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Durban Poison & The Poor Choices - Dead City Split
Keep Me Safe & Peasant Makes Big - Versus
London Philharmonic Orchestra, Patricia Kopatchinskaja & Vladimir Jurowski - London Philharmonic Orchestra
malkovich & p.u.d.g.e. - lethal vice ep
Mascara Nites & The Poor Choices - Tiger Lily Split
P - P
P J Perry & Campbell Ryga - Joined At The Hip
P-Money - Gratitude
P-Munnay - Put It In The Air EP
P.J. Harvey - Let England Shake
P.J. Harvey - White Chalk
P.o.M - Level Seven
P.O.S. - Audition
P.O.S. - We Don't Even Live Here
P.O.W.E.R. - Dedicated To World Revolution
P18 - Urban Cuban
P: Ano - Ghost Pirates Without Heads
P: Ano - Ghost Pirates Without Heads
P:ano - Brigadoon
Paban Das Baul & Sam Mills - Real Sugar
Pablo Cruise - Out of Our Hands
Pacha - Affaires Etrangeres
Pachinko - Behind The Green Pachinko
Pachinko - El Diablo En Señorita
Pachinko - State Your Grievances
Pacifica Quartet - The Soviet Experience Volume II
Pacifika - Amor Planeta
Pacifika - Chocolate Remixes
Pack A.D., The - Do Not Engage
The Pack A.D. - Dollhouse
The Pack A.D. - Funeral Mixtape
Pack A.D., The - Positive Thinking
Pack A.D., The - Some Sssongs
Pack A.D., The - Tintype
The Pack A.D. - Tintype
Pack A.D., The - Unpersons
Pack A.D., The - We Kill Computers
PACKS - Take the Cake
Packway Handle Band - s/t
Packway Handle Band - Sinner You Better Get Ready
Packway Handle Band - What Are We Gonna Do Now?
Pact - The Dragon Lineage Of Satan
Pagan Schmaltz & Other Sacrifices - Fuzzy Love
Page France - Hello, Dear Wind
Pago Libre - Stepping Out
Pago Libre - Wake up Call
Pagoda - Dearly Departed
Paige Drobot - repeating/hustler
Paige Drobot - Woman / Everything
Paige Drobot - Zero Thought
Paik - Satin Black
Pain - Luck Brothers: International Blues and Soul Coalition
Pain of Salvation - BE
Pain Tank - 97?,?901?,?726 Confirmed Kills
Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Belong
Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Days of Abandon
Pains of Being Pure at Heart - Higher Then The Stars
Paint Fumes - Egyptian Rats
Paint Fumes - Egyptian Rats
Paint Fumes - Sally Smoked Dope
Paint Fumes - Uck Life
Paint Fumes - What A World
Paint It Black - CVA
Paint Movement - Paint Movement
Painted Fruits - Fruit Salad
Painted Palms - Forever
Painted Palms - Horizons
Painted Palms - Horizons
Painted Thin - Clear, Plausible Stories
Painted Thin - Still They Die of Heartbreak
Painting Daisies - Fortissimo
Painting Daisies - Fortissimo
Paiste - Oh Ya Eh
Paisteez - Woodrat
Pajama Club - Pajama Club
Pajama Slave Dancers - Songs Without Words
Pal Joey - Tennessee Angels
Palace of Oranges - Prepare To Greet A Guest
Paladins - R n R
Palaxy Tracks - Cedarland
Pale Eyes - Sweatshop
Pale Horse Named Death - And Hell Will Follow Me
Pale Red - Heavy Petting
Pale Saints - Slow Buildings
Paleface - Backlash
Paleface - Paleface
Paleface - Raw
Paley & Francis - Paley & Francis
Palimpsest - Palimpsest
Pallers - the sea of memories
Pallers - The Sea Of Memories
Palm - Shadow Expert EP
Palm Trees - Demos 2013
Palma Violets - Danger in the Club
Palmer - Royal Philharmonic Orchestra - Passing Open Windows: a Symphonic Tribute to Queen
Paloalto - Heroes and Villains
Paloma - Paloma
Palooka - Shrimp Ring
Pamela Luss - Magnet
Pamela Luss - Sweet And Saxy
Pan American - Cloud Room Glass Room
Pan American - Quiet City
Pan Parag - Undelivered
Pan Sonic - Aaltopiiri
Panacea - Panacea - Brasilia (Architettura Vol. 4)
Panacea, Cativo - The Hardest Tour on Planet Earth
Panama - Panama
Panda - Panda
Panda Bear - Crosswords
Panda Bear - Mr. Noah
Panda Bear - Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper
Panda Bear - Tomboy
PandaCorn - Synthesis of Opposites
Pandelis Karayorgis - Seventeen Pieces
Pandelis Karayorgis, Mat Maneri - Disambiguation
Pandercakes - Paint By Numbers
Pandora's Box - Speak To Me!
Pang Attack - Dreamer's Drug
Pangea - Living Dummy
Panic Bomber - Getting on My Mind
Panic Zebra - Panic Zebra
Panic, The - s/t
The Panic - This is Too Disposable
Panoptica - El Sabino
Panorama - Zoinks!
Panoramic - Rhythm Through the Unobstructed View
Panos - Panos
Panpapal - New Album
Pansy Division - Absurd Pop Song Romance
Pansy Division - Deflowered
Pansy Division - Manada
Pansy Division - More Lovin' From Our Oven
Pansy Division - Pile Up
Pansy Division - Total Entertainment!
Pansy Division - Wish I'd Taken Pictures
Pantayo - Pantayo
Pantera - Far Beyond Driven
Pantha Du Prince - Black Noise
Pantha Du Prince - The Triad
panther - 14kt Gold
Pants - Dunning-Kruger Sessions Vol.1
Pants & Tie - Women's Complaints
Panty Boy - Orgy of the Senses
Panurge - Walking in the Fog
Paolo - Complete
paolo Bussoli - paolo Bussoli
Paolo Fresu - Mare Nostrum
Papa - A Good Woman Is Hard To Find
Papa Boa - Tete a Queue
Papa Brittle - Obey, Consume, Marry, Reproduce
Papa Brittle - Polemic Beat Poetry
Papa John Creach - The Cat and The Fiddle
Papa John Creach - Papa John Creach
Papa Mambo - Amanecer
Papa Mambo - Crooked Cha
Papa Mau Mau & Papa Ooo Mau Mau - Papa Mau Mau & Papa Ooo Mau Mau Present - And A Counted Four
Papa Wemba - Real World
Papas Fritas - Buildings and Grounds
Papas Fritas - Papas Fritas
Paper Anthem - To All The Sailors We've Lost
Paper Beat Scissors - Paper Beat Scissors
Paper Beat Scissors - Parallel Line
Paper Cranes, The - Halcyon Dreams
Paper Cranes, The - Paper Cranes
the Paper Cranes - s/t
Paper Jackets - Don't Lose Your Head
Paper Kites, The - States
Paper Kites, The - twelvefour
Paper Kites, The - Young North
Paper Lions - Music from forthcoming EP "Trophies"
Paper Lions - My Friends
Paper Lions - Trophies
Paper Moon - 3 Song Demo
Paper Moon - Broken Hearts Break Faster Every Day
Paper Moon - One Thousand Reasons to Stay...One Reason to Leave
Paper Moon - Only During Thunderstorms
Paper Moon - What Are You Going to Do with Me?
Paper Moon, Leslies Int. - Intercontinental Pop Exchange No. 2
The Paper Route - Go Get IT
Paper Scissors - In Loving Memory
Paperbacks, The - An Episode of Sparrows
Paperbacks, The - An Illusion Against Death
Paperbacks, The - Lit From Within
Paperboys - Molinos
The Paperboys - Late As Usual
Papercuts - Fading Parade
Paperhaus - Are These the Questions That We Need to Ask
Paperhead - Paperhead
Paperhead - Pictures of Her Demise
Papermaps - Confessions: To Each Their Own Rapture
Papermaps - Darker Lights
Papermaps - Inferior Ghost
Papermaps - Papermaps
Papermaps - Reunion
The Papillomas - Corolla
The Papillomas - Twice As Early As You'd Ever Want To Be There
Papillomas, The - When Years Were Bee Stings
The Paps - Not Looking For Romance
The Papsmears - Love Chords
Parab Poet And The HipHop Hippies - Parab Poet And The HipHop Hippies
Parachute Club - Small Victories
Parade - Frustration
Paradise Island - Dm #48
Paradise Island - Lines Are Infinitely Fine
Paragon Taxi - Beyond the Palace Walls
Paralamas - Bora Bora
Parallels - Visionaries
Paranerd - Writ EP
Paranerd & Oxygenfad - Paranerd & Oxygenfad
Paranoid Castle - Champagne Nightmares
Paranoid Jack - Last of the Funky Cyborgs
Parc Boys - Two Weeks To Live
The Pardon Beggars - Gilly Gee Shucks
Pardon Mein French - The Small Print
Pardon Mein French - Strawberry Trees
Pardoner - Uncontrollable Salvation
Pariah Piranha - People People
The Pariahs - Home is where you hang yourself
Paris - Guerrilla Funk (Clean)
Paris Falls - Reverse Mirror Image
Paris to Kyiv - Fragmenti Remixes
Park Avenue Music - To Take With You
Park-Like Setting - Craftsmen
Park-Like Setting - School Day 2, Garbage Day 4
Parkas - Now This Is Fighting
Parkas - Put Your Head In the Lion's Mouth
Parkas - Should've Killed Us When You Had The Chance
The Parkdale Revolutionary Orchestra - Truth in the Dark
Parker Longbough - Bridges to Nowhere/Delirium in Lo-Fi
Parkland - Monument
parks and rec - seeds grown here
Parks At Night - Bright Red
Parkside Jones - Dream of Being Orange
Parkside Jones - Mind the Gap
Parkview - Anthems of a Generation
Parkway Drive - Atlas
Parkway Drive - Killing with a Smile
Parlor Mob, The - And You Were A Crow
Parlour - Octopus Off-Broadway
Parlour Steps, The - The Hidden Names
The Parlour Steps - The Myth of Summer
Parlovr - Kook Soul
Parlovr - Parlovr
Parquet Courts - Berlin Got Blurry
Parquet Courts - Content Nausea
Parquet Courts - Human Performance
Parquet Courts - Human Performance
Parquet Courts - Live at Third Man Records
Parquet Courts - Sunbathing Animal
Parquet Courts - Tally All the Things That You Broke
Parquet Courts - Wide Awake!
