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Coathangers & Heavy Cream - Merry Go Round b/w Toasted
H - Stability's End
H-Alpha - Red Sphere
H-Town - Ladies Edition
H. de Heutz - Study for Violence and Tape
H. I. Moskoff - Global Villages (featuring the music of H. I. Moskoff)
H2O - Go
Ha Ha Tonka - Death Of A Decade
Ha Ha Tonka - Heart-Shaped Mountain
Haave - Swamp Mama
Habib Koite - Afriki
Habib Koite & Eric Bibb - Brothers in Bamako
Habib Koité & Bamada - Baro
Habibi - Habibi
Habit, The - Lincoln Has Won
Hacienda - 3rd Door Left
Hacienda - Shakedown
Hacker, The - Le Theatre Des Operations
Hacker, The - Melodies en Sous-Sol
The Hacker - Reves Mecaniques
Hacksaw - Hacksaw
Hacksaw - Turned Up Way Down
Hades Almighty - Millenium Nocturne
Hadji and LMO - Indian Style
Hadley Caliman - Gratitude
Hadley Calliman & Pete Christlieb - Reunion
Haelos - Full Circle
Haeresiarchs of Dis - Denuniatis Cinis
Haeresiarchs of Dis - Denuntiatus Cinis
Haerts - New Compassion
Hag Face - Hag Face
Hag Face - R.I.P.
Hag Face - Ragface
Hagfish - ...Rocks Your Lame Ass
Haggis - Last Drag
Hagood Hardy - In My Heart
Haiduks - 1968
Hailey Niswanger - Confeddie
Hailu Mergia & The Walias - Lala Belu
Hailu Mergia & The Walias - Tche Belew
Haimovitz; Crow; McNabney - Days Are Gone
Haimovitz; Crow; McNabney - Goldberg Variations
Hainsworth - Makin' the Dream
Haints Old Time Stringband - Shout Monah
Haircut One Hundred - Pelican West
Hajk - Hajk
Hakim Bey - T.A.Z.
Hal Brolund - When Hal Freezes Over
Hal Galper - Art-Work
Hal Galper - E Pluribus Unum
Halabisky's Uprising - Slaying Maya
haley ackerman - the healing stream
Haley Blais - Let Yourself Go
Haley Bonar - Impossible Dream
Haley Bonar - Last War
Haley Rempel - About Time
Half Baked - Greatest Hits
Half Baked - Satango
Half Chinese - We Were Pretending To Be
Half Court Prayer - Like, Prettk O.K.
Half Japanese - Hot
Half Japanese - Overjoyed
Half Moon Run - A Blemish In The Great Light
Half Waif - The Caretaker
HALF WAIF - Lavender
Half-Handed Cloud - Halos + Lassos
Half-Handed Cloud - Thy Is a Word & Feet Need Lamps
Half-Hour Late - In November
Halford - Made Of Metal
Halford - Metal God Essentials Volume 1 with Bonus DVD
Halie Loren - Stages
Halifax Pier - Put Your Gloves on and Wave
Halim El-Dabh - Crossing into the Electric Magnetic
Halina Larsson - Fires & French Horns
Hall, Ranaldo, Hooker - Oasis of Whispers
Hall/Koenig/Idzerda - Three Way Conversations
Halley DeVestern Band, The - Keep on Playin'
Hallow Moon - Hallow Moon
Halloween - the times of the oath
Halou - Wiser
HAM - Boreal Imbroglio
Ham - Comrades Demand Conquest
Ham - Embassy De Volcanoes
Hamell On Trail - Big As Life
Hamell on Trial - Songs for Parents Who Enjoy Drugs
Hamell on Trial - Tough Love
Hamiet Bluiett & Concept - Live at Carlos I
Hamiet Bluiett & Concept - Live at Carlos I: Another Night
Hamish - Pharmakos
Hamish Patterson - Yucky!
Hammer No More the Fingers - Hammer No More The Fingers
Hammered Satin - Glamorama
Hammered Satin - Hammered Satin
The Hammerheads - The Hammerheads
Hammers Of Misfortune - 17th Street
Hammock - Kenotic
Hammock - raising your voice... trying to stop an echo
Han Bennink - Jazz Bunker
Han Bennink & Eugene Chadbourne - 21 Years Later (Train Kept a Rollin')
Hana Lulu - Keepsake
Hana Vu - How Many Times Have You Driven By
HAND & LEG - Hand & Leg
HAND HABITS - Wildly Idle
The Hand To Man Band - You Are Always On Our Minds
Handel and Haydn Society - Haydn: Symphonies No. 26 & 86 - Mozart: Violin Concerto No. 3
Handle, The - Last Stop, Scroadsville!
Hands & Teeth - Hunting Season
Hands And Teeth - Enjoy Your Lifestyle
Hands Of Death/ManKillsMan - Split
Handsome - Handsome
Handsome Dan and His Gallimaufry - The Best There Was
Handsome Family, The - Honey Moon
Handsome Family, The - Twilight
Handsome Furs - Sound Kapital
Handsome Jack - Everything's Gonna Be Alright
Handsome Ned - The Ballad Of...
Hanged Up - Hanged Up
Hangedup - Clatter For Control
Hangedup - Kicker in Tow
Hangedup & Tony Conrad - Transit Of Venus
Hanggai - Hanggai
Hanggai - He Who Travels Far
Hangin Tree - Hangin Tree
Hanin Elias - No Games No Fun
Hank - Ackrill/Venning '91
Hank & Cupcakes - Ain't No Love
Hank Dogs - Half Smile
Hank Jones - For My Father
Hank Thompson - Hankworld: The Unissued World Transcriptions
Hank Thompson - Seven Decades
Hank Williams - Alone with His Guitar
Hank Williams III - Damn Right, Rebel Proud
Hank Williams III - Lovesick Broke & Driftin'
Hank Williams III - Rebel Within
Hank Williams III - Risin' Outlaw
Hank Williams III - Straight to Hell
Hank Williams Jr. - Almeria Club Recordings
Hank's Hallucination - Crocodile Tears
Hannah Georgas - Beat Stuff
Hannah Georgas - Hannah Georgas
Hannah Georgas - The Quarter EP
Hannah Georgas - This Is Good
Hannah Shira Naiman - Tether My Heart
Hannah Williams & the Affirmations - 50 Foot Woman
Hannah-maria teresa - Sanseiru
Hanne Hukkelberg - Rykestraße 68
Hanni El Khatib - Flight
Hanni El Khatib - Head in the dirt
Hanni El Khatib - Moonlight
Hanni El Khatib - Savage Times
Hanni El Khatib - Will the Guns Come Out
Hanni El Khatib - Will the Guns Come Out
Hanoi Rocks - All Those Wasted Years - Live At The Marquee
Hans Stamer - Everything Happens To Me
Hans Tammen & Dominic Duval - The Road Bends Here
Hans Theessink - Jedermann Remixed-the Soundtrack
Hans Theessink & Terry Evans - Delta Time
Hans Zimmer - Beyond Rangoon: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Hans-Eberhard Ross - Louis Vierne: Complete Organ Symphonies, Vol. 3
Hanson Brothers - My Game
Hanson Brothers - Sudden Death
Hanson Brothers, The - Hanson Brothers, The
The hanuman sextet - 9 meals from anarchy
Happa - Beat Of The Drum
Happiness Factor, The - Self-Improvement?
