The Ripperz :: Tear to shreds


The Ripperz hail from small town Manitoba with a unique folk-tinged rock sound that always gets the whole crowd singing along. The dynamic 3 piece is made up of Chris Sawatzky(Guitar/Vocals), Mark Wiebe(Bass) and Travis Warkentin(Drums). Stylus was able visit the studio for a chat with Chris and Travis.

by Liam Marsch

Stylus: When did the three of you start “The Ripperz”?

The Ripperz: The summer of 1999, we were going into grade 11.

Stylus: What is the origin of the band’s name?

TR: Jesse and the Ripperz from Full House.

Stylus: How has your music evolved since you first started writing songs together?

TR: Our first stuff was very punk-based and mostly about girls. Eventually we stopped caring about

sounding like someone else or fitting into a specific genre. Now its what ever it needs to be to

make the song.

Stylus: Do you think being from a small town has impacted your music at all?

TR: Absolutley, the whole next album is about being from a small town.

Stylus: What is the band’s favourite song to play live?

TR: On My Way because we barely have to do anything. The crowd takes over the song and sings it

for us.

Stylus: For all the gear heads out there, what can you tell me about your instuments?

TR: Guitar: Gibson SG or Les Paul w/ wood finish through a vintage amplifier.

Bass: Fender Precision Bass through an Ampeg SVT bass rig. Drums: Yamaha Beech Custom Abso-
lute, Tama Iron Cobra pedals, Sabian cymbals and Meinl hi hats.

Stylus: What is the most memorable gig for you guys?

TR: When we played at The Zoo and one of our hometown fans got a little belligerent and the

security had to kick him out.

Stylus: What local band would you choose to open your show?

TR: Danger Cat… love those guys.

Stylus: When does the next album come out?

TR: We are going start recording at the end of February so mabye by Fall 2015.

Stylus: What is the bands beer of choice?

TR: Coors Banquet and Half Pints

Be sure to check out The Ripperz at this years Big Fun Fest as they join Gold Mountain and Triggers

at The Windsor Hotel on Saturday January 31st.