Parquet Courts & Parkay Quarts - Content Nausea
Parquet Courts + Daniele Luppi - MILANO
PART TIME - Virgo's Maze
PART TIME - What Would You Say?
PARTCH - Sonata Dementia: Music of Harry Partch, Volume 3
Particle Kid - Particle Kid
Particle Wave - Painting on Shadows
PARTNER - In Search of Lost Time
Partridge Family - Album
Partridge Family - at home with their Greatest Hits
Parts & Labor - Mapmaker
Parts & Labor - Stay Afraid
Parts and Labor - Constant Future
Parts Found in Sea - Every Soul's House
Parts Found in Sea - Seat of the Writing Man
Partsunknown - Airshow
Party Bat - Party Bat
The Party Dress - You're Dead b/w Too Cool To Have Fun & Grave Clothes
Party Fun Action Committee - Let's Get Serious
Party Gardens - Dance Flora
Party of One - Caught the Blast
Partybaby - The Golden Age of Bullshit
Pas/Cal - Oh Honey, We're Ridiculous
Pascal Bokar - Savanna Jazz Club
The Paschall Brothers - On the Right Road Now
Passenger - All The Little Lights
Passion Fodder - Three Track Sampler
Passion Fodder - Woke Up This Morning...
Passion over Reason - Crying in A Crowded Room
Pastels, The - The Last Great Wilderness
The Pastels - Yoga
The Pasties - The Pasties
Pat - Love Will Find A Way Home
Pat Boone - In a Metal Mood: No More Mr. Nice Guy
Pat Carey's Jazz Navigators - Starlight
Pat Collins Quartet - In the Moment
Pat DiNizio - Songs and Sounds
Pat Humphries - Hands
Pat Jordache - Future Songs
Pat LaBarbera/Kirk MacDonald Quartet - Silent Voices
Pat LaBarbera/Kirk MacDonald Quintet - Trane of Thought, Live at the Rex
Pat LePoidevin - American Fiction
Pat LePoidevin - Captain Myles and the SPR
Pat Maloney - Repotting
Pat Martino - Live at Yoshi's
Pat Metheny - Orchestrion
Pat Metheny - Tap: John Zorn's Book of Angels, Vol. 20
Pat Metheny - Trio 99>00
Pat Metheny - Unity Band
Pat Metheny - What's It All About
Pat Murray & Mark Kiesweter - Ticket to Ride The Beatles Book
Pat Temple - Cold Cuts
Pat Temple & The High Lonesome Players - Stone Boat
Pat Travers - I La La La Love You
Pat Walsh - JWalkin
PatBoyack and the powers - Breakin' In
Pathology - Time of Great Purification
Paths of Possession - The End of the Hour
Paths of Possession - Promises in Blood
Pato Banton - Collections
Pato Banton - Never Give In
Patra - Patra / Think (About It)
Patrice Desbiens - Les Moyens du bord
Patrice Jégou - If It Ain't Love
Patricia Barber - The Cole Porter Mix
Patricia Barber - Modern Cool
Patricia Barber - Night Club
Patricia Barber - Verse
Patricia Cano - This Is The NEw World
Patricia O'Callaghan - Real Emotional Girl
Patrick Alexandre - In the Blood
Patrick Alexandre Leclerc - Strange New World
Patrick Ballantyne - Sky
Patrick Butler - Transcender
Patrick Cardy - Dances and Dirges
Patrick Cowley - Mechanical Fantasy Box
Patrick Feaster - Pictures of Sound: One Thousand Years of Educed Audio 980-1980
Patrick Gallois & Sinfonia Finlandia Jyvaskyla - Flute Concertos Nos. 1,2 and 4
Patrick Gallois, Swedish Chamber Orchestra - Devienne: Flute Concertos Nos. 1- 4
Patrick Gallois, Toronto Camerata, Kevin Mallon - C.P.E. Bach: Complete Flute Concertos
Patrick Keenan - As Constant as the Northern Car
Patrick Keenan - Washed Out Roads
Patrick Lussier - Opus 1: 13 Preludes
Patrick Mcavinue - Grave Run
Patrick McAvinue - Rutland's Reel
Patrick Norman - The Christmas Album
Patrick Norman - Whispering Shadows
Patrick O'Donnell - Limbo
Patrick O'Hearn - Transitions
Patrick Park - Loneliness Knows My Name
Patrick Scheyder - Solo Piano II
Patrick Shaw-Iverson - On/Off
Patrick stanfield Jones - A Heart and an Open Road
Patrick Watson - Adventures in Your Own Backyard
Patrick Watson - Love Songs for Robots
Patrick Watson - Wave
Patrick Watson - Wooden Arms
Patrick Wedd, Alain Trudel - The Art of the Trombone
Patrick Williams - Aurora
Patrick Wolf - The Bachelor
Patrick Wolf - The Magic Position
Patrik Phelan - Cost
Patrizia - My Beloved
Patsy Cline - The Legendary Patsy Cline: Her Greatest Hits and Finest Performances
Patten - PSI
Pattern is Movement - The (Im)possibility of Longing
Patti Smith - Banga
Patti Smith - Gung Ho
Patti Smith - Peace and Noise
Patti Smith - Trampin'
Patty Griffin - American Kid
Patty Griffin - Flaming Red
Patty Griffin - Living With Ghosts
Patty Loveless - On Your Way Home
Patty Smyth - Never Enough
Pau Torres - My Wrong Mood
Paul & the Tall Trees - Our Love In The Light
Paul Adams - This Christmas
Paul Adams - A View From the Plain
Paul Anka - Rock Swings
Paul Avion - Summerland / Self-Destroyer
Paul Banks - Banks
Paul Barnes - Millennium Song
Paul Bergman - Crow Scarecrow
Paul Bley - Know Time
Paul Bley - Nothing to Declare
Paul Bley, Sonny Greenwich - Outside In
Paul Bollenback - Soul Grooves
Paul Bourdeau & Shane Simpson - Wild Rice
Paul Brady - Back to the Centre
Paul Brady - Hard Station
Paul Brady - Primitive Dance
Paul Brady - Spirits Colliding
Paul Brady - Trick Or Treat
Paul Brady - True For You
Paul Brill - Halve the Light
Paul Butterfield Blues Band - The Paul Butterfield Blues Band
Paul Cardall - Looking Glass
Paul Cargnello - Lightweight Romeo
Paul Carr - Just Noodlin
Paul Carr - Just Noodlin
Paul Cohen & Friends - I want you back
Paul Collins - Long Time Gone - To Beat Or Not To Beat
Paul Collins - Out Of My Head
Paul Collins Beat - Flying High
Paul De Castro - Bueno Pa Gozar
Paul DesLauriers Band, The - Relentless
Paul Dolden - Delires de plaisirs
Paul Dolden - L'ivresse De La Vitesse
Paul Dolden - Who Has the Biggest Sound?
Paul Dougherty - Keep It In Your Pocket
Paul Duncan - To An Ambient Hollywood
Paul E. Lopes - Whatnaut: House
Paul Fenton & Peter Lazz - Rattle Snakin' Daddy
Paul Fonfara and the Ipsifendus Orchestra - Seven Secrets of Snow
Paul Gross and David Keeley - Santa Drives a Pick-up
Paul Grzadka - Sea Bird
Paul Hahn - Presidio Epilogue
Paul Horn - A Special Edition
Paul Humphrey - A Rumour of Angels
Paul Hyde - America is Sexy
Paul Hyde - The Big Book of Sad Songs
Paul Hyde - Peace Sign
Paul Hyde - Turtle Island
Paul Is Dead - Let the Losers Slug it Out
Paul Jacobs - Move Ya Feet
Paul Jacobs/Pacific Symphony/Pacific Chorale - Daugherty: Mount Rushmore / Radio City
Paul James - Almost Crazy
Paul James - Paul James Band
Paul Jensen - Mystagogia
Paul Keeling - The Farthest Reach
Paul Keeling - Focal Practice
Paul Kelly - Life Is Fine
Paul Kelly - Nothing But A Dream
Paul Kelly - Ways & Means
paul kuzbik - still love
paul mccartney - 3
Paul McCartney - Egypt Station
Paul McCartney - Egypt Station
Paul McCartney - The Family Way
Paul McCartney - Liverpool Sound Collage
Paul Mckay And The Perfect Strangers - Gypsy Wind
Paul Meyers - World On A String
Paul Neufeld - Walk Together
Paul Oakenfold - Perfecto Presents Another World
Paul Ong - Broadway Classics
Paul Panhuysen - Partitas For Long Strings
Paul Personne - Reve Sideral d'un Naif Ideal
Paul Posnak, Sergiu Schwartz, Vega Quartet - Carpenter: Sonata for Violin and Piano, String Quartet, Piano Quintet
Paul Reddick - Ride the One
Paul Reddick - Sugarbird
Paul Reddick - Villanelle
Paul Reddick - Wishbone
Paul Revere & the Raiders - Just Like Us
Paul Rishell & Annie Raines - Moving to the Country
Paul Robeson - On My Journey: Paul Robeson's Independent Recordings
Paul Ruderman - Wish
Paul Rushka Quintet - As It Happens
Paul Schwartz - Glimpses of Sappho
Paul Schwartz - State of Grace III
Paul Sea - 3362 AD
Paul Seaforth - Something Real
Paul Serrato - Alternations
Paul Serrato - Piano Mania
Paul Shaffer - Coast to Coast
Paul Simon - Stranger to Stranger
Paul Stewart - Permanence
Paul Sullivan & PS Jazz - Break Away
Paul Thorn - Pimps and Preachers
Paul Thorn - What the Hell Is Goin On?