Happy Anarchy - Reset
The Happy Fits - Concentrate
Happy Kreter - Paradigm Lost
Happy Man - Born to Entertain
Happy Man - Sunburst
Happy Medium - Happy hour
Happy Mondays - 'Step On'
Happy Mondays - The Early EPs
Happy Mondays - Hallelujah
Happy Mondays - Happy Mondays - Greatest Hits
Happy Time Children's Chorus & Orchestra - Yellow Submarine
Happyman - Just Like You
Har Mar Superstar - Bye Bye 17
Har Mar Superstar - The Handler
Har Mar Superstar - Har Mar Superstar
Hard Charger - Vol. 4: Take the Guff and Suffer
Hard Charger - Bad Omens
Hard Charger - Hard Charger
Hard Charger - This Machine Is Driving
Hard Drugs - Hard Drugs
Hard Rock Miners - Rock'n Roll
Hard Rubber Orchestra - Kenny Wheeler: Suite for Hard Rubber Orchestra
Hard Ryde - Stages
Hard-Ons - Most People Are a Waste of Time
Hard-Ons - This Terrible Place
Hardboiled Wonder Land - Hardboiled Wonder Land
Hardfloor - Home Run
Hardship Post - Somebody Spoke
Hardvark - Memory Barge
Harfang - Flood
Harfang - Harfang
Harfang - Laugh Away The Sun
Harlan Pepper - Take Out A Twenty & Live Life To The Fullest
Harlan Pepper - Young and Old
Harlem - Hippies
Harlem World - Movement
Harlequin - Love Crimes
Harley Card - Hedgerow
Harley Card - Non-Fiction
Harley Shit Fingers and the Bogus Gambler - Riding Songs for Father's Knee
Harlots, The - Crawl Spaces
Harm Farm - Nice Job, Einstein
Harm Farm - Spawn
Harold Lopez-Nussa - Un Día Cualquiera
HARP - A Time to Sing: Historical 1984 Live Recording
Harp Samuels - Even There
HarpAcash & the Morals - Lamps
Harpdog Brown - What It Is ...
Harpdog Brown - For Love & Money
Harpoon Missile - Boy, Interrupted
Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer, The - Apocalipstick
Harpoonist & the Axe Murderer, The - A Real Fine Mess
Harri Kakoulli - Bliss Like Gold
Harriet Brown - Contact
Harrington Saints - 1,000 Pounds of Oi!
Harrington Saints - State Of Emergency
Harris Eisenstadt - Canada Day II
Harris Eisenstadt - Canada Day III
Harris Newman - Accidents With Nature and Each Other
Harris Newman - Non-Sequiturs
Harrow Fair - Call to Arms
Harry Belafonte - Belafonte '89
Harry Belafonte - An Evening with Harry Belafonte & Friends
Harry Belafonte - Paradise in Gazankulu
Harry Chapin - Heads & Tales
Harry Chapin - Verities and Balderdash
Harry Connick Jr. - Come by Me
Harry Connick Jr. - Selections from Come by me
Harry Connick Jr. - Star Turtle (Audio Cassette)
Harry Hmura - Passion
Harry Manx - Live: Road Ragas
Harry Manx - Mantras for Madmen
Harry Manx - Om Suite Ohm
Harry Manx - West Eats Meet
Harry Manx - Wise & Otherwise
Harry Manx & Kevin Breit - Jubilee
Harry Manx & Kevin Breit - Strictly Whatever
Harry Nilsson - Hollywood Dreamer
Harry Pickens - Passionate Ballads
Harry Reser - Trainin' the Fingers
Harry Somers, Alex Pauk, Jean Stilwell, Esprit Orchestra, James Parker - Harry Somers Celebration
Hart Rouge - Beaupre's Home
Hartmut Geerken, Art Ensemble of Chicago - Zero Sun No Point
Hartz Mountain Parakeet Experts - Parakeet Training Record
Harv - Must
Harv - Tost
harvee - Sink or swim
Harvest Breed - Everything Changes
Harvest King Records presents - Shredded Wheat Vol 1
Harvey Christ - The Dead Beat CD
Harvey Danger - King James Version
Harvey Danger - Where Have All the Merrymakers Gone?
Harvey Fierstein - This is not going to be pretty
Harvey Switched - Studio Pimps ep
Harwill - Spinner of Tales
Hasidic New Wave - Kabalogy
Hasil Adkins - Look at That Caveman Go!!
Hasil Adkins - Poultry in Motion: The Hasil Adkins Chicken Collection
Haskell Small (piano) - Haskell Small: The Rothko Room - Journeys in Silence (2010), and other recent piano works; Visions of Childhood (2011); A Glimpse of Silence (2013) [World Premiere Recordings]
Hat & Beard - Reflections
Hatcher-Briggs - Getting There from Here
Hatchetmen - Hatchetmen
Hate Dept. - Release It
Hate Drugs - Tsunami Soul II
HATER - Red Blinders
Hater - You Tried
Hatesphere - Serpent Smiles and Killer Eyes
Haunted - Versus
Haunted - Versus
Haunted Hearts - Howdy
Haunted Hearts - Thank You, Goodnight
Haunter - 7" + Bonus
Haunter - Lighthouse
Haunter - Rivers & Rust
Haunter - Rivers & Rust
Hauschka - Salon Des Amateurs Remix
Havana 3 a.m. - Havana 3 a.m.
Havard Gimse, Gunilla Sussmann, Royal Scottish National Orchestra, Bjarte Engeset - Tvett: Piano Concerto No. 4
Have Heart - The Things We Carry
Haven - Between the Senses
Haviah Mighty - Bass Loud
Havocs, The - Bad Day
Hawaii - Hawaii
Hawk and a Hacksaw - Cervantine
Hawke - Heatstroke
Hawkeyes - Poison Slows You Down
Hawking - Hawking EP
Hawkins, Ron and the Rusty Nails - Greasing the Star Machine
Hawksley Workman - Almost a Full Moon
Hawksley Workman - Between the Beautifuls
Hawksley Workman - For Him and the Girls
Hawksley Workman - Last Night We Were the Delicious Wolves
Hawksley Workman - Los Manlicious
Hawksley Workman - Lover / Fighter
Hawksley Workman - Meat
Hawksley Workman - Milk
Hawthorne Heights - The Silence in Black and White
Hax Meadroom - Astral Projection
Haxxan - The Magnificent Planet of Alien Vampiro II
Hay Fever - The River
Hayden - The Closer I Get
Hayden - Elk-Lake Serenade
Hayden - Everything I Long For
Hayden - In Field & Town
Hayden - Moving Careful
Hayden - Skyscraper National Park
Hayden - Trees Lounge
Hayden - Us Alone
Hayes Carll - Trouble in Mind
Hayley Gene - Hayley Gene
Hayley Westenra - Celtic Treasure
Hayley Westenra - Odyssey
Hays, Mehldau - Modern Music
Hayseed Dixie - A Hillbilly Tribute to AC/DC
Hayseed Dixie - Weapons of Grass Destruction
Haywood - Model for a Monument
Hazel - Are You Going to Eat That?
