Album Review :: Apollo Suns :: Each Day A Different Sun


By Caelum Rossell

I never thought I’d ever listen to modern jazz album, yet Winnipeg based band Apollo Suns have inspired me to embrace some modern jazz due to their stellar debut album Each Day A Different Sun.
Blending classical jazz with elements of funk and post rock giving this project a very unique sound. As heard on the track “An impossible bond” which is a great rendition of the James Bond theme. The horns and grooving riff on “A study in red” are for sure highlights. “A lesson in sharing” was definitely my favorite track as it reminded me of classic progressive rock and the horns on this track are tight.

As someone who usually isn’t too keen on recent releases, I was very impressed with this album and the sound that came from their debut. Each Day a Different Sun is out now on Spotify and Apple Music/Itunes.