Paul Tobey - Street Culture
Paul Tynan & AAron Lington - Biocastal Collective Chapter 2
Paul Van Dyk - Evolution
Paul Weller - Days of Speed
Paul Weller - Days of Speed
Paul Weller - Heavy Soul
Paul Weller - Heliocentric
Paul Weller - Illumination
Paul Weller - Modern Classics: The Greatest Hits
Paul Weller - Saturns Pattern
Paul Weller - Sonik Kicks
Paul Weller - Stanley Road
Paul Weller - Studio 150
Paul Weller - Sunflower
Paul Weller - Wake Up The Nation
Paul Westerberg - Suicaine Gratifaction
Paul`Grady - Little Things
Paula "Bomba" Gonzalez - What side R U on?
Paula Cole - Amen
Paula Cole - Harbinger
Paula Kelley - The Trouble With Success or How You Fit into the World
Paula Toledo - Stay Awhile
Paulo Ramos - Brasil em Fevereiro
Pauly and the blowbots - stone boner
Paupiere - Jeunes instants
Pave the Rocket - Taken In
Pavel Kolesnikov - [sic]
Pavel Kolesnikov - Live at Honens 2012
Pavement - Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain
Pavement - Quarantine The Past: Greatest Hits
Pavement - Terror Twilight
Pavvla - Creatures
Paw - Death to Traitors
Paw - Dragline
Paw - Home Is a Strange Place
Pawa Up First - Introducing New Details
Pawa Up First - Missing Time
Pawa Up First - The Outcome
Pawn - Equality Machine
Paws - Cokefloat!
Paxton Norris - Something's Gotta Give
Paybacks, The - Harder and Harder
Payola$ - Hammer on a Drum
Payola$ - In A Place Like This
Payola$ - Langford Part 1
PC WORSHIP - Basement Hysteria
Peabody Symphony Orchestra/Adam Walker - Puts: Symphony No. 2
Peace - EP Delicious
Peace - In Love
Peace - Slow Children
Peace Creep - Peace Creep
Peace Leaf - S/T
Peace Love and Pitbulls - Reverberation Nation
Peacemaker - Peacemaker (cassette)
PEACH KELLI POP - Gentle Leader
Peach Kelli Pop - Peach Kelli Pop II
Peach Kelli Pop - Peach Kelli Pop III
Peach Kelli Pop - Which Witch
Peach Pit - Suspicious Cargo
Peach Pyramid - Bright Blue
Peach Pyramid - Repeating Myself
Peaches - Fatherfucker
Peaches - I Feel Cream
Peaches - Impeach My Bush
Peaches - Rub
Peaches - The Teaches of Peaches
Peaches, The - The Peaches
Peachtea - N. America
Peacocks, The - Angel
Peacocks, The - Come with Us
Peacocks, The - It's Time for The Peacocks
Peaking Lights - Cosmic Logic
Peals - Walking Field
Peanut butter wolf - B-ball Zombie War
Peanut Butter Wolf Presents - Badd Santa
Pearl Django - Avalon
Pearl Jam - Christmas 1999
Pearl Jam - Christmas 1999
Pearl Jam - Given to Fly
Pearl Jam - Live on Two Legs
Pearl Jam - Pearl Jam
Pearl Jam - Vitalogy
Pearl Jam - Vitalogy
Pearl Jam - Yield
Pearl Jam & R.E.M. - Happy When I'm Crying/Live For Today
Pearlene - Murder Blues & Prayer
Pearlfishers - The Young Picnickers
Pearlfishers - Young Picnickers
Pearson Sound / Ramadanman - Fabriclive 56
Pedersen/Broscoe/Molnar/Warren - Other People's Art: IMOO Volume 3
Pedersen/Lampron/Gobeil/Kerr/Thibodeau - Live in Silence
Pedro Monkeyfinger + Protagonist/Amtagonist - Pedro Monkeyfinger + Protagonist/Amtagonist
Pedro the Lion - Achilles Heel
Pedro the Lion - Progress
Pedro the Lion - Winners Never Quit
Pee Wee Fist - Flying
Peechees - Do the Math
Peeter Prince - Sea of Dreams
Peezee - Start Status
Pegboy - Strong Reaction
Pegboy - Three Chord Monte
Peggy Lee Band - Invitation
Peggy Lee Band - New Code
Peggy Lee Band - The Peggy Lee Band
Peggy Lee Band - Sounds from the Big House
Peggy Seeger - Heading for Home
Peggy Seeger - Love Call Me Home
Peglegasus - Tired of Adventures
Pekka Pylkkanen's Tube Factory - Opaque
Pekoe Cat - Menace
Peliroja - Injusticia
Pelted Shell - A Run at the Funnel
Penance - Proving Ground
Pender - Hey man don't bring yourself down
Penelope - Face au Silence du Monde
Penetración Cósmica - Penetración Cósmica I
Penetrators - Kings of Basement Rock
Pengo - ...Climbs the Holy Mountains
Penguin Prison - Turn It Up
Penguin Prison - Turn It Up Remixes
Penn Kemp - From the Lunar Plexus
Penn Poutanen and Lorrie Matheson - Rebels United
Penny - The Clockforth Movement
Penny Lang - Gather Honey
Penny Lang - Somebody Else
Penny Merchants, The - Surrounded
Penny Penny - Shaka Bundu
Pennywise - About Time
Pennywise - From the Ashes
Pennywise - Full Circle
Pennywise - The Fuse
Pennywise - Land of the Free?
Pennywise - Live at the Key Club
Pennywise - Never Gonna Die
Pennywise - Reason to Believe
Pennywise - Reason To Believe
Pennywise - Unknown Road
people for audio - the new ancients
People From Earth - Growing Up From the Ground
People From Earth - Luvskull
People in tha Middle - People in tha Middle
People Like Us - This Is the Light Music
People Like Us - Welcome Abroad
People Noise - Ordinary Ghosts
People of the North - Era of Manifestations
People of the North - Sub Contra
People Playing Music - Getté
People Playing Music - People Playing Music
People Under the Stars - O.S.T.
People vs Funk, The - Ultrasound
People's Temple - Looter's Game / Highs and Lows
People's Temple - More For The Masses
People's Temple - Musical Garden
Pepe Deluxe - Beatitude
Pepe Deluxe - Queen Of The Wave
Pepper Laing & the Lone Star Killers - Pepper Laing & the Lone Star Killers
Pepper Rabbit - Red Velvet Snow Ball
Pepper Sands - Welcome to...Pepper Sands
Peppermints - Jesus Chryst
Peppermoth - Glimmer Tide
Peptides, The - Love Question Mark
Peptides, The - Stereo Stereo
Percapita - Percapita
Percheron - Ain't Dead Yet
Percy Farm - The End's In the Beginning
Pere Ubu - Lady From Shanghai
Pere Ubu - St. Arkansas
Peregrine Falls - Peregrine Falls
A Perfect Circle - Hollow, Pt. 1
A Perfect Circle - Talk Talk
Perfect Pussy - Say Yes to Love
Perfect Vacuum - A Guide to the Music of the 21st Century
Perfect World - Perfect World
Perfume Advert - Tulpa
Perfume Genius - Learning
Perfume Genius - Put Your Back N 2 It CD
Perfume Genius - Too Bright
Perfume Tree - A Lifetime Away
Perilous - Perilous
Peripheral Vision - More Songs About Error and Shame
Peripheral Vision - Peripheral Vision
Peripheral Vision - Sheer Tyranny Of Will
Peripheral Vision - Spectacle: Live!
Perishers, The - Let There Be Morning
permanent bastards - emericans
permanent bastards - permanent bastards
Permanent Mistake - Video
Perms, The - Aberdeen
Perms, The - Better Days
Perms, The - Clark Drive
The Perms - Keeps You Up When You're Down
The Perms - sofia nights
The Perms - Tight Perm
Pernell Band Reichert - Highway of Tears
Pernell Reichert and the Hard Drinkers - Pernell Reichert and the Hard Drinkers
Pernice Brothers - Yours, Mine & Ours
Pernice Brothers, The - The World Won't End
Pernille - Fire
Perpetrators, The - The Gas And The Clutch
Perpetrators, The - The Perpetrators
Perpetrators, The - Stick 'Em Up
Perpetrators, The - Towtruck
Perry Farrell - Rev
Perry Philips - Love Effect
Perry Philips - Love Effect
Perse - Powerlines and Pigeons, Praires and Pastures
pershing woman - vlatkovich tryyo
Personable - Spontaneous Generation
Personal & The Pizzas - Personal & The Pizzas
Personal & The Pizzas - Raw Pie
Personality Crisis - Creatures for Awhile
Personality Crisis - Creatures for Awhile (and Compilation Tracks)
Peru Negro - Sangre de un Don
Peshay - Miles from Home
Pest - Necessary Measures
Pest - Pest
Pestova/Meyer Piano Duo - Cage: Works for Two Keyboards, Vol. 1 - A Book of Music; Music for Amplified Toy Pianos; Suite for Toy Piano
Pet - Lightning Motoguzzi Charge
Pet - Rewind the Sofa Lady
Pet Shop Boys - Alternative
Pet Shop Boys - Always on My Mind
Pet Shop Boys - Before
Pet Shop Boys - Bilingual (Rm)
Pet Shop Boys - Disco 4
Pet Shop Boys - Electric
Pet Shop Boys - Elysium
Pet Shop Boys - Love Comes Quickly
Pet Shop Boys - Suburbia
Pet Shop Boys - What Have I Done to Deserve This
Pet Sun - Feel Like I'm Going Away
Pet Sun - Pet Sun
Petal - Comfort EP
Petal - Shame
Pete & Perquisite Philly - Mindstate (Dig)
Pete Christlieb with the Lori Mechem Quartet - Live at the Jazz Cave
Pete Droge - Skywatching
Pete Droge - Spacey and Shakin
Pete Escovedo - E Street
Pete McCann - Parable
Pete McCann - You Remind Me of Someone
Pete Molinari - Theosophy
Pete Moss - Plants Rock
Pete Rock - Petestrumentals
Pete Rock - Soul Survivor
Pete Rock & CL Smooth - The Main Ingredient
Pete Rock & Smoke Dza - Don't Smoke Rock
Pete Rock/Smif-n-Wessun - Monumental
Pete Samples - The Jumper Cables
Pete Samples - An Unsent Letter
Pete Schmidt, Shane Scott - Blues Approved
Pete Seeger - American Favorite Ballads Vol 3
Pete Seeger - American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 1
Pete Seeger - American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 1
Pete Seeger - American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 2
Pete Seeger - American Favorite Ballads, Vol. 5
Pete Seeger - American Folk, Game and Activity Songs for Children
Pete Seeger - At 89
Pete Seeger - Headlines and Footnotes: Collection of Topical Songs
Pete Seeger - Pete Seeger-waist deep in the big muddy
Pete Seeger - Song and Play Time
Pete Seeger And Friends - Seeds - The Songs Of Pete Seeger: Volume 3
Pete Shelley - Telephone Operator
Pete Stollery - Scenes
Pete Tremblay & the Boozy Truth - Midtempo Madness
Pete Van Dyk & the Second Hand Band - Pete Van Dyk & the Second Hand Band
Pete Werner - Messing Up My Mind
Pete Yorn - Come Back Home
Pete Yorn - Live from New Jersey
Pete Yorn & Scarlett Johansson - Apart
Pete Zimmer - Chillin' Live @ Jazz Factory
Pete Zimmer Quintet - Burnin' Live at the Jazz Standard
Peter & the Test Tube Babies - Supermodels
Peter & the Test Tube Babies - Test Tube Trash
Peter Ablinger - I.E.A.O.V.