Hazel Motes - 20th Century Monologue
Hazel Motes - Hazel Motes (cassette)
Hazey Eyes - Some Reason
Hazmat Modine - Bahamut
The Hazytones - The Hazytones
Head Automatica - Decadence
Head Cat - Walk The Walk...Talk The Talk
Head Hits Concrete - Hollowed Out Human Husk
Head Hits Concrete - Thy Kingdom Come Undone
Head of Femur - Ringodom or Proctor
Head Phone Over Tone - Summer of Love
Headache24 - Having You to Walk With
Headache24 - M for Love
Headcramp - Headcramp
Headcramp - Mind-Blowing Beef-fest Spectacular
Headcramp - No More Smiles
Headhunters - Evolution Revolution
Headhunters - platinum
Headlock - It Found Me
Headlocks, The - Most Golden Goose
Headrillaz - Shoeshine
The heads - relaxing with...
Heads Up - No talking just head
Heads Up - Soul Brother Crisis Intervention
Headspeed - Blueprint for Disaster
Headstones - Little Army
Headstones - Love + Fury
Headstones - Smile and Wave
Headstones - Teeth & Tissue
Headswim - Hype
Healing the Divide - Healing the Divide
Health&Beauty - No Scare
Heaps - What Is Heaps
Hearing Trees - Dear Sahara
Hearing Trees - Hearing Trees
Hearing Trees - Hold My Hand EP
Hearing Trees - Puppets
Hearing Trees - Quiet Dreams
Hearing Trees - Quiet Dreams
Hearse [CAN] - Pot Calling Kettle
Heart Attack Kids - Heart Attack Kids
Heart Beat City - Boy Gal Want Mi
Heart Behind A Barbed Wire Hymen - Deathbed on A Toy Car Mat City Landscape
Heart Failure Research Unit - Young Animals
Heartaches Stringband, The - Mrs. Johnson & Mr. Brown
Heartbeat City - Tanglespruce
Heartbeat City - Thunder Amongst Us
Hearts in Notes - Dusk Song
Heartsrevolution - Ride Or Die
Heat - Heat
Heat - Rooms
Heat Rat Magnets - Heat Rat Magnets
Heat, The - Last Summer Again
Heaters - Holy Water Pool
Heaters - Matterhorn
Heath Brothers - Endurance
The Heath Brothers - As We Were Saying
Heathen Eve - Reconcilable Differences
Heather Bishop - Daydream Me Home
Heather Bishop - Daydream Me Home
Heather Bishop - The Last Tracks
Heather Blush & The Uppercuts - Versa
Heather D. Friesen - The Heather D. Friesen Collection Vol. 1-6
Heather Eatman - Mascara Falls
Heather Mcleod - Funny Thing
Heather Myles - Sweet Talk & Good Lies
Heather Nova - Live From the Milky Way
Heather Nova - Oyster
Heather Nova - Siren
Heather Valley - Desert Message
Heathered Pearls - Detroit, MI (1997-2001)
Heatmiser - Cop And Speeder
Heatmiser - Mic City Sons
Heaven & the Ghosts - Poinsettia
Heaven 17 - Let Me Go
Heaven 17 - Penthouse and Pavement
Heaven 17 - Teddy Bear, Duke & Psycho
Heaven For Real - Kill Your Memory
Heaven in Vain - Heaven in Vain
Heaven's Gate - Transmuting
Heavens - Patent Pending
Heavy - Great Vengence and Furious Fire
Heavy Bell - By Grand Central Station
Heavy Blinkers - Better Weather
Heavy Blinkers - Heavy Blinkers
Heavy Blinkers, Orwell - Intercontinental Pop Exchange, Vol. 3
Heavy Blinkers, The - Health
Heavy Blinkers, The - The Night and I Are Still So Young
Heavy Chains - A Very Real Hell
Heavy Cream - Super Treatment
Heavy Early - What's Not to Dig?
Heavy Eric - Goalie's Nightmare
Heavy Eric - She's got my heart behind the 8 ball
Heavy Meadows - Heavy Meadows
Heavy Meadows - Heavy Meadows
Heavy Metal Jazz Concepts, The - Heavy Was a Sweater
Heavy Times - Fix It Alone
Heavy Times - I'm Single
Heavy Tin - Refused
Heavy Tin - Space Cats
Heavy Trash - Going Way Out with Heavy Trash
The Heavy - The Glorious Dead
HeavyDive - Warn The Dark
Heavyfeet - Intimidating the Neighbours
HeavyMellow - HeavyMellow
Heavyweights Brass Band - Don't Bring Me Down
Hecate Enthroned - Kings of Chaos
Heckle - Complicated Futility of Ignorance
Hecta - The Diet
Hector Guerra - Desde El Infierno
Hector La Voe - La Voz
Hedgehog - Neurons
Hedningarna - Hedningarna
Hedningarna - Karelia Visa
Hednoize - Searching for the End
Hedrons - One More Won't Kill Us
Heelwalkers, The - The Heelwalkers
Hefner - Dead Media
Hefner - The Fidelity Wars
Hefner - We Love the City
Hefner & Murry the Hump - Half A Life/The House That Used To Be A Ship
Hefner's Good Fruit - Hefner's Good Fruit
Heidi Berry - Pomegranate: An Anthology
Heidi Happy - Flowers, Birds and Home
Heidi Saperstein - The Devil I Once Knew
Heidi Saperstein - Very Special
Heidi Saperstein - Zara
Heights, The - The Heights
Heiki - Paper+Sound
Heillig Manoeuvre - 'toons
Heillig Manoeuvre - Heillig Manoeuvre
Heims - Worship Or Die
The Heirlooms - Ma-Me-O Beach
Hejira - Hejira
Hekla Island - Spinning Star Kick
Helado Negro - Double Youth
Helado Negro - Island Universe Story One
Heldon - Allez Teia
Helen - Original Faces
Helen Gone - Real, Real Gone
Helen Mitteregger - Less is More
Helen Reddy - I Am Woman
Helen Schneider - Right As The Rain
Helen Schneider - Songs of Kurt Weill
Helen White - No more dinosaur bones
Helena Infante - Jazz
Helgardh - Black Flame Descent
Helgrind - Fallen Prophet
Helicopter Crashes - Unaudible Explosions
Helicopter Helicopter - By Starlight
The Heligoats - Back to the Ache
The Helio Sequence - The Helio Sequence
The Helio Sequence - Keep Your Eyes Ahead
The Helio Sequence - Keep Your Eyes Ahead (Deluxe Edition)
Helio Sequence, The - Love and Distance
Helio Sequence, The - Negotiations
Helio Sequence, The - Young Effectuals
The Heliocentrics - 13 Degrees of Reality
The Heliocentrics - A World of Masks
Helium - Pirate Prude
Helix - No Rest for The Wicked
Hell Billys - Tied To A Rocket
Hell City Love - Hell City Love
Hella - Concentration Face & Homeboy
Hella - The Devil Isn't Red
Hellacopters, The - By the Grace of God
Hellacopters, The - By the Grace of God
