Hillbilly Highway – Those Darlins new Winnipeg inspired track

by Sheldon Birnie

It’s no secret I’m a big fan of Nashville based rockers Those Darlins. Since seeing them open for King Khan & BBQ Show at the Albert a few years back, I’ve been head over heels for the smokin’ babes & hot dude that make up Those Darlins, and the sweet, sweet country tinged rock n roll they pump out. Continue reading “Hillbilly Highway – Those Darlins new Winnipeg inspired track”

Hillbilly Highway – Cruising the Interstates to First Avenue

by Sheldon Birnie

The Hillbilly Highway crosses many borders. Provincial, state, international: it doesn’t give a fuck. I cruised myself down the Pembina Highway to America last week in order to check out two of my favourite bands — the Drive-By Truckers and Those Darlins — play at First Avenue in Minneapolis. The trip was short, but sweet as fucking sin. Continue reading “Hillbilly Highway – Cruising the Interstates to First Avenue”

Hillbilly Highway – Gettin’ loose with Those Darlins

by Sheldon Birnie

Those Darlins are a group of three babes and one sweet dude who rock. The formula is sure fire – who doesn’t love babes? – but their output is above and beyond the pale.

The Hillbilly Highway is filled with groups with similar dynamics. Hell, Winnipeg itself is infested with successful groups of rootsy babes. But there’s more to kicking ass at every honky-tonk on the Hillbilly Highway than a pretty face or three. Those Darlins are different. Hard work, crotch punching songs and a bunch of hearts hungry for rock have combined: the result is an act to catch while you can.

Currently riding the road in support of their sophomore LP Screws Get Loose, the band is set to play in Minneapolis next week with the Drive-By Truckers, one of my favourite groups in the world. I am making the pilgrimage to Twin Cities, America to catch the gig, and I’d be a goddamn liar if I said I wasn’t pumped. Continue reading “Hillbilly Highway – Gettin’ loose with Those Darlins”