Peter Apfelbaum & the New York Hieroglyphics - It Is Written
Peter Bjorn & John - Darker Days
Peter Bjorn and John - Writer's Block
Peter Bloom Band - Random Thoughts
Peter Brandlmayr - Apparatur Zu Den Grundlagen Der Physik I
Peter Breiner, Norbert Kraft, Razumovsky Sinfonia - Granados: Twelve Spanish Dances; Escenas Poeticas, Book 1
Peter Breiner, Queensland Symphony Orchestra Brisbane, Takako Nishizaki - Russian Romance
Peter Breiner, Queensland Symphony Orchestra Brisbane, Takako Nishizaki - Tchaikovsky: None But the Lonely Heart
Peter Broggs - Rise and Shine
Peter Buffett - Spirit Dance
Peter C. Johnson - Bloodshot
Peter Calandra - Jellysmoke
Peter Case - Case Files
Peter Case - Let Us Now Praise Sleepy John
Peter Creef - From Me to You
Peter Dixon - Shady Planet
Peter Doherty - Grace/Wastelands
Peter Duimelinks/Roel Meelkop/Ralk Wehowsky - Verklarte Tage
Peter Elkas - Party of one
Peter Elkas - Repeat Offender
Peter Elkas - Wall of Fire
Peter Epstein Quartet - Polarities
Peter Gabriel - Scratch My Back
Peter Gordon - Innocent
Peter Green - Kolors
Peter Green Splinter Group - Time Traders
Peter Hammill - Fireships
Peter Hammill - The Noise
Peter Hammill - Skin
Peter Himmelman - Gematria
Peter Himmelman - Stage Diving
Peter Holsapple & Chris Stamey - Mavericks
Peter Hum Quintet - A Boy's Journey
Peter Janson - Beautiful Day
Peter Karp & Sue Foley - Beyond the Crossroads
Peter Katz - First of the Last to Know
Peter Katz - We Are the Reckoning
Peter Katz and the Curious - More Nights
Peter Knight - Fish Boast Of Fishing
Peter Leitch - Self Portrait
Peter Lewis - Three Suites for Guitar
Peter Mansbridge and the CBC's - Love in the Country Songs
Peter McDonough - The Wizard of Oz
Peter Moller - The Responsibilities of Evolution
Peter More - Shoulder
Peter Mulvey - The Trouble with Poets
Peter Murphy - Cascade
Peter Murphy - The Final Solution
Peter Murphy - Wild Birds 1985-1995: The Best of the Beggars Banquet Years
Peter Oren - Anthropocene
Peter Paulsen Quintet - Goes Without Saying
Peter Primamore - Grancia
Peter Project - Peter Project
Peter Rapanaro - The secret of christmas
Peter Schmid and Vinny Golia - Birdology
Peter Schmidl, Madoka Inui, Teodora Miteva, Pierre Pichler - The Art of the Clarinet: Beethoven, Brahms, Berg, Mendelssohn
Peter Smith Quartet - Yule Like This
Peter Smith Quartet - Yule Like This
Peter Sommer - Crossroads
Peter Stampfel & the WORM All-Stars - A Sure Sign of Something
Peter Tosh - No Nuclear War
Peter Tosh - The Toughest
Peter Ustinov - Grand Prix of Gibraltar!
Peter Walker - Landed
Peter Walker - Second Poem To Karmela or Gypsies Are Important
Peter White - Caravan Of Dreams
Peter Wolf - 99 Worlds
Peter Yorn - Music for the Morning After
Peter Zajicek, Musica Aeterna Bratislava - Muffat: Concerti Grossi, Nos. 7-12
Peter Zajicek, Musica Aeterna Bratislava - Sperger: String Symphonies
Peter, Paul and Mary - Album 1700
Peter, Paul and Mary - In Concert
Peter`Randall and the Raindogs - Peter Randall and the`Raindogs
Peterzimmer - Prime Of Life
Petit Biscuit - Presence
Petkau - Don't Say A Word
Petony - Petopia
Petr Wagner, Jacques Ogg - Charles Dolle: Pieces de Viole
Petra Haden - Petra Goes to the Movies
Petra Haden - Petra Haden Sings: The Who Sell Out
Petrolia - Petrolia (cassette)
the pets - The 4-track challenge
The Pets - Love & War
The Pets - Love & War
Petunia - Free as the Wind
Petunia - Inside of You
Petunia - The Ugliest, Bitterest, Coldest Dreary Place I've Ever Seen
Peuple de l'Herbe - Reggaematic
Pezz - Watoosh!
Pfeuti - Pigeon Post
PGS - Worth a Thousand Words
PH10 - Helmutvision
Pham Duc Thanh - Vietnamese Traditional Music
Phantasm - Irukandji
Phantogram - Eyelid Movies
Phantogram - Eyelid Movies
Phantogram - Nightlife
Phantohms - Pon Arrival
Phantom 309 - 3000 Crooked Miles to Honolulu
Phantom Blues Band - Footprints
Phantom Blues Band - Inside Out
phantom limb - mors ontologica
Phantom Planet - The Guest
Phantom Planet - Live [EP]
Phantom Planet - Phantom Planet
Phantom Planet - Phantom Planet Is Missing
Phantom Planet - Raise The Dead
Phantom Shifters - Given Half a Chance, We'll Wreck It for Everybody
Phantom, Rocker & Slick - Phantom, Rocker & Slick
Pharcyde, The - Cydeways: The Best of the Pharcyde
Pharez Whitted - Transient Journey
Pharis & Jason Romero - Bet On Love
Pharis & Jason Romero - Long Gone Out West Blues
Pharis & Jason Romero - A Passing Glimpse
Pharis & Jason Romero - Sweet Old Religion
Pharis & Jason Romero - A Wanderer I'll Stay
The Pharmacy - Stoned & Alone
Pharmakon - Devour
Pharmakon Mtl - To Call Out In the Night
Phaser - Sway
Phasers On Stun - The Living Is Easy
Phasers on Stun, The - Phasers on Stun, The
Phases, The - Sep 01
Phats & Small - Simply Red Ain't That a Lot of Love Remixes
PHATT al - The Chillionaire
PHATT al - Transistor
Phedre - Phedre
Phelgm fatale - clam crust or bust
Phenomenal Handclap Band - Form & Control
Phenomenal Handclap Band - Phenomenal Handclap Band
Pheo Rose - Inner Universe
Phiiliip - Pet Cancer
Phil Brown - Bright Side
Phil Cody - the Sons Of Intemperance Offering
Phil Dwyer Orchestra - Changing Seasons
Phil Flowers - People People
Phil Hawkins - Sugarcane Suite
Phil Haynes & No Fast Food - No Fast Food, In Concert
Phil Heywood - Local Joe
Phil Heywood - You Got To Move
Phil Kelly - Ballet of the Bouncing Beagles
Phil Kelly - My Museum
Phil Manley - Life Coach
Phil Manzanera - Diamond Head
Phil Medley - Happy Walk
Phil Niblock - Young Persons Guide
Phil Ochs - All the News That's Fit to Sing//I Ain't Marching Anymore
Phil Ranelin - Perseverance
Phil Ranelin - Remixes
Phil Reynolds - Big Front Door
Phil Western - Escapist
Phil Woods - The Children's Suite
Phil Woods & DePaul University Jazz Ensemble - Solitude
Phil Woods & The Festival Orchestra - Celebration
Phildel - The Glass Ghost
Philharmonia Orchestra - Remote Galaxy
Philharmonia Zurich - Wagner: Preludes and Interludes
Philharmonic Winds OSAKAN - Van der Roost: Spartacus - Poeme Montagnard - Sinfonietta 'Suito Sketches'
Philip Abraham - If You Need It
Philip Corner - 40 Years and One: Philip Corner Plays the Piano
Philip Gibbs - Petroleum Age
Philip Glass - Heroes Symphony
Philip Glass - Jane (Original National Geographic Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Philip Glass - Phaedra The Non-Mishima Music
Philip Kummel - Trace North Memory
Philip O'Kay Dik-Mynde - The City of Light on Alderbaran
Philip Sayce Group - Philip Sayce Group
Philip Selway - Familial
Philipp Pelster - Poledouris: Conan the Barbarian
Philippe B - La Grande Nuit Video
Philippe Bianconi - Ornithologie La Nuit
Philippe Bianconi - Philippe Bianconi, piano
Philippe Le Goff - Titakti
Philippe Petit & Friends - Scent of Garmambrosia
Philistines Jr., The - Analog Vs. Digital
PHILL NIBLOCK - Niblock For Celli / Celli Plays Niblock
Philly Moves - How to Drink Yourself Famous [Explicit]
Phillymoves - Peace and Carrots
Philm - Harmonic
The Philosopher Kings - Castles
The Philosopher Kings - Famous, Rich and Beautiful
Phineas Gage - Fallen Angel
Phish - Farmhouse
Phish - Round Room
Phish - The Siket Disc
Phleg Camp - Repeat Until Change
Phoebe Bridgers - Strangers in the Alps
Phoenix - Bankrupt!