The Hellacopters - Grande Rock
Hellayula - Cartoons/Hellayula Split EP
Hellbound Hepcats, The - No. 2
Hellbound Hepcats, The - Turn Me Inside Out
Hellecasters, The - Essential Listening, Vol. 1
Hello Beautiful - Sountrack For Scenario
Hello Daylight - Gemma
Hello Moth - Infinitely Repeated
Helloween - Gambling With The Devil
Helloween - I Want Out
Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys - The Legacy
Helloween - Keeper Of The Seven Keys: The Legacy World Tour - Live In Sao Paulo (2CD)
HELLOWEEN - Pink Bubbles Go Ape
Hellrazer - Bonecrusher
Hellrazer - Operation Overload
Hellrazer - Prisoner of the Mind
Hellshovel - Hated By The Sun
Hellsongs - Hymns in the Key of 666
Hellsongs - Long Live Lounge
Helmet - Betty
Helmet & House of Pain - Just Another Victim
Helms - McCarthy
Helmsplitter - Enraptured By Suffering
Helmut Lotti - Helmut Lotti Goes Classic
Helmut Müller-Brühl, Cologne Chamber Orchestra - Haydn: Symphonies, Vol. 24--Nos. 43, 46, & 47
Helmut Müller-Brühl, Cologne Chamber Orchestra, Takako Nishizaki - Saint-Georges: Violin Concertos
Heloise & The Savoir Faire - Trash, Rats & Microphones
Helsingborg Symphony Orchestra - Lars-Erik Larsson: Orchestral Works, Vol. 1
Helsinki Baroque Orchestra - Four Symphonies
Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra - Modificata/Incantations/Towards the Horizon
Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra - Symphonies Nos. 1 & 3 / Okon Fuoko Suite
Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra - Zemlinsky: Die Seejungfrau (The Mermaid) / Sinfonietta, Op. 23
Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, Christian Tetzlaff - Dvorak: Violin Concerto & Romance; Suk: Fantasy
Helstar - Rising From The Grave
Heltah Skeltah - Magnum Force
Hem - Eveningland
Hem - Rabbit Songs
Hemingway Corner - Last Northern Train
Hemoptysis - Misanthropic Slaughter
Henchman - Void in Between
Hendrick Meurkens & New York Samba Jazz All Stars - In a Sentimental Mood
Hennessey - Dig it Up
Hennessey - Life on AM Radio
Hennie Bekker - Africn Tapestries Collection
Hennie Bekker - Christmas Spirit
Hennie Bekker - Moving On
Hennie Bekker - Spectrum: An Anthology Of Rela
Henning Kraggerud, Tromso Chamber Orchestra - Three Concerti for Violin and Chamber Orchestra
Henri Duparc - L'Invitation au Voyage
Henri Faberge & the Adorables - Henri Faberge & the Adorables
Henry and the Folk - Bus Trip Songbook
Henry and the Nightcrawlers - 100 Blows
Henry Clay People - Twenty-Five for the Rest of Our Lives
HENRY FLYNT - You Are My Everlovin'
Henry Gray - Plays Chicago Blues
Henry Gross - Henry Gross
Henry Kaiser - Hope You Like Our New Direction
Henry Kaiser & Paul Plimley with Danielle DeGruttola - Passwords
Henry Livingstone - The Curtains are drawn on Closing night and the cast goes out for a drink
Henry Mancini - Breakfast at Tiffany's
Henry Marshall and Rickie Moore - Mantras fro Lovers
Henry Rollins - Think Tank
Henry Threadgill Zooid - This Brings Us To (Vol.1)
Henry Threadgill Zooid - This Brings Us To Volume II
Henry Wagons - After What I Did Last Night...
Henry Wagons - "Expecting Company?"
The Henrys - Desert Cure
Henrys, The - Joyous Porous
Henrys, The - Puerto Angel
Hentchmen - Hentch-O-Ween
Hentchmen - Hentchmen
Hentchmen - Motorvatin'
Hepcat - Push 'N Shove
Her Space Holiday - Her Space Holiday
Her Space Holiday - The Young Machines
Herajika tracks - Love Universal
Herald Nix - Everybody Loves You
Herald Nix - Open Up The Sky
Herald Nix - Soul of a Kiss
Herb Alpert - Beyond
Herb Alpert - Sampler
Herb and the Humans - Fractured Stars in Empty Bars
Herb Harris - Some Many Second Chances Vol 1
Herb Robertson & the Double Infinitives - Music for Long Attention Spans
The Herbaliser - Blow Your Headphones
The Herbaliser - Same as It Never Was
Herbcraft - The Astral Body Electric
Herbert - Around the House
Herbert - Bodily Functions
Herbie Hancock & Wayne Shorter - 1+1
Herbie Hancock, Michael Brecker, Roy Hargrove - Directions in Music: Live at Massey Hall: Celebrating Miles Davis & John Coltrane
Herbie Mann - Jasil Brazz
Herbie Mann - London Underground
Herbie Mann - Push Push
Herbie Mann - Waterbed
The Herbie Nichols Project - Dr. Cyclop's Dream
Herbie Nichols Project, The - Strange City
Hercules & Love Affair - DJ-Kicks (2LP)
Hercules & Love Affair - Ominion
Here & Here & Here - Here & Here & Here
Here Are the Facts You Requested - Shocks + Struts
Here Lies Man - Here Lies Man
Here We Go Magic - A Different Ship
Herman Jolly - Bunker Life
Hermetic - Heartbreakology
Hermetic - Hermetic
Hermit, The - Flying Out Of Solitude
Hermit, The - Flying Out Of Solitude
the hermit - turn up (the stereo)
The Hermit - Wonderment
Hermitofthewoods - Land of the Lotus Eaters
Hermitude - Hyperparadise
A Hero a Fake - The Future Again
Heroes of the Dancefloor - Shelter
Heron Oblivion - Heron Oblivion
HERVA - Kila
Herzog - Boys
Herzog - Cartoon Violence
Hestons - Strange Sounds
Hex Beat - A Series of Kicks
HEXA - Factory Photographs
HEXES & OHS - Bedroom Madness
The Hextalls - Call It A Comeback
Hextalls , The - get smashed
Hey Atico - Courage EP
Hey Everyone - Broken Horse
Hey Marseilles - Hey Marseilles
Hey Marseilles - Lines We Trace
Hey Mercedes - The Weekend EP
Hey Mother Death - Highway
Hey Ocean! - It's Easier to be Somebody Else
Hey Pilgrim - The Big
Hey Pilgrim - Hey Pilgrim
Hey Predator! - Foxholes and Atheists and so Forth
Hey Rosetta! - Cup of Kindness Yet
Hey Rosetta! - Second Sight
Hey Rosetta! - Seeds
hHead - jerk
hHead - Ozzy
Hi-Phoniques - Hi-Phoniques
