EP Review :: Man Candy :: Model Boyfriend EP

by Derek Loewen

Out of the way humans, punk rock duo Man Candy (Transistor 66) is ready to release its EP Model Boyfriend to the masses. They’ll be playing at The Handsome Daughter on April 6. Building on hard hitting garage rock sounds made famous by Jay Reatard and Made Violent, these rockers aren’t messing around and are ready to steamroll onto the stage.

The record starts out with the title track “Model Boy Friend” which is a funny ode to the band’s best friend who turns out to be a dog. The lyrics are what make the song great, expressing that the dog in question “should be the prototype” of a perfect boyfriend and is “better than a homo sapien.”

“He Blew It” is next up and features some hard hitting guitar lines that are a backdrop to a story about dud guys and their selfish, guttural ways. The song’s ending has some strong head-banging vibes that are definitely mosh-worthy.

The songs on Model Boyfriend are all under two and a half minutes, but each has a density that gets its point across fast and with authority. “Hood Ornament” is a standout party track that will have you dancing around the living room. The energy is palpable as the hood ornament in the song is revealed to be a metaphor for something deeper.

The album is rounded out with a slasher rock song “Listen” and closes with the witty “Everybody’s Cool (but you)”, reminding us that garage rock is indeed still cool and Man Candy’s EP Model Boyfriend is a release not to be missed this spring.

Catch Man Candy and similar artists on CKUW’s “The Tonic”Monday between 8:00 pm – 9:00 pm.

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