Steve Dawson – Nightshade

One thing about Steve Dawson is that he is a Jack of all trades, and a master of all! Dawson has worked as a musician, mixer, and producer for many artists, including the likes of Oh My Darling, Jim Byrnes, The Sojourners, Old Man Luedecke, The Mississippi Sheiks Tribute Project, The Deep Dark Woods, and many many more. This work has earned him three Juno Awards as well as more than a dozen other awards for production. His success as a band member has come from Great Uncles of the Revolution and Zulbot & Dawson, work that won him two more Junos. As for his solo project as a singer-songwriter, Dawson creates music with strong folk, roots, country, western and blues influences. His fifth solo album, Nightshade, is no different. Like his previous solo releases, this record delivers the qualities of music that Dawson is known for. Dark content, a smooth welcoming voice that is neither intimidating nor overpowering, and complexly intriguing guitar riffs that build a complete sound and result in a great album. The one thing that Dawson didn’t make himself is the very attractive cover art, which was designed by Josh Rummen, and is extremely eye catching and wonderful to look at. Other than that Steve Dawson, just knocked a solo homer outta the park! (Black Hen Music, Jesse Blackman

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