Rory Verbrugge – Rory Verbrugge


You might recognize Rory Verbrugge as the drummer for Prog-Metal group Jarhead. If so, you should know that his solo album is nowhere near as loud, and features only a cameo appearance by the drums. The five song, self-titled EP is a treatise on how to make a fine contemporary folk album. Starting with the simple lack of artwork, save for the beige linen-textured background, song list, and required credits. Verbrugge’s vocals are very pleasant and enjoyable — not too rich, not too bright — they fit the words and music just right. The songs themselves feature average, Everyday Joes in not so everyday situations that we all can relate to in some way. They cover most of the basic folk story plot lines: religious imagery and parables, unrequited love between a lady and a man on the run, money can’t buy happiness, good-hearted outlaw, and blue collar fights the system. Not the same old, same old, but new light through old windows; a fresh take on timeless stories. And boy oh boy, the finger picking is simple, sweet, and tasty. (Indie, Broose Tulloch

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