Phoenix - It's Never Been Like That
Phoenix - United
Phoenix Chorale, Kansas City Chorale - Rachmaninoff: All-night Vigil
Phoenix Foundation, The - Buffalo
Phoids - Marianne Doesn't Know Yet
The Phoids - The Phoids
Phonettes - Algorithm Love
Phono d'enfant - Ambrose Psychic
Phono d'enfant - Ragged Chute Blues
Phono d'enfant - White Blossoms
Phono d'enfant - The Wild Rose That Is
Phono Denfant - The Golden Age of Mexican Cinema
Phono Pony - Death by Blowfish
Phono Pony - Monkey Paw
Phono-Comb - Fresh Gasoline
Phono-Combo - Fresh Gasoline
Phonosonics - Between Two Headphones
Phonotactic - In a Solid State
Phonte - Charity Starts at Home
Phos - Matriarch
Phosphenes - Find Us Where We're Hiding
Phosphorescent - C'est La Vie
Phosphorescent - Live at the Music Hall
Phosphorescent - Muchacho
Photek - Modus Operandi
Photek - Solaris
Photon Band - Oh the Sweet, Sweet Changes
Photon Band - Our Own ESP Driven Scene Singles
Photonz - Etheric Body Music
PHOX - Phox
Phranc - Goofyfoot
Phranc - I Enjoy Being a Girl
Phuse - Power, Funk, Pop
Phuture 303 - Survival's Our Mission
Phychic Pollution - Destructed Arcitecture
Phycus - Multi-Purpose Saws - a musicus phycus compilation
Phycus - "X"
Phycus - "x"
Phyllis Sinclair - Dreams of the Washerwomen
Physical Therapy - Yes, I'm Elastic EP
Phycus: - Brainmower
Piana - Snow Bird
Piano B - Outernational Attack
Piano Magic - Son de Mar
Piano Magic - Writers Without Homes
The Pica Beats - Beating Back The Claws Of The Cold
Picasso Trigger - Bipolar Cowboy
Picasso Trigger - Bipolar Cowboy (Advance Release)
Picastro - Become Secret
Picastro - Whore Luck
Picastro - You
Pick a Piper - Distance
The Pick Brothers Band - Blue Days EP
Pickwick - Can't Talk Medicine
Pickwick - LoveJoys
Picture Paintings - Daddy's Place (cassette)
Pictureplane - Thee Physical
Pieces, The - The Pieces
pied pear - PIed Pear Collector Edition 2011
Piedmont Sorpid - Estes Places
Piedmont Sorpid - The Sugars of the Eyes
Piedmont Sorpid - Wilberforce
Pierce Pettis - Everything Matters
Pierced Arrows - Descending Shadows
An Pierlé - White Velvet
Pierpoljak - Kingston Karma
Pierpoljak - S/T
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay - La maree
Pierre Alexandre Tremblay - Quelques reflets
Pierre Cartier - Chansons de la Belle Esperance
Pierre Cartier - Dis, Blaise...
Pierre Kwenders - Makanda at the End of Space, the Beginning of Time
Pierre Labbe + 12 - Tremblement de Fer
Pierre Tanguay - S/T
Pierre-Andre Arcand - Atlas Epileptic
Pierre-Andre Arcand - Eres + 7
Pierre-Yves Martel - Engagement & Confrontation
Piers Faccini - My Wilderness
Piet Noordijk - New Quintet
Pietasters - Pietasters
Pietro Tonolo, Gil Goldstein, Steve Swallow, Paul Motian - Your Songs: The Music of Elton John
Pif Paf Hangover - Curry Love
Pig - Sinsation
Pig - Wrecked
Pig Destroyer - Terrifyer
Pig&Dan - Decade
Pigeon-Hole - Versus Gravity
Pigeonhed - Full Sentence
Pigeonhole - Age Like Astronauts
Pigface - Fook
Pigface - Spoon Breakfast
Pigfarm - Plug
Piggy - Calypsos to Please You
Piggy - Don't Stop The Calypso
Pigment Vehicle - Independent Women Are So Damned Good…
Pigment Vehicle - Murder's Only Foreplay When You're Hot For Revenge
Pilate - Caught By The Window
Pilc Moutin Hoenig - Threedom
Pill Crusher - The First Two Years
Pillar - Everyone is as Terrified as You Are
Pillar Point - Pillar Point
Pillars and Tongues - Lay of Pilgrim Park
Pillars and Tongues - The Pass and Crossings
Pillbox - Pill Box
Pills - Electrocaine
Pilot - When The Day Has Broken
Pilot Scott Tracy - Any City
Pilot Scott Tracy - We Cut Loose
Pilot to Gunner - Get Saved
Pilot to Gunner - Hit the Ground and Hum
Pimp-T - Power Is Mindful Peace
Pimps of Joytime - Janxta Funk!
Pinback - Autumn of the Seraphs
Pinback - Information Retrieved
Pinback - Offcell
The Pinc Lincolns - I Know I've Got A Lot To Learn
Pinc Lincolns, The - Joy to the World
Pine Forest Crunch - Make Believe
Pine Tarts - Pin Tarts
The Pineapple Thief - Someone Here is Missing
Pinegrove - Cardinal
Pinegrove - Marigold
Pinehurst Kids - Viewmaster
Pinehurst Kids, The - Bleed It Dry
The Pines - Above the Prairie
Pinetop Perkins - Heaven
Pinetop Seven - The Night's Bloom
Pinetop Seven - No Breath in the Bellows
Pinetop Seven - Rigging the Toplights
Pinhead Gunpowder - Carry the Banner
Pining, The - S/T
Pink Anvil - Halloween Party
Pink Floyd - Animals
Pink Floyd - Echoes: The Best of Pink Floyd
Pink Floyd - Meddle
Pink Floyd - Obscured by Clouds
Pink Floyd - The Wall
The Pink Lights - Assembly
Pink Martini - Hey Eugene!
Pink Moth - Eclipsed
Pink Mountaintops - Get Back
Pink Mountaintops, The - Axis of Evol
Pink Mountaintops, The - Outside Love
Pink Mountaintops, The - The Pink Mountaintops
Pink Nasty - Mule School
Pink Noise, The [CAN] - Avenue
Pink Noise, The [CAN] - House of Cards
Pink Noise, The [CAN] - Subtext
Pink Priest - Pink Priest/Horders split
Pink Section - Pink Section
Pink Slips - Push
The Pinker Tones - More Colours: The Million Colour Revolution
Pinkle - House plants
Pinkslips - Hate Songs
Pinner - #3 Demo
PIP BLOM - Singles
Pip Skid - Friends4ever
Pip Skid - Funny Farm
Pip Skid - Pip Donahue
Pip Skid - Skid Row
Pip Skid & Rob Crooks - It's OK
Pipedream - The Journey From Hamburg to Iceland Begins
Piper Hayes - Ain't Nothin' Like...
Piper Hayes - Goodbye Mister Nice Guy
Pipi Skid - Break Bread
Pipo Fiasco - 33 1/3
Pirate Fridays - Semi-Golden Smile
Pisces Factor - Thorny Crown
Piss Factory - Piss Factory
Pissed Jeans - Honeys
Pissed Jeans - Shallow
Pissed Jeans - Why Love Now
Pistol Arrows, The - Look!
Pistol George Warren - Back to Northern Country
Pistol George Warren - Hoots Deuce
Pistol George Warren - Mindemoya
Pistol George Warren - Oceapur 9
Pit Er Pat - Emergency
Pit Er Pat - High Time
Pitch Shifter vs. Biohazard-Therapy?-Gunshot - The Remix War
Pitchblende - Gygax
Pitchin' Woo - What is good
Pitchshifter - www.pitchshifter.com
Pitcure The Ocean - Picture The Ocean
Pith - Fore
PITTO - Late Night Studio Moves
Pitty Sing - Pitty Sing
Pity Sex - White Hot Moon
Pixel - Reminder
Pixel - We Are All Small Pixels
Pixies - Beneath the Eyrie
Pixies - Head Carrier
Pixies, The - Complete B-Sides
Pixies, The - Death to the Pixies 1987-1991
Pixies, The - Indie Cindy
Pixies, The - Pixies
Pixies, The - Wave of Mutilation: The Best of the Pixies
Pixx - The Age Of Anxiety
pixxx3 - pixxx3
Pizazz - Get Out Of My House
Pizza King - Missile Crisis b/w Bob Hampers
Pizzarrhea! - Laser Bacon Eye Surgery
Pizzarrhea! - Uper
Pizzicato Five - The Fifth Release from Matador
Pizzicato Five - Five By Five
Pizzicato Five - Happy End of the World
Pizzicato Five - Made in USA
PJ Harvey - 4-Track Demos
PJ Harvey - Is This Desire?
