Rah Rah :: Vessels


The evolution of Regina indie band Rah Rah continues. On their latest album Vessels, we hear a musical continuation of their 2012 release The Poet’s Dead. But this time around they’ve stepped it up a notch.They have instantly catchy melodies that float over basic strummed chord progressions and mostly a 4/4 beat. Though the song structures are at times simple, they make up for it with their lyrics and overall mood. Their songs are designed to have the listener focus on the lyrics that deal with the themes of nostalgia, love, and angst. What sets Rah Rah apart from the vast pool of indie musicians is their unique and catchy melodies they use to convey their words. They can tell a story and have you singing the chorus in your head for the rest of the day. They also spice things up a bit by adding a synth into most songs. It is most noticeable in the song “Good Winter,” where a catchy one bar synth hook is played in response to a sung chorus, which consists of members Marshall Burns, Erin Passmore, and Kristina Hedlund. All three singers take turns on lead vocals throughout the eleven track album. This is a great indie jam album and is recommended for road trips across Canada this fall. You will enjoy this album if you already listen to Arcade Fire, Said the Whale, and Yukon Blonde. Recommended songs are “Chip off Your Heart,” “Good Winter,” and “Be Your Man.” (Hidden Pony Records, rahrahband.com) Alex Roberecki