Hi-Ranger - Hi-Ranger
Hi-Standard - Making The Road
Hi-Strung Downers, The - Can't Feel Good All the Time
Hi-Tek - Hi-Teknology
Hiatus - Between the Lines
Hiatus Kaiyote - Choose Your Weapon
Hiawatha - Language
Hibakusha - Hibakusha
Hibou - Hibou
Hidden Cameras, The - Awoo
Hidden Cameras, The - Home on Native Land
The Hidden Cameras - Mississauga Goddam
Hidden Cameras, The - Origin: Orphan
Hidden Cameras, The - The Smell of Our Own
The Hidden Chord - .Identity
Hidden Towers - Olympus Mons
Hide Your Daughters - The Teen Girl's Guide to Social Success (2007)
Hide Your Daughters - Twisted And Distorted Gender Relations 101
Hideout - So Many Hoops, So Little Time
Hierophants - Parallax Error
The High & Mighty - Home Field Advantage
The High Back Chairs - Curiosity And Relief
High Bar Gang, The - Lost & Undone: A Gospel Bluegrass Companion
High Bar Gang, The - Someday the Heart Will Trouble the Mind
The High Dials - Primitive Feelings
High Dials, The - Anthems For Doomed Youth
High Dials, The - Fields in Glass
High Dials, The - Foreverish
High Dials, The - In the A.M. Wilds
High Dials, The - Moon Country
High Dials, The - A New Devotion
High Dials, The - War of the Wakening Phantoms
High Ends - Super Class
High Five Drive - From The Ground Up
High Five Drive - Fullblast
High Five Drive - Service Engine Soon
High Five Drive - Something Better
High Highs - Cascades
The High Llamas - Cold and Bouncy
The High Llamas - Lollo Rosso
High Llamas, The - Retrospective, Rarities & Instrumentals
High on Fire - De Vermis Mysteriis
High on Fire - Spitting Fire Live Vol. 1
High on Fire - Spitting Fire Live Vol. 2
High Places - 03/07 - 09/07
High Places - Original Colors
High Places - s/t
High Strung - Ode To The Universe Of The Dud
High Tension - Death Beat
High Tension - Death Beat
the high thunderers - earth shaker
The High Water Marks - Songs about the Ocean
High Waters - Goodnight Mara
High Watt Electrocutions - Desert Opuses
High Watt Electrocutions - Desert Opvses
High Watt Electrocutions - Night Songs
high watt electronics - the bermuda triangle
The High - Somewhere Soon
High-Back Chairs - Of Two Minds
Higher rites - Refusenik
The Highest Order - The Highest Order
Highest Order, The - Still Holding
HighKicks - HighKicks
Highland Kites - All We Left Behind
Highrise Lonesome - One Way Street
Highrise Lonesome - Shades of Bluegrass
Highs - Highs
Highstreet - Noise
Highway Freak Ticket - (w)racked
Highway Freak Ticket - Obviously Obvious
Highway Freak Ticket - Wracked
Hila Plitmann - Danielpour: Toward a Season of Peace
Hilario Duran - Contumbao
Hilario Duran - Francisco's Song
Hilary Kole - You Are There
Hilary Peach - Suitcase Local
Hilda V - The Power of Time
Hilken Mancini & Chris Colbourn - Hilken Mancini and Chris Colbourn
hilkka - Escalation/Objective
Hillbilly Blues Boutique - Hillbilly Blues Boutique
Hillbilly Burlesque - Crazy Life
Hillbilly Gypsies - One Foot in the Gravy
Hills Have Eyes - Open City
Hilotrons - At Least There's Commotion
Hilotrons - Bella Simone
Hilotrons - Bella Simone
Hilt - Call the Ambulance Before I Hurt Myself
Hilt - Journey To The Center Of The Bowl
Hilt - Orange Pony
HiM - Many in High Places Are Not Well
Him - New Features
HiM - Our Point of Departure
Himalayan Bear - Lo Lonesome Island
Himiko - Mai
Himiko - S/T
Himiko - Skin Removal
Hinds - Leave Me Alone
Hinds - Very Best of Hinds So Far
Hinode Taiko - Hinode Taiko
Hip Club Groove - Trailer Prak Hip Hop
Hip Hop Wieners - All Beef, No Chicken
Hip Hop Wieners, Gruf the Druid - Peanuts & Corn: Summer 2002
Hip Shakin' Mama & the Leg Men - Reclaim Your Land
Hip Voodoo - Before the rain stops
Hipbone Slim & The Kneetremblers - Square Guitar
The Hippos - Heads Are Gonna Roll
Hiretsukan - End States
Hiretsukan - Invasive/Exotic
Hiroe Sekine - a-me
Hiroshima Hearts - Hiroshima Hearts
His Clancyness - Isolation Culture
His Clancyness - Vicious
His Electro Blue Voice - Ruthless Sperm
His Hubris - Clinamina
His Name Is Alive - Country Girl
His Name Is Alive - ft. Lake
His Name Is Alive - Someday My Blues Will Cover the Earth
His Name is Alive - Woodstock
Hiss Golden Messenger - Terms of Surrender
Hiss, The - Panic Movement
Hissanol - 4th And Back
Hissy Fit - For the Boys
Hissy Fit - For the Boys
Hissy Fit - Restless
Hissy Fit - Rude Like Me (cassette)
Hissy Fit - Uglier Than You
Hissy Fit - What to Wear
A History Of - Action in the North Atlantic
History of Apple Pie, The - Feel Something
Hive Dwellers - Moanin
The Hives - Lex Hives
Hives, The - Tyrannosaurus Hives
Hives, The - Veni Vidi Vicious
HLDN - in the stars
HMFist - Demonstration Extended-play
HMFM - Due Process
Hoa Hoa's - The Hoa Hoa's
Hoa Hoa's - Pop/Drone/Pedals
Hoa Hoa's - Sonic Bloom
Hoagy Carmichael - Mr. Music Master: Original Recordings 1928-1947
Hoagy Carmichael - Stardust Melody: Beloved and Rare Songs of Hoagy Carmichael
Hobart Smith - Blue Ridge Legacy
Hobart W Fink - Back and Forth Forever
Hobo Lord - Sweaty Already
Hobocop - Half Man Half Cop
Hobophobes - Hobophobes
hobson's choice - of the waves
Hockey - Mind Chaos
Hog - Get A Job LP version
Hog - Nothing Scared
Hogan's Heroes - 101/3 Fists & A Mouthful
Hoja - Ho Ho Hoja
Hoja - Ho ho hoja
Hol'fader - Pause (Cassette)
Hold Steady, The - Heaven Is Whenever
The Hold Steady - The Hold Steady: Boys and Girls In America (Colored 180g Vinyl) Vinyl LP (Record Store Day)
The Hold Steady - A Positive Rage
The Hold Steady - Stay Positive
The Hold Steady - Teeth Dreams
The Hold Steady - Thrashing Thru The Passion
Holding Hands - EP?
