The Other Brothers – Everything Can Change


After five years off The Other Brothers (Chris Neufeld, Donovan Giesbrecht, William J. Western) have released their second album. Everything Can Change is a quality roots/folk album, pure and simple. There’s some sweet pedal steel, acoustic guitar, and unique vocal harmonies throughout the entire album. A few notable tracks are “Many Ways To Love”, which sounds like it has just a touch of Deathcab to it, and “3/4 Time,” which is catchy as hell, and has been stuck in my head for weeks. The only song on the album that is not an original is “Lady, Your Words Do Spite Me” (1598, No. 18 from the first set of Madrigals), which really shows off Chris and Donovan’s ability to harmonize. In fact, the only thing better than the album itself, is the clay art on the cover (which you can find more of on their website). To be honest, this album far surpassed any expectations I had when I first opened it. These guys are seriously talented. I fell in love with their simple and genuine sound and it hasn’t left my car stereo in a month. I’m definitely going to be keeping an eye out for when and where they are playing next. (Independent, Kacey Fields


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