”

Propagandhi :: Rec hockey and Failed States

by Sheldon Birnie

On September 4th, Epitaph Records will release Propagandhi’s sixth studio album, giving heavy hitting music fans a few months to enjoy headbanging along with it before constricting economic and geo-political realities propel our society into its final phase or, alternately, “Nibiru comes flying out of the Oort cloud and annihilates Earth in late December.” Over a couple beers on a blistering hot July afternoon, Chris Hannah sat down with Stylus to chat about rec hockey, the state of the world, and the new record. Continue reading “Propagandhi :: Rec hockey and Failed States”