PJ Harvey - Peel Sessions 1991-2004
PJ Harvey - Uh Huh Her
PJ Harvey - White Chalk
PJ Perry & Doug Riley - Come Sunday: Songs of Spirituality
Pkew Pkew Pkew - Optimal Lifestyles
Pkew Pkew Pkew - Pkew Pkew Pkew
Pla.ce.bo - Don't Drink the Bathwater
pla?.ce.bo4 - Sailor Boy
A Place to Bury Strangers - Onwards To The Wall
A Place to Bury Strangers - Pinned
A Place to Bury Strangers - A Place to Bury Strangers
A Place to Bury Strangers - Transfixiation
A Place to Bury Strangers - Transfixiation
A Place to Bury Strangers - Worship
Placebo - Without You I'm Nothing
Placido Domingo/Orquestra de la Comunidad de Madrid - Pasion Espanola
Plague Vendor - Free to Eat
Plaid - The Digging Remedy
Plaid - Reachy Prints
Plaid - Scintilli
Plaid - Spokes
The Plaid Tongued Devils - In Klezskavania
The Plaid Tongued Devils - Tongue & Groove
Plain as Ghosts - Rendering
Plain as Ghosts - Rendering Remixed
Plain as Ghosts - Sleepless Shadow
Plain as Ghosts - Sleepless Shadow Remixed
Plain Dealers, the - ep
Plain's Desperate Symphony - Michael Meredoth
Plains of Fascination - Join the Ranks
Plains, The - On Earth as it is in Heaven
Plainsong - New Place Now
Plan 9 - Sea Hunt
Plan Orange - The Individuals Have Arrived
Plan, The - Only These Movements Remain
the Plan - This time is not this Place
PlanB - Ill Manors
Plane - Shake My Ground
Planes Mistaken for Stars - Knife in the Marathon
Planet Jazz - Flying New World
Planet Smashers - Attack of the Planet Smashers
Planet Smashers - The Life of the Party
Planet Smashers - Mixed Messages
Planet Smashers - No Self Control
The Planet Smashers - Descent Into The Valley Of...
The Planet Smashers - Planet Smashers
Planeta Imaginario - Optical Delusions
Planetary Assault Systems - Arc Angel
Plankton Wat - Drifter's Temple
Plants and Animals - The End of That
Plants and Animals - La La Land
Plants and Animals - Parc Avenue
Plants and Animals - Waltzed in from the Rumbling
Plasterscene Replicas - Plasterscene Replicas
Plastic Bag - S/T
Plastic Constellations - We got the Movement
Plastic Constellations, The - Mazatlan
The Plastic Constellations - We Appreciate You
Plastic Flowers - Evergreen
plastic japanese toys - glitterati
Plastic Ono Band - Live Peace in Toronto 1969
Plasticine - Plasticine
Plasticine - Plasticine
Plasticine - Public Address System
Plastikman - Closer
Plastilina Mosh - Monster Truck
Plastiscines - About Love
Plastyc Buddha - Throwing Stones in Placid Pools
Play guitar - Howdy
Play guitar - When she was kids
Playgroup - Playgroup
Playgroup & Alter Ego - Kings of Electro
Playing Cards, The - Under Water
Pleasure - Joyologist
Pleasure Bridge - Pleasure Bridge
Pleasure Club - Here Comes the Trick
Pleasure Forever - Alter
Pleasure Forever - Pleasure Forever
Pleasure Fuckers - For Your Pleasure
Pleasures Pale - The Pleasures Pale
Plena Libre - Evolucion
Plex - Demons
Plexi - Cheer Up
Pleyel Quartett Koln - Preussische Quartette 1-3
Plitch & Davis - Feast
PLS (Park-Like Setting) - Craftsmen
Plumb - Plumb
Plumes - Plumes
Plumtree - Predicts The Future
Plumtree - This Day Won't Last at All
Plumtree - Water Had Leaked into My Suit
Plunge - Tin Fish Tango
Plunt - Plunt
Pluramon - Bit Sand Riders
Plus Perfect - New Atlantis
Pluto - Cool Way To Feel
Pluto - Par Avion
Pluto - Pluto
Pluto - Pluto
Pluto - Pluto
Pluto - Pluto
Pluto - Shake Hands with the Future
PMD - Business Is Business
Po' Girl - Deer in the Night
Po' Girl - Po' Girl
Po' Girl - Vagabond Lullabies
Pocket Dwellers - Digitally Organic
Pocket Dwellers - PD-ATRICS
Pocket Dwellers - Pocket Dwellers
Pocket Size - 100% Human
Pod People - Soil
Poe - Haunted
Poemss - Poemss
Poets of Rhythm, The - Anthology 1992-2003
Poets of Rhythm, The - Discern/Define
Poets, The - Nothing to Stay for and Nowhere to Go
Pogues - Peace and Love
Pogues - Waiting For Herb
Pogues, The - Pogues, The
Poi Dog Pondering - Natural Thing
Poi Dog Pondering - Plummmagram seeds-radio edits
Poi Dog Pondering - Poi Dog Pondering
Poi Dog Pondering - Volo Volo
Poi Dog Pondering - Wishing Like a Mountain and Thinking Like the Sea
Point Blank - X History
Point North Music - Compilation
Pointed Sticks, The - Part Of The Noise
Pointed Sticks, The - Perfect Youth
The Pointed Sticks - Waiting for the Real Thing
The Pointillists - After the Fireworks
Pointless Orchestra - Approaching Totality
Poire_Z and Phil Minton - Q
Poirier - Running High
Pokey LaFarge - Something in the Water
Pokey LaFarge & The South City Three - Riverboat Soul
Polara - C'est la Vie
Polaris! - Polaris!
Polarity/1 - Take a Pill
Pole - 3
Polecat Creek - Leaving Eden
Poledo - There You
The Poles - Merman b/w The Pest
Police - Don't Stand so Close to Me
Police - Outlandos d'Amour
Police - Regatta de Blanc
Police - Synchronicity
Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra - Górecki: Symphony No. 2, Beatus Vir
Polish National Radio Symphony Orchestra - Mahler: Symphony No. 4
Political Ritual - Political Ritual
Politique - SECRET SHOCK
Poliça - United Crushers
Polly Paulusma - Fingers & Thumbs
Polly Paulusma - Scissors in my pocket
Polmo Polpo - Like Hearts Swelling
Polmo Polpo - The Science of Breath
Polvo - Cor-crane secret
Polvo - Siberia
Polymorphines - Transistor Sistor
Polymorphines, The - The Slip EP
Polyphonic Spree, The - The Beginning Stages Of...
The Polyphonic Spree - The Fragile Army
Polyphonic Spree, The - Together We're Heavy
The Polyphonic Spree - Yes It's True
Polyphonic the Verbose - Abstract Data Ark
Polysics - Hey! Bob! My Friend!
Polysics - Neu
Pomegranate - This Illusion Sound
Pomegranates - Everybody, Come Outside!
Pomegranates - Heaven
Poncho Sanchez - Afro-Cuban Fantasy
Poncho Sanchez - Freedom Sound
Poncho Sanchez - Instant Party
Poncho Sanchez - Keeper of the Flame
Poncho Sanchez - Latin Soul
Ponctuation - 27 Club
Ponctuation - La realite nous suffit
Ponctuation - Mon herbier du monde entier
Pond - 9
Pond - Man It Feels Like Space Again
Pond - The Practice Of Joy Before Death
Ponemah - Ponemah
The Pontiac Brothers - Fuzzy Little Piece Of The World
Pontiak - Dialectic of Ignorance
Pontiak - Echo Ono
Pontiak - Innocence
Pontiak - Sun On Sun
Ponto - Ponto
Pony Girl - Foreign Life
Pony Girl - Show Me Your Fears
Pony Up! - Stay Gold
The Ponys - Turn the Lights Out
Ponytails - Darlings
The Pooches - Heart Attack
Pooh Man - Funky As I Wanna Be
The Pooh Sticks - The Great White Wonder
The Pooh Sticks - Million Seller
Pooh Sticks, The - Pooh Sticks, The
Pookie & The Poodlez - Pookie & The Poodlez
Poolplayers - Way Below The Surface
Poolside - Pacific Standard Time
Poor Angus - Gathering
Poor Moon - Poor Moon
Poorboy - We All Can't Be Free
Pop - More Disposable Pop Songs
Pop Cherry - Straight Up
Pop Crimes - City/Head
Pop Crimes & Willower - The Fly/Occident
Pop Group, The - Citizen Zombie
The Pop Group - We Are Time
Pop Levi - Medicine
Pop Levi - Medicine
Pop Levi - Medicine
Pop Levi - The Return to Form Black Magick Party
Pop Pop Vernac - Got It Covered Vol.2
Pop Tarts - Age of the Thing
Pop Will Eat Itself - Another Man's Rhubarb
Pop Will Eat Itself - Dance of the Mad
Pop Will Eat Itself - The Look or The Lifestyle
Pop Will Eat Itself - X Y & Zee
Pop Winds - The Turquoise
Pop Zeus - Pop Zeus
pOp*stAr*kiDs - The Rise and Fall of pOp*stAr*kiDs
pOp*stAr*kiDs - This Is: pOp*stAr*kiDs
Pop.1280 - Imps of Perversion
Popa Chubby - Two Dogs
Pope Factory - Pope Factory
Pope John Paul II - Abba Pater
Popguru - The world according to popguru
Popol Vuh - 1970-1999 Revisited And Remixed
Popol Vuh - City Raga
Poppy - Poppy.Computer
Poppy Akroyd - Resolve
Poppy Seed & the Love Explosion Orchestra - Beyond The Seventh Sun
Poppy Seed & the Love Explosion Orchestra - Days Dream of You
Poppyseed - Sandbox Dreams
Pops Staples - Peace To The Neighborhood
Popstrangers - Antipodes
Popstrangers - Fortuna
Popular Mechanix - Western World
Porcelain Raft - Permanent Signal
Porcelain Raft - Strange Weekend
Porch - Porch
The Porch Climbers - Squeeze me, Beat me, Love me
Porcupine Tree - The Incident
Porest - Prude Juice for the Heritage Swinger
Pork Belly Futures - s/t
Pork Tornado - Pork Tornado
Porkbelly Futures, The - Way Past Midnight
Porn Kings - Up to No Good
Porn Kings - Up to No Good
Porno Mags - Porno Mags
Port Juvee - Crimewave
Portable - Portable
Portable - Secret Life
Portastatic - Autumn Was A Lark
Portastatic - The Perfect Little Door
Porter - Whiskey Hill
The Porter Project - In the chill, in the still of the night
Porter Ray - Watercolor
Porter Wagoner - Wagonmaster
Porter Wagoner & The Wagonmasters - The Cold Hard Facts of Life
Portico - First Neighbours
Portico - Progeny Blues
Portico - Shape To Form
Portishead - Dummy
Portishead - Live: Roseland NYC
Portishead - Portishead
Portishead - Third
Portland Cello Project - The Thao & Justin Power Sessions
Portugal. The Man - Evil Friends
Portugal. The Man - In the Mountain in the Cloud
Portugal. The Man - Woodstock
The Posers - S/T
Posers, The - Worse Than Nothing
Posies - Amazing Disgrace
Posies - Suddenly Mary (SINGLE)
The Posies - Dear 23
Positive Catastrophe - Dibrujo, Dibrujo, Dibrujo...