Holding Pattern - Small M Manifesto
Hole - Ask for It
Hole - Celebrity Skin
Hole - Miss World
Holgans - Holgans Are Dead
Holiday Crowd - Over the Bluffs
Holiday Flyer - I Hope
HOLIDAY GHOSTS - Holiday Ghosts
holiday rambler - there is no end to the world, and nothing can shatter the earth
Holiday Shores - New Masses for Squaw Peak
Holiday Snaps, The - Glorious Work EP
Holiday Snaps, The - Neuken in de Keuken
The Holidays - The Holidays
Hollerado - Born Yesterday
Hollerado - Record in a Bag
Hollerado - Retaliation Vacation
Hollerado - White Paint
Hollerado - White Paint
Hollerin' Pines - Hollerin' Pines
Hollis & the Widows - Saint Henry EP
Hollow - Modern Cathedral
Hollow - Mordrake
Hollow & Akimbo - Pseudoscience
Hollow Everdaze - Cartoons
Hollow Phonic - Majestic
Hollowmen - Pink Quartz Sun Blasting
Holly Andruchuk - Looking for Linko
Holly Cole - Dark Dear Heart
Holly Cole - It Happened One Night
Holly Cole - Temptation
Holly Cole Trio - Girl Talk
Holly Herndon - Platform
Holly Hofmann & Mike Wofford - Live at Athenaeum Jazz, Vol. 2
Holly McNarland - Live Stuff
Holly McNarland - Run Body Run
Holly Miranda - The Magician's Private Library
Holly Near - Singer in The Storm
Holly Ruth and the Grey Jays - Birds
Holly Yarbrough - Mister Rogers Swings
Hollydrift - In These Days of Merriment
Hollydrift - Then There Was Nothing
Hollywood Sinners - Disastro Garantito
The Holmes Brothers - Promised Land
The Holmes Brothers - Where It's At
Holmes Brothers, The - Righteous: The Essential Collection
Holmes Brothers, The - Speaking in Tongues
Hologram Kizzie - Hug Life
Holopaw - Holopaw
Holopaw - Quit +/or Fight
Holy - All These Worlds Are Yours
Holy Barbarians Cream - Holy Barbarians Cream
The Holy Dark - Prettty Little Bird
Holy Data - Holy Data
Holy Esque - Television / Sweet
Holy Fawn - Death Spells
Holy Fuck - Congrats
Holy Fuck - Holyfuck
Holy Fuck - Latin
Holy Fuck - LP
Holy Fuck - Tom Tom
Holy Ghost Tent Revival - Right State of Mind
Holy Ghost! - Crime Cutz
Holy Moly & The Crackers - Salem
Holy Shroud - Ghost Repeaters
Holy Sons - Fall of Man
Holy Void [CAN] - For Everything Else
Holy Void [CAN] - Holy Void
Holy Void [CAN] - Naught
Holy Wave - Freaks Of Nurture
Holy Wave - Relax
Holzkopf - House of Aud
Holzkopf - sober materials#4
Holzkopf - This CD is an Apology
Homage & DJ Freemoney - Metamorphosis
Homayun Sakhi - Music of Central Asia Vol. 3: Art of the Afghan Rubâb
Home - Sexteen
Home Alive - The Art of Self Defense (1996)
HOME BREAKIN - Your Calling Ep
The Home Crew - Fast Rollin' Easy Burnin'
The Home Crew - The Home Crew
Home Grown - Act Your Age
Home Grown - That's Business
Home Team, The - Stay Calm EP
Home Team, The - Time and Place
Homeboy Sandman - Hallways
Homeboy Sandman - Kindness For Weakness
The Homemade Jamz' Blues Band - Pay Me No Mind
Homeshake - Fresh Air
Homeshake - Helium
Homeshake - The Homeshake Tape
Homeshake - In The Shower
Homeshake - Midnight Snack
Homestyle - A Portrait of our Celestial Family
Homler Liebig Duo - Helium
Homler Liebig Duo - Kelpland Serenades
Homo Duplex - On or on and on b/w Caramel Kite
Honduras - Morality Cuts
Honest Haloway - The Towns
Honest John - Honest John
Honest John - Loser Friendly
Honey Cowboy, The - Where Does Your Honey Come From?
Honey Dewdrops, The - Silver Lining
Honey Ltd. - The Complete LHI Recordings
Honey Pies - Carpe Carp
Honey Radar - Blank Cartoon
Honeybeard - Dreamless Sleep
Honeydogs - Here's Luck
HoneyEyes - Gypsyation
The Honeymans - S/T
Honeymans, The - Stompin Grounds
The Honeyrods - Honeyrods
Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra - Symphonic Poem on 3 Notes
Honheehonhee - Shouts
Honorary Title, The - The Honorary Title
Hood - Cold House
Hood - Home Is Where It Hurts
Hood Internet - Feat
Hooded Fang - Dynasty House
Hooded Fang - Gravez
hooded fang - tosta mista
hooded fang - Venus on Edge
Hoodoo Gurus - Blow Your Cool!
Hoodoo Gurus - Crank
Hoodoo Gurus - Electric Soup
Hoodoo Gurus - Mars Needs Guitars
Hoodoo Gurus - The Right Time
Hoods - Time...the Destroyer
The Hoods - Empty Head
Hook and Eye - Light Sleeper
Hook and Eye - North St. EP
Hook and Eye - Start Slow
Hook Up, The - Tomorrow and Today
Hookahman - Oh Hut...