Positively Stompin - Junk Drawer
Posse - Origonal Motion Picture Soundtrack
Possum Dixon - New Sheets
post '76 - Post '76
Post Script - If Not for You
Postage Era - Fatal Autopsy
postage stamps - this ugly arrangement
Postal Service, The - Give Up
Postdata - Let's Be Wilderness
Postdata - Postdata
Poster Children - DDD
Poster Children - Flowerplower
Potato Rocket - Grown Ass Adults
Potatoes - Cut
Potatohead People - Nick & Astro'S Guide To The Galaxy
Potatomen & CUB - The Beautiful & Damned
Potatomen, The - The Beautiful & Damned/Arcata
Potmaster - Freak Me Out To The Deluxe
Potshot - Rock 'n' Roll
Potshot - Til I Die
Potter's Field - Potter's Field (cassette)
Pottery - No. 1
Potty Mouth - Potty Mouth
Pouk - Maybe It's Me
Poumons - By Surprise
Pound - Same Old Life
Pout - Serenity
Povi - Enter the Dragonflies
Povi - Life in Volcanoes
Powder Blue - Dream In Black
Powder Blue - II
Powder Blues - Uncut
Powderfinger - Double Allergic
Powderfinger - Odyssey Number Five
Powderfinger - Odyssey Number Five
Powderfinger - Thick
Powell Tillmans - Spoken By The Other
Power and the Glory, The - Sampler
Powerman 5000 - Tokyo Vigilante #1/ 20 Miles to Texas, 25 to Hell
Powers - Power EP
POWERSOLO - Transfixing Motherfucker
Powerwolf - The History Of Heresy II
Poweys - Eremitic
PPL MVR - The One & Only
Prabes - Prabes
Prague - Preperation Meets Opportunity
Prague Sinfonia Orchestra - Complete Overtures 2
Prague Sinfonia Orchestra - Complete Overtures 3: La Cenerentola, L' Italiana in Algeri, Tancredi
Prague Sinfonia Orchestra - Rossini: Complete Overtures, Vol. 4 - Il barbiere di Siviglia; Il Turco in Italia; Sinfonia in E flat; Ricciardo e Zoraide; Torvaldo e Dorlis
Prairie Cat - Attacks!
Prairie Cat - Got Nothin'
Prairie Cat - It Began/Ended With Sparks
Prairie Cat - Prairie Cat Is Cary Pratt
Prairie Cat - Who Knows Where to Begin?
Prairie Empire - The Salt
Prairie Fire/Dean McNeill - Prairie Fire - Large Jazz Ensemble
Prairie Oyster - Meet Me On the Corner
Prairie Voices - Autumn
Prairie Voices - Autumn
Prairie Voices - Immortal
Prairie Wynd - Prairie Wynd
Prana Crafter - Symbiose
Prana Trio - The Singing Image of Fire
Pras - Ghetto Supastar
Praxis - Transmutation (Mutatis Mutandis)
Pre Nup - Pre Nup
the precios littles - sometimes you win
Precious Fathers - Alluvial Fan
Precious Fathers - Precious Fathers
Precyz - Precyz
Predator/Prey - Predator/Prey
Prefab Messiahs - Peace, Love and Alienation
The Prefab Messiahs - Keep Your Stupid Dreams Alive
Prefab Sprout - Andromeda Heights (4 track sampler)
Prefab Sprout - From Langley Park to Memphis
Prefab Sprout - If You Don't Love Me
Prefab Sprout - Swoon
Prefuse 73 - One Word Extinguisher
Pregnant - After Dinner Mints
Prehistoric - Forgive the Hero
Prehistoric - Walking Backwards on an Escalator
Preoccupations - New Material
Preoccupations - Preoccupations
Prepared - Trust Me
Prepared & Veneers - Split 7"
Prescott Curlywolf - Six Ways to Sunday
Presence - All Systems Gone
Present - Le Poison Qui Rend Fou
Present - Triskaidekaphobie (remastered/expanded)
The Presets Single - Youth In Trouble
The President's Own United States Marine Band - Above and Beyond
Presidents of the United States of America - Freaked Out and Small
Presidents of the United States of America - II
Presidents of the United States of America - Pure Frosting
Preston School of Industry - All This Sounds Gas
Preston School of Industry - Goodbye To The Edge City
Preston School of Industry - Monsoon
Preston Shannon - All in Time
Pretahunter - Symbolic
Pretenders - Loose Screw
Pretenders - Pretenders
Pretenders - Pretenders
Pretenders, The - Pretenders, The
Prettiest Eyes - Pools
Prettiest Eyes - Pools
Pretty City - Cancel the Future
Pretty City - Colorize
Pretty Girls Make Graves - Elan Vital
Pretty Girls Make Graves - The New Romance
Pretty in Pop - Pretty in Pop: Songs from the films of John Hughes
Pretty Lights - A Color Map of the Sun [Remixes]
The Pretty Route - Demo 2007
Pretty Train Crash - Pretty Train Crash
previous tenants - living room
Prezident Brown - Prezident Brown
Pridebowl - the soft song
Pridebowl - Yesterday's End
Prids, The - Love Zero
Priestess - Hello Master
Priestess - Prior to the Fire
Prima Donnas, The - Drugs, Sex & Discotheques
Primal Fear - Jaws of Death
Primal Fear - Primal Fear
Primal Scream - Beautiful Future
Primal Scream - Evil Heat
Primal Scream - More Light
Primal Scream - Riot City Blues
Primal Scream - Screamadelica
Primal Scream - XTRMNTR
Primal Static - The Curtain of Many Faces
Primal Therapy - Primal Therapy
Primal Winds - Cut You Down
Primative World - Danceteria
Prime Junk - Ladybird EP
Prime Minister Pete Nice & Daddy Rich - Dust To Dust
Primer 55 - Introduction to Mayhem
Primitive Calculators - World Is Fucked
Primitive radio gods - Rocket
Primordial - Spirit The Earth Aflame (Ri)
Primrods, The - Citizen Advocacy
The Primrods - Kneecappin'!
Primrods, The - Shit Side Story
Primrods, The/Tristan Psionic - Plans for Palmyra/20,000 Coyotes Can't be Wrong
Primus - Antipop
Primus - The Brown Album
Primus - The Desaturating Seven
Primus - Green Naugahyde
Primus - Primus & the Chocolate Factory with the Fungi Ensemble
Primus - Rhinoplasty
Primus - Southbound pachyderm
Prince - HITNRUN Phase Two
Prince - Musicology
Prince - Originals
Prince - When Doves Cry/When Dubs Cry
Prince And The New Power Generation - The Love Symbol Album
Prince Fatty - Survival Of The Fattest
Prince Fatty Vs Mungo's Hi Fi - Prince Fatty Vs Mungo's Hi Fi
Prince George Tribute Band - If We Ever Get Out of Here: Tribute to Band on the Run
Prince Markie Dee and the Soul Convention - Something Special
Prince Paul - A Prince Among Thieves
Prince perry - here tomorrow gone today
Prince perry - Love at the End of the Century
Prince perry & the gladtones - Whatever you can get away with
Prince Rama - Trust Now
Prince Rama - Xtreme Now
Prince Shima - P.S. I Love You...
Prince Shima - Strange Aloha
Princess Superstar - My Machine
Princeton - Remembrance of Thing to Come
Principleasure - Ryse
Principles of Geometry - Burn the Land & Boil the Oceans
Prinzhorn Dance School - Home Economics
PRIORS - Call For You
PRIORS - New Pleasure
Priors - New pleasure LP Call for you EP
Priscilla Ahn - When You Grow Up
Pristine - Detoxing
Priya Thomas - Armageddon Weather Channel
Priya Thomas - In The Throes Of The Microscope
Priya Thomas - Songs for Car Commercials
prize fighter inferno, the - my brother's blood machine
Pro Coro Canada - Fancy's Child
Pro Coro Canada - First Snow
Pro-Pain - Act of God
Pro-Pain - Round Six
Pro-pain - The Truth Hurts
Process, The - Who Is That Mad Band?