Hookworms - The Hum
Hookworms - Pearl Mystics
Hoops - Hoops
Hoops - Routines
hoosier poet - s/t
Hooton Tennis Club - Big Box Of Chocolates
Hooton Tennis Club - Highest Point in Cliff Town
Hoots, The [Manitoba] - Best Wishes
Hoots, The [Manitoba] - S/T
Hooverphonic - Blue Wonder Power Milk
Hooverphonic - A New Stereophonic Sound Spectacular
Hope Atlantic - Mercy Street Choir
Hope Sandoval & The Warm Inventions - Bavarian Fruit Bread
The Hope Slide - Sub-titled
Hopeful Monster - Hopeful Monster
Hopeful Monster - Hopeful Monster
Hopethorns - Hopethorns-ep
Hopewell - Beautiful Targets
Hopkinson Smith - Bach: Suites nos. 1, 2, 3
Hopkinson Smith - Bach: Suites nos. 4, 5, 6
Hopper 13 - Colonization
The Hopping Penguins - I Didn't Know Santa Was A Rastaman
Hopsin - Knock Madness
Horace Silver - Live at Newport '58
Horace Silver - Untinted: Sources for Madlib's Shades of Blue
Horace X - Sackbutt
horde of two - i knew i was a rebel then
Horders - Pink Priest/Horders splt
Horisont - Second Assault
Hornheads - Fat Lip
Horojo Trio - Set The Record
Horrible Crows - Elsie
The Horribles - You should hate them
Horribly Awfuls, The - Le Perve Calamity
Horribly Awfuls, The - We Fight Like the Crips and Bloods
Horrid Red - Celestial Joy
HorrorPops - Bring It On
Horrorpops - Hell Yeah
HorrorPops - Kiss Kiss Kill Kill
The Horrors - Luminous
The Horrors - Primary Colours
Horrors, The - Skying
The Horrors - V
The Horrors - V
An Horse - Rearrange
An Horse - Walls
Horse Feathers - Cynic's New Year
Horses - s/t
Hospital Grade - Secrets and Sawdust
Hospitality - Hospitality
Hospitality - Trouble
Hostage Life - Sing For the Enemy
hostile life - Hostile Life
Hostile Life - Hostile Life
Hot 8 Brass Band - Can't Nobody Get Down EP
Hot As Sun - Night Time Sound Desire
Hot Blood Bombers - Broke Travelling Hungry Love
Hot Blood Bombers - Dirty Little Party
Hot Boy$ - Guerrilla Warfare
Hot Chip - Dancing in the Dark EP
Hot Chip - In Our Heads
Hot Chip - Made In the Dark
Hot Chip - One Life Stand (Digi)
Hot Chip - Over & Over (Rmxs)
Hot Chip - Warning
Hot Chip - Why Make Sense?
Hot Club of Cowtown, The - Continental Stomp
Hot Club of Cowtown, The - Dev'lish Mary
Hot Club of Cowtown, The - Ghost Train
Hot Club of Cowtown, The - Tall Tales
Hot Club of Detroit - Its About That Time
Hot Club of Detroit - Night town
Hot Club of Detroit - Night Town
The hot club of San Francisco - Hot club cool tide
The Hot Club of San Francisco - Swing This
Hot Club Sandwich - And If Only
Hot Club Sandwich - Green Room
Hot Cross - Risk Revival
Hot Freak Nation - Lifetime To Lifetime
Hot Hot Heat - Hot Hot Heat
Hot Hot Heat - Knock Knock Knock
Hot Hot Heat - Make Up the Breakdown
Hot Hot Heat - Scenes One Through Thirteen
Hot Kid - someday somehow
Hot Little Rocket - Danish Documentary
Hot Little Rocket - How to Lose Everything
Hot Little Rocket - Our Work and Why We Do It
Hot Live Guys - Robbin' a Bank
The Hot Nasties - The Invasion of the Tribbles
Hot Panda - Bad Pop
Hot Panda - Cold Hands/Chapped Lips
Hot Panda - Go Outside
Hot Panda - Volcano...Bloody Volcano
Hot Rize - So Long of a Journey
Hot Rod DeVille - Dangerous
Hot Skull - Totally Fatalist
Hot Springs - Volcano
Hot Sugar - Gods Hand
Hot Sweet Noise - Hot Sweet Noise
Hot Tuna - Pair a Dice Found
Hot Water Music - Caution
Hot Water Music - A Flight and a Crash
Hot Water Music - The New What Next
Hotbox - Hotbox (cassette)
Hotcha - Dust Bowls Root
Hotel - Enjoy Your Stay
Hotel Life - Had A Few Drinks, Smoked My Mind
Hotel Mira - Hotel Mira
Hotel X - Residential Suite
Hothouse Flowers - Home
HotKid - Late Night Morning
Hotlittlerocket - Laika
Hotshotrobot - Eat My Heart
HOTT MT - Never Hate Again
The Hotwalls - s/t
Houndmouth - Little Neon Limelight
Houndog - Houndog
Houndstooth - No News From Home
House and Land - House and Land
House Of Contention - Contention
House of Doc - Prairiegrass
House of Love - House of Love
The House of Love - A Spy in the House of Love
House of Mary, The - The House of Mary
House of Velvet - Doors Wide Open
House Of Whales - House Of Whales
House On Mars - Instrumentals
Housemartins, The - Best of the Housemartins
housepanther - Club Soda Lows
housepanther & wrecker - homewrecker
Houston Symphony, Brinton Averil Smith, Evelyn Chen - Castelnuovo-Tedesco: Cello Concerto; Transcriptions for Cello and Piano
Hoven Droven - Hippa
Hoven Droven - More Happy Moments
Hovvdy - Heavy Lifter
Hovvdy - True Love
How to Destroy Angels - An Omen EP
how to destroy angels - Welcome Oblivion
How to Dress Well - Care
How to Dress Well - Total Loss
How to Dress Well - What Is This Heart?
Howard Britz - Here I Stand
Howard Gladstone - Roots and Rain
Howard Hello - Howard Hello
Howard Jones - Human's Lib
Howard Levy - Harmonica Sampler
Howard Lloyd - The Quickie EP
Howard Muckthruster and the Shy Kidneys - Grape Juice for The Lady
Howard Shore, Gary Novak - Dogma: Music from the Motion Picture
Howard Zhang, Nicolaus Esterhazy Sinfonia, Takuo Yuasa - Edouard Lalo: Symphonie Espagnole
Howe - Confluence
Howe Gelb - The Coincidentalist
Howe Gelb - Gray Sky Girls
Howe Gelb - Sno Angel Like You
Howe Home - The Listener
Howells - Burgeon
Howie B. - Music For Babies
Howie B. - Turn the Dark Off
Howie Beck - Hollow
Howie Beck - How To Fall Down In Public
Howie Beck - Howie Beck
Howie Beck - Pop and Crash
Howie MacDonald, Ashley MacIsaac - Cape Breton Fiddle Music Not Calm
Howler - America Give Up
Howler - World of Joy
Howlin Dan and Coaltrain - Ishmael
Howlin' Brothers - The Sun Studio Session
Howlin' Brothers, The - Howl
Howlin' Brothers, The - Trouble
Howlin' Dan & The Riondelics - 5 lb. Hammer
Howlin' Wolf - Change My Way
Howling - Sacred Ground
Howlite - Reasons
hr-brass - Demilitarised Zones Marches (Entmilitarisierte Zonen Marsche) Weill, Strauss, Kagel, Gruber, Rihm, Beethoven, Wagner, etc.