Proclaimers - I'm On My Way
Proclaimers - Notes & Rhymes
Proclaimers - Sunshine on Leith
Proclaimers, The - Proclaimers, The
Proclaimers, The - Proclaimers, The
Procol Harum - BBC Live in Concert
Prodigy - Firestarter (Maxi CD)
Prodigy, The - Always Outnumbered, Never Outgunned
Prodigy, The - The Day Is My Enemy
Prodigy, The - Fat of the Land
the Prodigy - Invaders Must Die
Production Club - Follow Your Bliss
Professor "Louie" & The Crowmatix - Over the Edge
Professor and Maryann - Runaway Favorite
Professor Louie & the Crowmatix - JAM
Professor Louie & the Crowmatix - Over the Edge
Professor Trance & The Energisers - Shaman's Breath
Proffessor Undressor - A Robot Theatre Production of a Brief Visit to the Metal Hospital
Proffessor Undressor - The Sumi-E Experiment
Proffessor Undressor - A tin box
Profit - Take Over
Profits of Crime - Profits of Crime
Programm - Like the Sun EP
Programme - Mon Cerveau Dans Ma Bouche
Progressive Minstrels - I Can Turn My Head Myself
Proh Mic - Rhythm for Days
Project - Alchemist
Project Dark - Involution
Project Trio - Project Trio
Projections - Between Here and Now
Projektor - Red Wolf Glass
Projektor - S/T
Projektor - Young Hearts Fail
Proletariat - Soma Holiday
ProllyKnot - Its Not Anymore
Promise Ring, The - 30 Degrees Everywhere
Promise Ring, The - Wood/Water
Promonium Jesters - Psychic Warfare
Promonium Jesters - Skull Duty
Promonium Jesters - Your Face
Prong - Cleansing
Prong - Prove You Wrong
Prong - Rude Awakening
Prong - Whose Fist Is This Anyway
Pronto - Pronto
Proof of Ghosts - Proof of Ghosts
Propaganda - Propaganda
Propagandhi - Failed States
Propagandhi - Less Talk, More Rock
Propagandhi - Potemkin City Limits
Propagandhi - Supporting Caste
Propagandhi - Today's Empires Tomorrow's Ashes
Propagandhi - Victory Lap
Propagandhi - Where Quantity Is Job #1
Proper Operation - Life Is Hard
The Proper Ornaments - Wooden Head
Prose and Concepts - Procreations
Protest the Hero - A Calculated Use of Sound
Protest The Hero - A Calculated Use Of Sound
Protest the Hero - Fortress
Protest The Hero - Kezia
Protest the Hero - Scurrilous
Protomartyr - The Agent Intellect
Protomartyr - Under Color of Official Right
Protomartyr - Wheel of Fortune
Protruders - Poison Future
Protruders - Untucked/Lively Promo
Proud Animal - Proud Animal
Providence - The Demon Haunted World
Provincial Archive - It's All Shaken Wonder
Provincial Archive - Provincial Archive
Provincial Parks - Iron Ponies EP
Proyecto Tacos - Drum and Bass
Proyecto Tacos - Sabor a tropico
Prozzak - Hot Show
Pryda (Eric Prydz) - Eric Prydz Presents Pryda
Ps I Love You - Death Dreams
Ps I Love You - For Those Who Stay
Ps I Love You - Meet Me At The Muster Station
Psapp - The Only Thing I Ever Wanted
pseudohoney - American IV: The Man Comes Around
Psychadelic Porn Crumpets - Night Gnomes
The Psyched - The Psyched
Psychedelic Furs, The - All of This and Nothing
Psychedelic Furs, The - Book of Days
Psychedelic Furs, The - Forever Now
Psychedelic Furs, The - Midnight to Midnight
Psychedelic Furs, The - Mirror Moves
Psychedelic Furs, The - The Psychedelic Furs
Psychedelic Furs, The - Should God Forget: A Retrospective
Psychedelic Furs, The - Talk Talk Talk
Psychedelic Horseshit - Laced
Psychic Alliance - Flux Capacitor
Psychic Hygiene - S/T
Psychic Pollution - Deconstructed Architecture
Psychic Pollution - PPamb00
Psychic Pollution - S-T
Psychic Pollution - Spatium Tympanum
Psychic Pollution - Tanz fur Dunklen Seelen
Psychic Temple - IV
The Psychics - The Future
Psychics, The - Close Encounters
Psychics, The - Live at the Graffiti Gallery
Psycho - Pain Addict Pigs
Psycho Key - Wicked Dream
Psycho Realm, The - Psycho City Blocks
The Psycho Realm - The Psycho Realm
Psychobilly Cadillacs - Nobody Never Told Me
Psychokinetics - Seven League Boots
Psychomania - Rebel Set
Psychomatic Climax Machines - Songs About Robots
Psychopathic Romantics - Psychopathic Romantics
Psychosomatic Itch - Live @ CFUV
Psychostick - IV Revenge of the Vengeance
Psychotic Gardening - Humanitorium
Psychotic Gardening - HURDUR
Psychotic Gardening - Hymnosis
Psycroptic - Symbols of failure
Psykosonik - Unlearn
Psyopus - Our Puzzling Encounters Considered
Psyopus - Our Puzzling Encounters Considered
Pterodactyl - Pterodactyl
Pterodactyl Problems - Esoteric Hobbies
Puberty - First Slime
Public Animal - Palace Arms
Public Announcement - All Work, No Play
Public Enemy - Man Plans God Laughs
Public Enemy - Muse Sick-n-Hour Mess Age
Public Enemy - Nighttrain
Public Image Limited - First Issue
Public Image Ltd. - One Drop
Public Image Ltd. - That What Is Not
Public Image Ltd. - This Is Pil
Public Image Ltd. - What the World Needs Now...
Public Library - Dark Birds
Public Library - It Never Snows Around Here
Public Memory - Demolition
Public parkade - Demo Tape (Rough draft)
Public Service Broadcasting - The Race For Space
Pudding Attack - Lightning Bolt Glamour
Pudding Attack - Miniskirt Cash Machine
Puddu Varano - Time to Grow
Pudfluff & Steelos - The Next Best Thing
Puentes Brothers - Morumba Cubana
Puerto Muerto - Your Bloated Corpse Has Washed Ashore
Puerto Plata - Mujer de Cabaret
Puerto Plata - Mujer De Cabaret
Puerto Rican Power Orchestra - Poderoso Pero Diferente
Puff - Identitatsverlust
Puff Johnson - Miracle
Puffy Areolas - 1982: Dishonorable Discharge
Pugs & Crows - Fantastic pictures
Puig Destroyer - Puig Destroyer
Pujol - Angelbaby
Pujol - Kisses
Pujol - Kludge
Pujol - Nasty, Brutish, and Short
Pujol - United States of Being
Pukka Orchestra - Pukka Orchestra
Pulley - Matters
Pulley - Together Again for the First Time
Pulling Teeth - Pulling Teeth
Pullman - Viewfinder
Pulp - Freaks
Pulp - His 'n' Hers
Pulp - It
Pulp - Masters of the Universe
Pulp - This Is Hardcore
Pulp - We Love Life
Pulp Life - Carbon handshake
The Pulsars - Pulsars
Pulseprogramming - Tulsa for One Second
Punch Brothers - The Phosphorescent Blues
Punch Brothers - Punch
Punch Brothers - Who's feeling young now?(2012)
Punch Buggy - Grand Opening Going Out Of Business Sale
Punchbuggy - All Nite Christian Rollerskate
Punchbuggy - Grand Opening Going Out of Business Sale
Punchbuggy - The Great Divide
Punchbuggy - My Norwegian Cousin
Punchbuggy - Punchbuggy
The Punching Nuns - Where's Andrew?
Punk-O-Rama - Vol. 2-Punk-O-Rama
Punters, The - Said she couldn't Dance
The Punters - said she couldn't dance...
Puntilla y el Conjunto Todo Rumbero - A Tribute to Gonzalo Asencio Tio Tom 1919-1991
Pup - The Dream Is Over
Pup - The Dream Is Over
Pup - Morbid Stuff
Pup - Pup
Pup - Pup (promo edit)
Pup - this place sucks ass
Puppies - The Puppies
Puppy & Hand Jobs - I Eat Abortions
Pure - Extra Purestrial
Pure - Feverish
Pure - Generation Six-Pack
Pure - Pure
Pure - Pureafunalia
Pure Bathing Culture - Moon Tides
Pure Phase Ensemble 4 - Live at Spacefest
Pure X - Angel
Pure X - Pleasure
Pureum Jin - The Real Blue
Puritans, The - Marquee Themes
Puritans, The - Puritans, The
The Puritans - Sing the Hymns of Shoutin' Abner Pim
The Puritans, The Mistreaters, Earthquake Pills, New 1-2, Stagmummer, Immortal Lee County Killers - The Isle of Spight
Purity Ring - Another Eternity
Purity Ring - Shrines
Purlicue - Dip n' Dot
Purling Hiss - Weirdon
Purple Hill - Beechnut st.
Purple Mountains - Purple Mountains
Purple Penguin - De-Tuned
Purple Pilgrims - Eternal Delight
Purple Toads - Purple Toads
Purrs, The - Destroy the Sun
Pursuit Of Happiness, The - Brave New Waves Session
Pursuit of Happiness, The - Hard to Laugh
Pursuit of Happiness, The - Killed by Love
Pursuit of Happiness, The - Pursuit of Happiness, The
Pursuit of Happiness, The - She's So Young
Purveyors of Free Will, The - BLOOD like INK. Unbidden...
Purveyors of Free Will, The - Bridge to Here
Puscifer - V Is for Vagina
Push Button Objects - Ghetto Blaster
Push Kings - Feel No Fade
Push Kings, The - Push Kings, The
Pusha T - Fear of God: Let Us Pray
Pushing Buttons - The Tale of a Band
Pushing Daisies - Pretending to be Famous
Pushing Up Daisies - What? (cassette)
Pushing Up Daisies - Wheedle
Pushking - The World As We Love It
Pushover - Logic and Loss
Putrescence - Dawn of the Necrofecalizer
Putrid - Suck My Ejection of Life
Putumayo Kids - Presents African Dreamland
Putumayo Presents - African Party
Putumayo Presents - A Family Christmas
Putumayo Presents - A Jazz & Blues Christmas
Putumayo Presents - New Orleans Christmas
Putumayo Presents - South Africa
Puya - Fundamental
Puya - Live in puerto rico
Puzzle Gut - Puzzle Gut
Puzzlehead - Pathfinder
Puzzleroot - Farewell to Gerald Fitzella
Puzzleroot - Square Pie
PVT - Homosapien
PWR BTTM - Ugly Cherries
Pye Corner Audio - Black Mill Tapes Vol.1
Pye Corner Audio - Black Mill Tapes Vol.2
Pyeng Threadgill - Of The Air
Pygmies - Pygmies
The Pygmies - Inside Your Mind
Pyjama-Mamas - Pyjama-Mamas
Pylon - Gyrate
Pypy - Pagan Day
Pyyramids - Brightest Darkest Day
Pyyramids - Human Beings
Péloquin and Sauvageau - Laissez-nous vous embrasser où vous avez mal
Texas Is the Reason & The Promise Ring - Blue Boy/E. Texas Ave.
University of Kanas Wind Ensemble & Paul W. Popiel - In the Shadow of No Towers