hrdwtr - hardwater
Hristo Vitchev Quintet - The Pererikon Suite
Hrsta - Ghosts will Come and Kiss Our Eyes
HRSTA - L' Eclat Du Ciel Etait Insoutenable
HRSTA - stem stem in electro
HTRK - Psychic 9-5 Club
HTRK - Venus In Leo
HTRK - Work (Work Work)
Huddle - All These Fires
Hudson Mohawke - Satin Panthers
Huevos Rancheros - Come in Tokyo/Mrs. Fothergill
Huevos Rancheros - Dig in
Huevos Rancheros - Get Outta Dodge
Huevos Rancheros - Muerte del Toro
Huevos Rancheros - Rockin' in the Henhouse/Gump Worsley's Lament
Huevos Rancheros - Wild Turkey Surprise/The Wedge
Huge Trucks, The - The Rock Album
Huggy Bear - Weaponry Listens to Love
Hugh Cornwell - Fall and Rise of Hugh Cornwell
Hugh Cornwell - Hi Fi
Hugh Cornwell - Hooverdam
Hugh Cornwell - Live it and breathe it
Hugh Hopper & Kramer - A Remark Hugh Made
Hugh Laurie - Let Them Talk
Hugh Marsh - Hugmars
Hugh Marsh - Versace 12" Club Mix
Hugh Masekela - Live at the Market Theatre (2CD SET)
Hugh Masekela - Phola
Hugh Masekela - Waiting for the Rain
Hugh Ragin - Revelation
Hugh Webb, Sophie Langdon - Spohr: Music for Violin and Harp, Vol. 1
Hugo Torres - Amor Por La Vida
Hugo Torres - Fireflies of the Dawn
Hugo Torres - Think I'm In Love
Hugonaut - Hello Destroyed
Hum - Comin' Home
Human Abstract - Downward Is Heavenward
Human Abstract - Nocturne
Human Bell - Human Bell
Human Eye - Into Unknown
Human Feel - Galore
Human Kind - It Will All End in Tears
Human League - Greatest Hits
Human Marvels - With It
Human Music - Human Music
Human Music - Sup
The Human Orchestra - The Gereg
The Human Orchestra - Lip Service
Human Resource - Kicking Noise Of Rotterdam
Human Woman - Human Woman
humanitarian war - s/t
Humanity Quartet, The - Humanity
Humans - Avec Mes Mecs
Humans - The Feels
Humans - Noontide
Humans - Traps
humdrum - boring people being bored
Humidifiers - Christmas
The Hummers - Hlusta
The Hummers - Modern Entrance
The Hummers - s/t
Hummers, The - Save the Jets
The Hummers - Sloo-shy
Hundred in the Hands - Red Night
Hundred Suns - The Prestaliis
Hung Up - Runnin' out
Hung Up Scarcerows - Having A Marvy Time
Hungarian State Symphony Orchestra, Manfred Honeck - Bruch: Symphony No. 3
Hunger Hush - Regards
The Hunger - Cinematic Superthug
Hungry Ghost - Alone Alone
Hungry Glass - Music in the External World
Hungry Hill - Hungry Hill
Hungry Hill - Ride
Hungry Hill - Ride
Hungup Scarecrows - Having a Marvy Time
Hungária - Koncert a Marson
Hunji Soundcrew - Peg City Project
Hunk - Hunk
HunnyTruck - Money for Boot$
Hunter Valentine - Impatient Romantic
Hunter Valentine - Lessons From The Late Night
Hunter/Game, Architectural, Pisetzky, Altman - Broken Promises Part 3
Hunters - Hands on Fire
Hunters & Collectors - Cut
Hunters & Collectors - Demon Flower
Hunting Humans - Hunting Humans (cassette)
Huntington Cads - Go Exotic
Hunx - Hairdresser Blues
Hunx & His Punx - Gay Singles
Hunx & His Punx - Street Punk
Huron - Huron
Hurray for the Riff Raff - The Navigator
Hurray for the Riff Raff - Small Town Heroes
Hurricane - The Hurra
hurricane doyle - Sub-titled
Hurry - Every Little Thought
Hurt Process, The - Drive By Monologue
Hurt Process, The - A Heartbeat Behind
Husband - Fluffy
Hush Hush - Cinematheque
Hush Hush Noise - Hush Hush Noise
Hush Now, The - Memos
Hush Now, The - Sparkle Drive
Hush Pup - Flower Power
Hush Pup - Panacea
Hushfeed - ...Without Blinking
Hushfeed - Hushfeed (cassette)
Husker Du - Flip Your Wig
The Hussy - Way with Words
Hutchinson Andrew Trio - Happy Nights & Lonely Days
Hutchinson Andrew Trio - Music Box
Hutchinson Andrew Trio - Prairie Modern
Huun-Huur-Tu - The Orphan's Lament
Huun-Huur-Tu/60 Horses in My Herd - Huun-Huur-Tu/60 Horses in My Herd
Hy Maya - The Mysticism of Sound & Cosmic Language Disc 1
Hy Maya - The Mysticism of Sound & Cosmic Language Disc 2
Hydra - spooky wierdness
Hydrofoil - Big Hand for Wonderboy
Hydroplane - The Sound of Changing Places
Hygiene - Hypocrite
The Hylozoists - La Fin du Monde
Hylozoists, The - La Nouvelle Gauche
Hymie's Basement - Hymie's Basement
Hyness - The End of Music
Hyperia - Insanitorium
Hypnolovewheel - Wow/KMG-365
Hypnomango - Hypnomango EP
Hypnotech 3 - Prescription Electronics
Hypnotics, The - Modern Art Entertainment
Hypnotics, The - Static Fuzz Radio
The Hypochondriacs - In 3/4
Hypocrisy - Final Chapter
Hypocrisy - Hypocrisy
Hypoxia Beach - Close Cover Before Striking
Håkan Lidbo - After the End
Héctor Buitrago - Conector
Ripcordz, Hockey Teeth, Bad Luck 13 & Lams - Hardcore 94
Rujan & Him - Tereza Se Nije Dala/Eugene's Tree
Silver Scooter, Evie, hushfeed & Orange Glass - Self Portrait
The Smugglers & The Hi-Fives - Summer Games
Snoqualmie & Hawk and Steel - Split 7 inch Record